FEATURE: Nintendo's Next Target - DLC

WiiWare is looking to do more than offer an alternative to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade – it wants to offer a fresh start for downloadable content, as discover from its converts.

It would be an understatement to say that, following another Christmas in which Nintendo had to resign itself to only selling every single unit it could put on shelves, its Wii has been enthusiastically received. With several high-quality titles in recent months, and more on the immediate horizon, even the once-familiar grumbles about a lack of software are dissipating – and the momentum the console has gathered means a huge installed base for the launch of a key part of the Wii concept.

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pwnsause3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

my prediction, I think the PS3 is going to beat this out, why? it also has original content in their playstation store, possibly more so than XBL. reason #2, well because the wii doesnt have a HDD. I like what nintendo is doing and all, heck, they are tempting me more and more to get a wii, but you know, WTH, no HDD to save my VC games, wiiware games, etc. 1 know it comes with flash memory, but with stuff like this going on, dont you think we might see a HDD on the horizon?

wiizy3735d ago

plain and simple is that wiiware will be the most successful cause the wii has the kind of audience that will get into those bizzare , obscure games.

Darkiewonder3734d ago

I see it's more against xbla and the flash games. Lack of HDD is another. [but then again, people working behind the scenes may have found an alternative like using the SD card]

Oh well. they've talked about WiiWare for so long. it hasn't even come out yet.

Salvadore3734d ago

How's this going to work without HDD support?

mintaro3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

sd card? flash? i have no idea

darthv723734d ago

wii can use external hdd if nintendo wants to. Using SD card could be possible but size is an issue. I want to see dl wii demos and ds download station demos through this service.

Also there is possibility of adding other media functions to the wii. Like divx and wma/wmv playback but that is just being hopeful.

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