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Adventure Time Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!! is based on the Emmy nominated animated series on Cartoon Network. Instead of follow any particular episode, the game has a completely new story that series creator, Pendleton Ward wrote. There is a fair amount of dialog in the game, but that’s balanced with fun action sections.

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SactoGamer1879d ago

I just don't get this cartoon.

MySwordIsHeavenly1879d ago

Understandable. It's not for everyone.

DA_SHREDDER1879d ago

It's sorta like a pg rated Ren and Stimpy, your not really supposed to get it. It's by far one of the funniest cartoons around right now, and this adventure's of link style gameplay already has me sold.

MySwordIsHeavenly1879d ago

No Vita version? No purchase.

PersonaCat1879d ago

Such a huge fan of Adventure time. I would have bought this had there had been a Vita version. That, and LSP dlc :p