Edge Preview - Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

There's a moment when a particularly well-placed grenade is thrown at a German machine-gun emplacement. It detonates and blows one of the Wehrmacht soldiers clean in half, sending his legs and torso flying through the air in opposite directions. The game's 'action camera' kicks in, crash-zooming in on the carnage, focusing on the cartwheeling, dismembered, bloody stumps for a few seconds of pornographic slow-motion.

"Oh, you got that?" says Gearbox's boyish, talkative president and CEO Randy Pitchford when Edge mentions the incident to him later. His eyes sparkle with the naked enthusiasm for gore typical of so many American videogame developers. "We have a very clever engineer who developed software that actually does that, it's an algorithm," he explains eagerly. "We didn't build the content in advance to know where it's going to happen. Those guys can tear apart in lots of different ways. And it's both gross and funny at the same time – isn't that weird?"

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roybatty3673d ago

I like the action cam idea, sounds great. I'm just wondering with the graphical level of this game will it run at 60 fps?

Zip3673d ago

Yeah sounds realistic :) .... lets hope that it would be released soon

Graphics by ATi3673d ago

Well....I hate the Unreal Engine, but I'm glad they're introducing gore that is worthy of being part of a WWII game.

All WWII developers need to sit down and watch Saving Private Ryan before the try and start any development work.

Cartesian3D3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

may be there is some limits for gore even in 18+ rating! ..
but not after seeing NG2 gameplay videos!!

perhaps even 18+ people cant watch that amount of BLOOD ! lol

hope to see an Option for Gore (like COD4 but that wasnt even real gore or violence, just alittle more blood spray)

violence in FPS games isnt Real , u shoot someone > alittle blood spray> Completely Healthy DEAD body on the ground > and u cant even move that body (in Max payne 2 and Gears of war u could )> then oh god where is the corpse, wasnt that killed right hear? where is blood on the floor..


and thats a 18+ game ?? they can use this option for better gameplay , like u must move the body and conceal it for your Stealth..(MGS!)

08_CiViC_Si3673d ago

tired of playing 'realistic' war games where weapons leave bodies intact.

not looking for gears level of insane gore, just looking for some more realism. i know they can do it.

mintaro3673d ago

for some reason ive never liked the Brothers in Arms series, hopeully this one can be the first

08_CiViC_Si3673d ago

if you liked ANY wwII game ever, it should have been BIA. best ones imo.

call of duty never came close to the ww2 feeling that BIA created.

Delt43673d ago

Me neither Mintaro but i think i will pick this one up and try it out. I havent played a BIA game in years. So i think i am ready for another WWII game

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