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Famitsu will reveal "amazing" scoop next week

Famitsu will supposedly be unveiling an "amazing" scoop for its September 6 issue. (Capcom, DmC: Devil May Cry, Industry, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

Lord_Sloth  +   703d ago
DMC5 and/or PSVita/PS360 Monster Hunter, please.
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Tony-Red-Grave  +   703d ago
DMC5 most likely not

MH on PSV/3 that would be just groundbreaking
Monster Hunter for PS Vita.
BlackIceJoe  +   703d ago
Please be a new Breath of Fire. If not that I would be fine with a new Strider or Rival Schools game.

Another cool thing would be if Disney allowed them to remake the Ducktales and Chip & Dale games. So you can now buy them online.
DivineAssault  +   703d ago
PS needs a Jeanne d'Ark sequel by level-5 for vita.. idk if monster hunter will come back to PS anytime soon.. MH4 is being made for 3DS & a vita port would be a waste of its potential.. A spin off wouldnt be bad i guess if built specifically for vita..
blue_flowers  +   703d ago
new mega man?
camel_toad  +   702d ago
I would love for Mega Man to make a return that does the original NES and Super NES titles justice.

Those were some of my favorite games back then.
RockmanII7  +   703d ago
Probably Dragons Dogma for WiiU, expectations are low.
ScubaSteve1  +   703d ago
wasn't there a rumor about a resident evil/ monster hunter for the vita might be announce
AusRogo  +   703d ago
Resident Evil portable? Hope so!
bothebo  +   703d ago
Articles since January have been pointing to a MH PS Vita game
Ben_Grimm  +   703d ago
new Darkstalkers
new Megaman!
new Ghost n Goblins
New Rival Schools
New Power Stone

damn Capcom has so many awesome IPs
LordMe  +   703d ago
That DMC PSP game for the Vita... Or the RE PSP game for the Vita... Or that MH game for the Vita...

Pick one, So long as it is not outsourced, I'll take it!
Dms2012  +   703d ago
Sorry guys, but in my opinion anything portable does not count as "amazing"..
OmegaSlayer  +   703d ago
Dino Crisis, Darkstalkers, Onnimusha or Strider reboot.
Any of this would be awesome, but I would love Strider
Xandet  +   703d ago
Persona 5
JasonXS12  +   702d ago
I don't think so. I think Atlus is putting their manpower into Shin Megami Tensei 4.
mendelboaz  +   702d ago
I'll bet it's Dead Rising 3.

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