JAPAN: Miyamoto In Famitsu

Japanese game magazine bible Weekly Famitsu celebrates their 1,000th issue milestone this week, with a double thick volume full of -- well, nothing that exciting, really. There's this countdown story -- which they've been running for a couple weeks now -- of the "top 1000 news items" in the last 1,000 issues of Famitsu, Let's pick one at random: Item #363: December, 1997: the 10-millionth PlayStation is manufactured: Sony announces Midnight Blue PlayStation in commemoration.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3823d ago

you owned him.

I wish him bankrupt with his gay arse gimicky Nintendo Wii.

ChickeyCantor3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

you are the most shallow person i've ever met on the internet.
where is your FPS VS FPS articles?
no sh/t games looked alike back in the past.
Even movies that come out, 1 or 2 look alike.
its because concepts can look alike.

you are just making a big issue out of everything.

your take on zelda 2 and rambo, how stupid can you be.
The freaking Nes couldn't output much no wonder games would look like eachother. The game was made in the same freaking year so how is nintendo Ripping rambo off? how the fack you know its nintendo who is ripping people off.

if the games are " the same" then Rambo should have sold as many copys right?

so many things wrong in your article, that i don't even wanna bother naming them.

What is your point exactly ?
if people love these games then let them.

get a life dude, you are spending too much time playing detective.
you my friend are pethetic.

bigjclassic3823d ago

the GOD of gaming get another cover excellent (in Mr. Burns voice)

CRIMS0N_W0LF3823d ago

you mean the god of copying gaming ideas.

KeiZka3822d ago

Yes. Of course. That's the reason why Mario 64, Mario Bros. 3, OOT and other such games are still considered gaming milestones. Because they really didn't invent anything and were just copied. Right. Now, why don't you go and huddle in your corner?

Devr3823d ago

Can't wait for SMG2! :D I hope they reinvent the Zelda series in the next one. It's getting pretty stale.

ChickeyCantor3822d ago

I hope SMG2 ditches the star system, it really took away the Mario feel.

And cant wait for the next zelda, they are just awesome they do not get boring!

wiizy3822d ago

he is a legend indeeed

Kyrue3821d ago

I want a SMRPG sequel!