Hitman Absolution: a straight man in a twisted world

Hitman: Absolution has courted controversy since reveal. With release a few months away, it’s time for IO to take control. VG247's Dave Cook speaks with the lead designer about Contracts Mode and much more.

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seanpitt231852d ago

This game feels like forever to come out :(

iamnsuperman1852d ago

I can't wait but I am slightly worried as well. It has been a while since the last Hitman game. I am worried it will not have the same feel as the series had

imtheman20131848d ago

I am not worried for this game at all. Going back and playing the originals is still fun, but the controls are just so obviously clunky. I am excited for a more fluid Hitman. I think it will give the game a better feel than the old ones.

Hasanhastam1852d ago

Max payne and Agent 47 are my favorite game characters . And remain forever