Famitsu will reveal "amazing" scoop next week

Famitsu will supposedly be unveiling an "amazing" scoop for its September 6 issue.

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Lord_Sloth1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

DMC5 and/or PSVita/PS360 Monster Hunter, please.

Tony-Red-Grave1817d ago

DMC5 most likely not

MH on PSV/3 that would be just groundbreaking

BlackIceJoe1817d ago

Please be a new Breath of Fire. If not that I would be fine with a new Strider or Rival Schools game.

Another cool thing would be if Disney allowed them to remake the Ducktales and Chip & Dale games. So you can now buy them online.

DivineAssault 1817d ago

PS needs a Jeanne d'Ark sequel by level-5 for vita.. idk if monster hunter will come back to PS anytime soon.. MH4 is being made for 3DS & a vita port would be a waste of its potential.. A spin off wouldnt be bad i guess if built specifically for vita..

camel_toad1817d ago

I would love for Mega Man to make a return that does the original NES and Super NES titles justice.

Those were some of my favorite games back then.

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The story is too old to be commented.