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Submitted by Linko64 1259d ago | opinion piece

Most Disappointing Games Of 2012 So Far

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''With 2012 over half way done we decided to look at some of the games that left us disappointed. While these may not be terrible they were never the less disappointing for various reasons. If you disagree, agree or want to submit your own choices then feel free to comment!'' (Alan Wake's American Nightmare, PC, Prototype 2, PS3, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Xbox 360)

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StrongMan  +   1259d ago
They listed Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Prototype 2, and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and I agree that they were all very disappointing.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare- There's a reason why the retail Alan Wake game flopped after sooooo much hype and that's because the game just wasn't good so a watered down downloadable Alan Wake was doomed to fail.

Prototype 2- The first Prototype was terrible and a certain group had the nerve to compare it to the great and awesome Infamous franchise and they all look stupid now.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier- Another hyped game that failed to live up to the hype. Changing gun attachments buy flailing you arms around like an idiot didn't help the game.

They forgot Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor which sits at a whopping 38 metacritic score and a measly 25k in sales. That's the lowest score and the lowest sales I've ever seen for a game in my life. This was supposed to be yet another game to save the Kinect and get the hardcore on board but it was the most epic fail of all time with that score and those sales.
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j-blaze  +   1259d ago
and you what else was disappointing? Twisted Metal and Starhawk they were utter crap imo, also flopped sales wise and got mixed reviews after sooooo much hype and that's because these games just weren't good....i'll add 2 more Ninja Gaiden 3 and Lollipop Chainsaw
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AusRogo  +   1259d ago
Starhawk wasn't utter crap? Neither was Twisted Metal.. if you could play online, twisted metal was great fun. Same with the split screen.
takohma  +   1259d ago
I thought Starhawk was good. Never tried TMB. I will get it on sale though and you were right about NG3. Horrible game. Never played that lollipop game.
trouble_bubble  +   1259d ago
Need I remind you that Twisted Metal is a niche car combat game that still passed 500k with a 76% avg. Car combat.

A sales flop would be more like The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings for the 360. One of the -highest rated- AAA budget games of the year on meta and it sold less than Twisted Metal. Now THAT'S a sales flop.

Dark Souls on the 360 sold less than Twisted Metal as well. Hell, Kinect Star Wars, one of the worst reviewed games of the year outsold all of them! Food for thought. The sales card can backfire.
Raf1k1  +   1259d ago
Twisted Metal never really looked that good to me so it was off my radar very quickly.

Starhawk got bashed mainly for it's uninspired single player which was mainly large tutorial. It's a great multiplayer game that should be tried by everyone. My brother who isn't much of a gamer has been playing it for ages and the single player actually managed to make him a better player.

You can't use sales as an indication of whether a game lived up to expectations. People who played Warhawk got exactly what they were expecting.
xursz  +   1259d ago
I respect your opinion but I can't say a bad thing about the original Alan Wake, amazing atmosphere, mechanics, and story. It saddens me that as a niche title it couldn't break even on xbox. Sales don't make a game great. We need more games like it.
Razmossis  +   1259d ago
I didn't even realise Starhawk was out
da_2pacalypse  +   1259d ago
forget those man... Mass effect 3 and Diablo3. Those were the true disappointments.
strauser360  +   1259d ago
Da_2pacalypse seriously dude, every single article all you do is complain about is mass effect 3. Get the fuck over it already. Your even on multiple websites doing it. Your really pathetic.
Robotronfiend  +   1258d ago
I with you on everything but Lollipop Chainsaw. I just finished the campaign the other day and I really enjoyed it. It should have been a $40 game from day one though, not $60.

I have a future prediction, Dust 514 will suck just as much as Starhawk does now.
DeltaCanuckian  +   1258d ago
Twisted Metal was, and still is a helluva lot of fun. Especially if you get a buddy and play splitscreen. It's a difficult, old school kinda game and I love it for that. Starhawk was overhyped as hell, but it's still a solid game. It'll have a good online following for a long time.
BigStef71  +   1258d ago
U gotta be kidding me? Starhawk and twisted metal are great!!! If anything they are very underrated
ChunkyLover53  +   1259d ago
Should I start listing games on your precious PS3 that sold worse than Alan Wake? Didn't think so troll.

Guess you wont stop till you get banned for good, hope I can help with that.
Anon1974  +   1259d ago
How did you interpret that comment as console slam? No one even brought specific consoles into this, except the Steel Battalion mention and he's 100% correct. That was supposed to be one of Kinect's games for the core and it turned out to be disappointing. For all you know he could be a 360 owner with Kinect who was looking forward to this game and was let down by it.

It's funny when you see people try to take a shot at another console every opportunity. His criticism of Alan Wake isn't a console slam, it's a criticism of Alan Wake and he's not alone in it. Personally, I rather liked Alan Wake but because someone doesn't I don't automatically assume they must love the PS3 and hate the 360.

It's telling to look at StrongMan's posting history. He's got a number of trolling posts but when you read them, is there anything really inflammatory there? He questions the value of XBL. That simply act is trolling now? He thinks MS should have known about the 360's hardware issues. Again, he's not alone in that. He's critical of MS's sudden focus on casuals. Again, many people are, 360 gamers and non gamers alike.

It's sad to me that gamers just can't share their opinions on this site without instantly being labelled and attacked. This article has nothing to do with your ridiculous console war BS. How about instead of trying to hijack the conversation, you participate? For me, Diablo 3 was a tremendous disappointment. It was ok, but based on it's pedigree I expected more. See what I did there? I added to the conversation by sharing an opinion without attacking gamers for sharing their thoughts. You should try it.
Septic  +   1259d ago

How naive are you? He is an obvious troll. Look at his comment history. He's blatantly set out to pick these exclusives when you know the guy has probably 1) never played the games and 2) never even had a 360

Anyone with an ounce of intellect can discern that Strongman has an ulterior motive behind his posts. I suspect that, even you, deep down know this.
StayStatic  +   1259d ago
"For me, Diablo 3 was a tremendous disappointment. It was ok, but based on it's pedigree I expected more."

More will come , my favourite game of 2012 so far , so addictive , but I would really like some more game modes rather than doing acts 1 - 4.

The best PC titles are like a fine wine , they only get better with age.
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ALLWRONG  +   1258d ago
StrongMan is trolling and you all know it

See what happened when someone mentioned Twisted Metal and Starhawk? Lets cherry pick a list of PS3 games like StrongMan did with 360.

How long do you think it would take for an anti PS3 troll list to be removed?

Fact is Sony hasn't done anything in 2012 accept lose money and copy SSB.
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BigStef71  +   1258d ago
Yea 900k of those sales were from that holiday bundle 360 which had Forza 3. So your the one trolling now with invalid info cuz all the ps3 exclusives have sold better than it counting only physical release except Twisted Metal and Starhawk and both those games are underrated. . Sorry to burst your bubble but it only sold maybe 500k at retail which is the same as the amount of copies Twisted Metal. It's a great game don't get me wrong and one of my top 360 games but your response to this article was pretty pathetic. U have to be the biggest anti ps3 person on this site. U always comment on the ps3 articles talking shit and praising 360. U need to stop cuz it's fucking annoying as hell!!!!
takohma  +   1259d ago
Funny thing about ghost recon is that was the reason why I got kinect. I thought the movement play was good but the game never made me buy when I kept seeing bad reviews for it. Lol. I still think its cool to shoot and change guns and reload with the kinect though.
Rob Hornecker  +   1259d ago
Moby-Royale  +   1259d ago
Well, to be fair to the people who put the first Prototype on par with InFamous, the second one sucking doesn't really change the fact that they loved the first one. See what I mean? I'm not calling you out, I'm just giving my opinion as you gave yours.

I've never played the Prototype series myself.

*I took out something that I was afraid would be misconstrued as rude. You all know how it is when you read text. You can never tell the tone of the individual. Anyway, have a blessed night all.
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Kran  +   1259d ago
I agree that Alan Wake's American Nightmare was disappointing, but the first Alan Wake WAS NOT.

And you say it was doomed to fail? Well considering the first Alan Wake has over 2 million sales now, i doubt that makes it "doomed".

It was a downloadable title, most downloadable titles do struggle, but the fact of the matter is FOR A DOWNLOADABLE TITLE it was still more decent than a lot of the crap spewed on XBL
Jockamo  +   1258d ago
I actually liked a lot about American Nightmare. It was more eerie and I liked the color palate.
andibandit  +   1259d ago
I agree that american nightmare was disappointing, but original alan wake was no disaapointment. Went thru that game in 2 sittings
lonesoul65  +   1259d ago
I thought/think Future Soldier is a great game. Played though it on the 360 and though the gunsmith with connect was tough to get used to it was still fun to mess with. Then bought the game for the PC to play with my friends online co-op and damn its much better with a mouse and keyboard not to mention the dx11 effects are outstanding.

Guess it all depends on what you are looking for in a game right?
Kin23g  +   1258d ago
What the hell are you talking about?!
Alan Wake had an amazing plot, good story-telling, great atmosphere and fantastic music scores to back all of that up. It's only downside is gameplay and it wasn't that bad, I tell you. In fact, I enjoyed it's gameplay.

It gets 9.5/10 in my book.
edonus   1258d ago | Spam
Mutant-Spud  +   1258d ago
Alan Wake was art in the form of a game, I literally couldn't put down the controller, I think I finished it in the space of 48 hours.
ALLWRONG  +   1258d ago
StrongMan everything you posted is nothing but whining about 360.

Alan Wake. You chose that because it's a MS exclusive (PS3 owners secretly want)

Steel Battalion (crap game) you chose that because of Kinect.

Ghost Recon. Again Kinect and it's obvious (How is Sorcery?)

Prototype 2. You chose that for the same reasons you PS3 fanboys chose the first one. (all about Infamous)

If you had made your comment about the PS3 and Move, it would be removed in about 5 minutes. Everyone knows you hate Kinect/MS, because you are there in every news article.

This is N4G
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Revolver_X_  +   1258d ago
STFU. You complain about console slamming, and here you are doing the same.

"If you had made your comment about the PS3 and Move, it would be removed in about 5 minutes"

Are you implying that N4G backs PS3 motives? Haha with all the Xbot dribble on here I doubt it. The fact is AWAN, GRFS, and those he said are disappointments. I own GRFS on PS3, although the MP is fun, it was overhyped and the first three months were bug infested. Its so funny. A troll calling another troll a troll. Ha, the word is irony, correct? Lol.
Jazz4108  +   1258d ago
I have to agree that strongman trolls 360 articles and never says anything positive. His buddy denfending him darkride is worse as he created a blog site just to bash the 360 plus has sent me numerous personal messages spewing hatred about the 360. I try to ignore them as i am known to not like sony much but i have purchased 3 ps3s and I try to state my opinion from a dual owner as i do say positive things about sony and negative on ms but i am more partial to my 360 as it gets most of my attention. I will try to be more objective to everyone in the future as I really cant stand the trolling in the comments when im really here to learn and talk openly about my hobbie.
Megaton  +   1258d ago
I didn't think Steel Battalion would be as bad as it turned out to be. I knew it wouldn't be good, but I feel bad for the few Kinect believers who kept listing it as proof of core Kinect success coming down the tubes.

Personally, I can only list Mass Effect 3 and Diablo 3 as disappointing because those were the only two I wanted so far this year, and both disappointed deeply. Hopefully Borderlands 2 doesn't let me down.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1259d ago
Ghost recon is made for what is wrong with console gaming.
Rampaged Death  +   1259d ago
I totally disagree with Ghost Recon and Prototype 2. Ninja Gaiden, Lollipop Chainsaw and Mass Effect 3 were more disappointing.
GearSkiN  +   1259d ago
yea Ghost Recon was alright, rented on Redbox stop playing right before 2nd chapter.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1259d ago
i did not like max payne 3, it wasn't that good imo
daggertoes83  +   1258d ago
I thought is was fine. It's just the long cutscenes that you could not skip kept me from thinking it was great and playing it again.
Bathyj  +   1259d ago
Finally, after seeing all those 8's and 9's I'm glad someone realises how disappointing Ghost Recon was.

One shot kills every time, (killed a guy with an ankle shot once, and what the hells with that bullet hit sound effect?). Stupid always on when crouched camouflage, dumbarsed teammates that run off, leave you behind making you sprint across the map to catch up to them, (seriously, sometimes they are 100's of meters away), walk in your line of fire constantly, and you cant even give orders other than Kill that

Such a shame, I was really looking forward to this, and I rarely regret spending money on games, but I wish I could have got my cash back for this one.

And the media just heaped praise on it, totally ignoring all the faults and the complete lack of regard it paid to the previous titles. It took all the stategic and tactical element out of it.

You better not do the same thing to Rainbow 6 Ubisoft.
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Campy da Camper  +   1259d ago
If they pull this crap with RS I will lose my mind. I have gotten out of MP FPS games since Cod 4/Rainbow 6 Vegas... patiently waiting for a New Rainbow game.

If they add kill streaks I will never forgive them.
Sucitta  +   1258d ago
if you didn't camp, you'd love battlefield = )
BitbyDeath  +   1259d ago
2012 has been pretty disappointing all round.
2011 was awesome and 2013 looks to possibly even top that.

The only big game this year is Halo 4. (IMO)
I'm glad i have PS+ otherwise I probably wouldn't be gaming much at all this year (aside from Twisted Metal and Starhawk)
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Hasanhastam  +   1259d ago
If you love max payne 1 2 . i think 3 was disapointment.
Kran  +   1259d ago
What? Max Payne 3 surpassed the first two by miles. If it weren't for Remedy for Max Payne 1 and 2, we probably would have never seen the pure genius of a third game.
NYC_Gamer  +   1259d ago
Max Payne 3 doesn't surpass the classic Remedy made versions in my opinion...
lonesoul65  +   1259d ago
Max Payne was OK on 360...its amazing on the PC
DigitalAnalog  +   1258d ago
Only in graphics and animation. Everything else doesn't even resemble Max Payne.
Hasanhastam  +   1259d ago
Fore me alan wake was great exprience. Story graphic(especialy lights)and also gameplay . Hope remedy make sequel
Hasanhastam  +   1259d ago
For me alan wake was goty. I love how remedy make light against dark.I have hope for sequel
Neko_Mega  +   1259d ago
Ghost Recon I like, the other two.... AW I like but the downloadable one look like it was going to fail.

Plus I think their was worst games then those that came out their year.
Plagasx  +   1259d ago
Ninja Gaiden 3 is by FAR the most dissapointing game of 2012 thus far.

Jesus, I am so pissed to what they have done to that game....
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KEEPNITREAL  +   1259d ago
For me it was Chainsaw lollipop , Starhawk , Twisted metal and Steel battalion the most dissapointed games because of the overhype, I was expecting good to greatness. Prototype 2 and ninja gaiden 3 were barely ok , but passed.
trouble_bubble  +   1259d ago
Twisted Metal & Starhawk -are- good, especially for niche titles. What were you expecting from car combat? They're both online vehicle combat games with high 70's avgs on meta. Easy killa. NinjaGaiden3 got in the 50's.
TronEOL  +   1259d ago
You just mentioned games that were all better (don't know about Steel Battalion) than one you claimed "passed".

I'm also not sure about Prototype 2, but I know Ninja Gaiden 3 was horrible. Lollipop Chainsaw, Starhawk and Twisted Metal were all much, much better games in all areas.
Eyeco  +   1259d ago
what was OK about NG3 ? im curious
Robotronfiend  +   1258d ago
Lollipop Chainsaw, not the other way around. ;-) But if you've played a Sude 51 game, you knew what to expect. The structure is exactly the same as Shadows of the Damned. The art is awesome and the music is great. Not enough for $60, but for $40 it was pretty good. LC was more enjoyable for me than RE:ORC and NG3.
BigStef71  +   1258d ago
Starhawk and Twisted Metal were definitely the underrated titles of the year so I disagree with your opinion
Gamer-Z  +   1259d ago
I didn't play those games so i cant really say anything about them but for me the most disappointing game this year has to be Mass Effect 3.
AO1JMM  +   1259d ago
I disagree with with every game on that list. They were far from diss appointing to me.
sriki007  +   1259d ago
i thought prototype 2 was a good game which improved a lot on the first one..
Something which activision rarely does.
PersonMan  +   1259d ago
You know activision doesn't develop games right?
slaton24  +   1259d ago
no but they tell the game developers how they want something done their way....hinting at call of duty...would it hurt for dedicated servers....back on topic hmmm the worst game this year to me was twisted metal....i like it but was just hoping for a little bit more destruction and creativity with us making maps and stuff sort of what we can do on farcry
TronEOL  +   1259d ago
My biggest disappointment was Ninja Gaiden 3. I was actually liking the small amount of combat I saw, and was hoping they took a huge bit of inspiration from the most recent Batman games. But clearly I was wrong.

But it is a fantastic idea for the next Ninja Gaiden. Free flow combat(with proper smooth animation flow), gadgets and stealth would do that game well.
urwifeminder  +   1259d ago
2012 is almost over i still have not got a new release this year wow saving heaps catching up on bargin bin games surely something will appeal soon.
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StreetsofRage  +   1259d ago
Twisted Metal...everything else is not even close to how disappointing this game is.

Remember, this was a beloved franchise that was kick ass on the ps2. Twisted Metal Black was rated a high 91% and one of my favorite games last gen. I went nuts when they showed Sweet Tooth at that E3 a few years ago.

Unfortunately, the graphics suck, the gameplay sucks, and the online sucks. This game not only is the most disappointing of this year, but possibly this whole gen for me.
#19 (Edited 1259d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
xursz  +   1259d ago
HIGHLY disagree. Neither graphics, gameplay, nor online suck. Try playing with someone. It's still as fun as it ever was to sit down on a three person couch with a couple buddies, pop some cold ones and raise absolute h*ll.
Robotronfiend  +   1258d ago
I agree, the graphics were disappointing. I thought perhaps my problem with the game play was me just not being very good at the controls. I found it frustrating and really unbalanced (but just assumed I sucked at the game, not that the game itself sucked). Good to hear from someone else who felt the same.
BitbyDeath  +   1258d ago
I was a huge fan of black so had no problems with the controls.

Twisted Metal is my favourite game to release this year. But i'd agree it is probably more for an acquired taste as it is quite different to anything else out there.
Sidology  +   1259d ago
surprised game of thrones didn't make this list
MYSTERIO360  +   1259d ago
I think if Ubisoft stuck with the GRAW 2 gameplay and kept the Ghost recon future soldier gameplay that was shown at E3 2010 (looks slightly different now) then ghost recon could have been GOTY contender.
Psychotica  +   1259d ago
Ghost Recon was disappointing without FireFight mode. I really enjoyed Prototype 2.
abzdine  +   1259d ago
Sorcery is number one for me. Very disappointing game.

So do EyePet2 and Start the Party 2 but those came up in 2011. First episodes were so much fun but these 2 sequels killed it for me. What a waste.
#23 (Edited 1259d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Sugreev2001  +   1259d ago
Silent Hill:Downpour,Resident Evil:Racoon City & Ninja Gaiden 3 - each iconic series had their worst game release in the first half of this year.
Kingdom Come  +   1259d ago
Ghost Recon was disappointing for one simple reason. Ubisoft neglected to show real gameplay at Expo's. Continuously at E3 they demonstrated touched up footage, making the game seem much more stunning graphically and technically than the actual product was...

However, for me, the list would read:
1) Mass Effect 3
2) Ninja Gaiden 3
3) Yakuza: Dead Souls
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GamerEuphoria  +   1259d ago
Hey guys, a lot of people are saying we 'missed out' or 'forgot' certain games. This was just a list where three members of staff picked one choice each. No games were really forgotten they just didn't make any of our staff choices. Towards the end of the year we will do a larger list (as we tend to normal do before a new year is upon us) so chances are you'll see a a lot of the 'missed out' games on there.

Thanks a lot for checking out the piece but mostly thanks fro commenting and taking with each other. Also enjoy seeing people talk about their points of views and if they agree with the piece or not. Thanks!
Captain Qwark 9  +   1259d ago
for me it was....


ninja gaiden 3 ( no explanation needed )
kingdom of amalur ( too easy, story was average, too much loot to name a few )
dragons dogma ( mediocre in every way )
armored core 5 ( too much emphasis on multiplayer )

i wouldnt say any of my disappointments are bad games, just good or average and i expected great

lived up to or surpassed expectations:

the witcher 2 ( 360 )
darksiders 2
the walking dead
mass effect 3 ( yes i thought the ending was great )
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deruy343  +   1259d ago
Slow news day when stories like this get on the front page..
GamerEuphoria  +   1259d ago
Indeed it is, feel free to post some interesting news however.
josephayal  +   1259d ago
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1258d ago
Yes for the casuals.
FunkMacNasty  +   1259d ago
For me, Spec Ops:The Line was pretty dissapointing. The demo seemed promising, but the actual game had terrible graphics for a 2012 game, and the worst part is that SO:The Line was touted as this tactical 3rd person military shooter, where your decisions affect everyhting yada yada... I played that game for 4 hours and experieced nothing more than a cover based shooting gallery set in the desert and only came across one player-based "decision" to either save a captured CIA operative or civilian hostages.

Spec Ops:The Line suffered from Homefront syndrome: plenty of promise on paper, but the actual game failed to execute.
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