Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters Screenshots

First screenshots of the PlayStation 2 version.

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Iamback3764d ago

Maybe i am biased but i think it looks better than PSP version

TheMART3764d ago

Well I have the PSP Slim with Ratchet, but it doesn't look better if you ask me!

I must say, last gen gaming on large screen is the point I've past with home consoles, that's only the new consoles my eyes can stand in graphics/resolution, going back to 480p isn't an option anymore ;-)

But on a handheld the PSP does pretty fine on a small screen like that

DarkSniper3764d ago

TheMART at Xboxkings,

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actas1233764d ago

I think those screenshots were taken by hooking up a ps2 via AV cables to an HDTV not SDTV, thats why the pictures look a little blurry.

TwissT3764d ago

These look pretty good for a PSP to PS2 port, sadly this is the only Ratchet I didn't play.

mesh13764d ago

looks the same as the ps3 version

name3764d ago

There is no PS3 version.

Rybnik3764d ago

Mesh is attempting a most retarded troll post (as usual) He is claiming that RC:Size Matters looks the same as Ratchet and Clank Future: TOD

TO THAT you moronic sad excuse of a fanboy, I submit the following comparison:

Yeahhhh, no difference whatsoever

Rybnik3764d ago

On another note, this game looks pretty sweet for a PSP port and given the right price, I'll pick it up for sure (no PSP yet).

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