Gamedaily: One Piece: Unlimited Adventure Review

Robert Workman of Gamedaily writes, One Piece: Unlimited Adventure for Wii takes a different approach for the series, one with a sharper emphasis on storyline and exploration. Unfortunately, it stumbles along the way.

In the game, you'll do two things – backtrack for items and beat up rocks and trees so you can find energy to fill up your mysterious power gem. You can't access certain areas of the island without this energy, and mindlessly gathering it by beating up innocent decor gets old. Things perk up once you face actual enemies, although the inoperable camera system sometimes forces you to take hits unfairly from a bad guy you can't see. You'll also find that your arsenal is limited at first, but at least you can power it up to a more adequate level.

The game's presentation isn't bad, although it definitely has its drawbacks. The visuals look sharper than previous games, complete with detailed shadowing, animation and facial expressions.

One Piece: Unlimited Adventure feels like a step backwards for the anime series. The game's not busted by any means, as it delivers enough adequate multiplayer thrills and decent presentation to satisfy fans. However, the stumbling gameplay and intermittent slowdown leave it feeling more like a Limited Adventure.

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