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Sony; stop f*****g around with the Vita

Non Specific Action take a stand against Sony as their Vita schedule has been far from perfect or investable. (PS Vita, Sony)

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GribbleGrunger  +   1185d ago
Don't F******g buy one then and f**k o**
stecarter91  +   1185d ago
See below and I think you missed my point...
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Abash  +   1185d ago
If you didnt read the article it's essentially saying "It's cool to hate on the Vita for little to no reason and we're trying to get hits!"
badjournalism  +   1185d ago
No, he's right. If you don't like it, don't write an article pretending to be interested just so you can bash it and don't buy it. Very very simple stuff.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1185d ago | Well said
No the point is pretty clear... today your site posted two articles, solely designed for getting hits

This and the all-stars article about it not doing well in the Us BASED ON PRE ORDERS?! IS THAT A JOKE? WHAT DEFINES A GAME DOING WELL? DOES IT NEED A 100,000 PREORDERS? A MILLION?

Also, the way you guys write your articles, its like you are trying to annoy or aggrevate readers.

Lets take your all-stars article

"They’re banking a lot into their new IP (Super Smash Brawl rip off cough*) PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, created by new developer team Super Bot."


And this one... with out owning a vita,are complaining about the games... You know its a nice option to be able to play PS1 games? Did you not pay attention to gamescom, when they said there are more games coming? Did you not see cross buy? Did you not see cross play?


September-LittleBigPlanet vita
October- Assassins creed liberation
November- Playstation all stars and COD(not a great example)
December- Need for Speed
So before you criticize the vita... make sure you have one, or you are caught up with the news... you know... the sh*t you are supposed to report on


What you want Mario on the vita? Is that the big game you are looking for mr. nonspecific


Yeah, when you right articles like this, and your site is inspired by a nintendo joke... its hard to take your "opinion" seriously
Every time I use this site, its filled with half-assed uniformed opinion pieces rather than actual news

Hell, it seems that any idiot can be a video game journalist, as the line between journalist and blogger are almost the same

This article is one of the many, that prove that video game news is a joke
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jadenkorri  +   1185d ago
this is why video game journalism is such a joke. We'll never be taken seriously with this trash roaming around.
Gen0ne  +   1185d ago
@Nimblest-Assassin: Damn... Gave him both barrels on that one huh?

@stecarter91: Well... dare you have a come back for that shellacking? It's probably in your best intrest you don't. He nailed it.
MAJ0R  +   1185d ago
I think most people's problem (and mine too) with the Vita is that most of those games you listed that are coming out are much better when played on consoles. The Vita is basically a portable console.

When I play handheld games,I want to play handheld games. Not console games. This is one of the reasons why the 3DS has been so successful. It doesn't try to be something that it's not. It doesn't try to imitate a console.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1185d ago | Well said

"The Vita is basically a portable console."

Umm...yeah... isn't that the point? Its supposed to be a portable console... thats why its called a handheld

Also, a majority of 3ds games are also better on console

Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Resident evil, Street Fighter, mario, metal gear, etc

Also what makes a handheld game a handheld game? Is it a game I can play for 5 minutes? Whats this definition you are using? Something I play while taking a sh*t?

What you are complaining about on vita, can be used directly on 3ds.

Your argument makes no sense... and before you say Im being biased... I bough a 3ds on launch, not the vita...hell I got a second 3ds after my first was stolen and I play the vita more
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Tito08  +   1185d ago
@ MAJOR- Why is it the 3DS has games that are for the most part console games??? Plus for your information, there's the second stick add-on attachment so yeah, 3DS has games that are in reality console games, just because it has a touch screen?? So there's no point in making the Wii U controller with a screen on... Most gameboy Advance games have being for the most part console games, look at all those Mario Advance games that are in reality SNES ports, there was even a reviewer from ROTR who claimed New Super Mario Bros 2 is for the most part the first, saying he felt he bought the same game twice, btw, that game isn't too far from being a console game for your information, even the DS had old console games!!!!!

-Super Street Fighter 4 came from the consoles
-Zelda Ocarina Of Time is a console game
-Resident Evil isn't any different from the console versions
-Mario games have always being from consoles, that Mario 3D Land could be easily be done on the Wii, a console
-Sega Game Gear games can be easily be done on consoles
Even the Neo Geo Pocket had games that aren't different from console games
-Last but not least, the Gameboy Handhelds all the way through GBA are similar to console games

Honestly, there isn't such a difference between console & handheld games... & there isn't anything wrong with playing console games on a handheld, that to me is a great thing... That has being a Nintendo's fanboy excuse of justifying his handheld of choice, so please, don't use that lame bullshit ass line anymore, it got too old already, because that has beinga criticism against the PSP, & look, almost 80 million units sold!!!!
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Silly gameAr  +   1185d ago

Kind of like their last article.

badz149  +   1185d ago
lol, you're so OWNED!
Irishguy95  +   1185d ago
Feel both bad and good for you/ Nice one with the hits/ But damn/
Aceman18  +   1185d ago
this article and the people agreeing with it just proves that this generation has been the worst ever.
MAJ0R  +   1185d ago
I'm just telling you what most people have as a perception of the Vita. Sure I know a lot of the Sony guys will disagree, but that is the major perception of the Vita.

The 3DS simply has more games that people want to play on the go. Vita is doing horribly no matter what way people try to spin it. I just told you the reason it's doing so bad.
ziggurcat  +   1184d ago
@ stecarter91:

no, i think he got your point. you should just go back to whatever you were doing before trying to be a gaming journalist because you're clearly not good at that.

writing an article whining about a handheld device that has barely been on the market for 6 months, but has a s***load of content coming in the near future is a little ridiculous.

if you're the nintendo fanboy as someone else had pointed out, then i bet you were quick to defend the 3DS when people were complaining about that system when it was just barely into its lifespan...
Sarcasm  +   1184d ago
Opinion: stecarter91: stop f*****g around with dumb articles
stecarter91  +   1185d ago
The word 'off' really did not need starring out; it's not a swear word ;)
GribbleGrunger  +   1185d ago
just my little J**e
TGF_Zero  +   1185d ago
RustedMan  +   1185d ago
it was just the -way- he said it, it could have been used as a swear.

thank you for censoring it, I have sensitive eyes.
Silver-Hawk  +   1185d ago
So the writer of this article is pretending he's interested in a vita so he can complain about it. The vita has the same amount of games for it that the 3ds has garnered in a year and a half. People love to complain about non-issues. I think people would rather Sony releases all features and games for the vita on day one instead of spreading out content and software. The vita launched with 30 games and over time have been releasing new games and features through firmware. The vita is now able to play ps1 classics and a few other things which is good because it actually sparks new interest in the device by a lot of gamers.

This article seems to be written by an imbecile . I can't wait for his article about 3ds lacking new games or the 3ds not having a second circle pad
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stecarter91  +   1185d ago
Thanks, your feedback is appreciated. I thought suppression of thoughts and beliefs went out way back when but I see you still revel in those ideologies. I take my hat off to you, sir.
Freakazoid2012  +   1185d ago
So he does to the Vita what you do to the Wii U...Glad to know you think he is an imbecile for being just like you.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1185d ago
The system is not over-priced. Not when you compare it to the PSP when it came out and how much that was and the Nintendo 3DS and wht it offers and what it can do. However when you get to the $250 barrier and add memory cards that are essential and come at a premium price, the overall cost goes up. Still, it does offer good value but that market for a portable gaming device that is over $200 may be shrinking.

Maybe it's marketing that's hurting Vita. After all Sony has struggled with marketing this generaton. Does Nintendo market it's handheld better? Does the 3DS offer more games that are better suited for portable gaming?

I don't really have an answer why Vita is't a hit. They had a decent line-up of games but since launch there hasn't been much at all. Maybe it didn't have any must have games. Even if Uncharted was, that game cost $50, that's a lot to ask for a portable game.

What is clear is there is traction going on and it's not good traction. There is a cloud of uncertainty and lots of negativity surrounding how Vita is another mis-step for Sony. A company that used to be on top is now looking for something to get the ball going again. All i know is they had better get a more positive vibe going before they launch the PS4.
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Blankman85  +   1185d ago
Such strong anger in this one. You need to take a holiday Gribble, N4G articles are killing you.
fei-hung  +   1185d ago
We banned HHG for being (over) enthusiastic and we choose to have crap like this instead?!

How do we report articles and sites who constantly talk crap?
andibandit  +   1185d ago
Whats a vita?
Cryptcuzz  +   1184d ago
Something you need drastically it seems for trolling.

Look it up what it means in Latin and Italian and you'll understand.


The Vita is Sony's successor to the PSP and is currently not selling as well as the 3DS but it doesn't matter to me. I bought one at launch as well as my brother and have enjoyed playing it since. Some games we have are; Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Uncharted GA. Mortal Kombat, Gravity Rush and Virtua Tennis. Recently we have been revisiting some PS one classics. He is replaying Final Fantasy 7 and I am replaying Final Fantasy 9. Good times.

Even though it has not sold as well as the 3DS, you can bet your ass it will pick up major steam once more games made specifically for it are released (Tear Away for example)

Come Tokyo Game Show, I expect the Vita to get major momentum from the show for the games to be announced.

The possibilities are endless: Monster Hunt? Metal Gear? ZOE? Final Fantasy? Original RPG's? Gravity Rush 2? Kingdom Hearts? Dragon Quest? Resident Evil? Gran Turismo? Original New IP's? I am sure I'm missing some other possibilities here but you get the point.
Knushwood Butt  +   1185d ago
@ Major

'The Vita is basically a portable console.'.

Yes, and that's awesome.
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   1184d ago
i'm getting it next month and i got my games pre ordered already
Uncharted Abyss
Great escape
Street Fighter x Tekken
smashcrashbash  +   1185d ago | Well said
Question. Why is it people still keep saying they could buy a PS3 for the money they spend on the VITA? I could buy a Wii for the money I spend on a 3DS but a Wii is not portable is it. And as for the launch line up being a joke if I remember the 3DS starting line up was an even bigger joke and people still ran out and brought it. If your best game is a remake of a decades old game I think that counts as a joke. Sony handed us a whole bunch of games at launch and they need time to get more. And we already saw that we are getting a lot more. So I know PlayStation fans don't have the most patience in the world but all systems need time to build their titles. No system has ever launched with great games from the start not even the 3DS.Developers like MM need a little time to get used to the VITA's strong points. So shouting 'I want my games so stof f***king around!' isn't really going to help
swansong  +   1185d ago
Couldn't have said it better myself.
rpd123  +   1185d ago
You are a wise man. Well said.
StrongMan  +   1185d ago
+1 bubble
takohma  +   1185d ago
I bubbled him/her too. And I'll bubble you as well lol.
SAE  +   1185d ago
Yep , that's true , the prove of what you saying is the ps3...

To me this isnt the problem , it's the greedy part that effect us all , don't tell me you agree on the whole accounts and memory thing...

For the remote play part , its possible that they will do it in a update but still , they promised ....
CaptainPunch  +   1185d ago
+1 Bubble
Knight_Crawler  +   1185d ago
"I could buy a Wii for the money I spend on a 3DS but a Wii is not portable is it"

True but who the hell wants a Wii at this point? The Wii U is coming out soon so everyone is holding off - PS3 on the other hand is still a hot commodity and people still want one and no PS4 has been announced - I have a PS3 fat and if I had the money I would buy a slim over the VITA anyday.

"And as for the launch line up being a joke if I remember the 3DS starting line up was an even bigger joke and people still ran out and brought it"

it was a bigger joke and thats why Nintendo had to cut the price...maybe Sony should start doing the same thing.

"Sony handed us a whole bunch of games at launch and they need time to get more."

They did give us a whole bunch of games butthey were mostly aimed at the American Market - I still have not played a descent JRPG on the VITA.

"No system has ever launched with great games from the start not even the 3DS."

Did you miss the 360 launch line up?

"Developers like MM need a little time to get used to the VITA's strong points"

This sounds like the PS3 all over again - was'nt it Sony mission with the VITA to make it developer freindly from the start.

"So shouting 'I want my games so stof f***king around!' isn't really going to help"

When your rival the 3DS is making a killing in the market and your system is doing ok, it best that you listen to these people screaming we want games becuase at the end of the day we have options on where to spend our hard earn money.
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smashcrashbash  +   1185d ago
I would go into one long post about everything you said but I will simply say everything you said is opinionated,subjective and irrelevant is several ways especially the fact that you think the 360 launched with a killer line up which I certainly don't remember it doing. But I am too lazy to point out the flaws in your points. So I will leave it at that
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1184d ago
That was a very weak rebuttal my friend..
Zhipp  +   1184d ago
Where have you been, man? People did not run out and buy the 3DS when it launched--in fact, due to its "premium" price and lack of software, its launch was even worse than the Vita's has been. It took a price cut and a good Holiday season to turn things around for the 3DS.

Speaking of which, Sony there are a few good looking Vita titles coming out in time for Christmas--some of which support cross buy, so how about we give the Vita at least until the end of the year before we deem it a failure.
miyamoto  +   1185d ago
I did not read the article but the minute I saw the title it reminded me of a comment referring to the latest Vita firmware up date.

" I think what pisses me off the most is Sony working on trivial features like this when they need to do so many things to get Vita out of the gutter."

There are so many big & important things that Sony should be doing with their ailing business and they are not doing them.

I have been saying this since 2010:

A well balanced gaming platform for mature & young gamers.

1) Sony do not neglect & underestimate the power of young gamers because they are the foundation of mature gaming

2) Sony itself are not making the right types of games for the PS Vita. Nintendo's dominance of handheld gaming has defined that sector through the years as a gaming for the kids. Nintendo games are built to appeal to east & west. PSP had great hardware installed base but abyssmal software support.

Now throw in how Apple & Android changed how the masses game all the more they need to change their hardcone only strategy.

3) Sony are expecting the wrong age majority of gamers to play on their handheld. The PlayStation console experience is still best experience with a PS3.

4) Sony is having a hard time convincing third party developers to make games for Vita because they have not set the right example & identity of the handheld.

5) Sony has supported & favored its western studios more that Japan Studios as far as game productions are concerned. That is why Japanese gamers flock to Nintendo. Japan Studios biggest games TLG, Gravity Rush, Pupeteer, Rain are niche title.
They go for niche titles & forget the mainstream & entry level games.

Sony Europe Studios have really original & innovative games like LBP & Eyepet but their character designs are scary & horrible like Eyepet & Start the Party. Japanese should step in and design them. That is synergy.

Believe you me I Tweet Mr. Shu Yoshida almost every day about these matters.

And now that the PS3 & PS Vita are lagging in sales & mind share its too late for them to realize that.

End of Rant.
Man-E-Faces  +   1185d ago
Games are not the problem with Vita it's the horrible handling of Vita such as marketing and providing things that should of been there from the start like PS1 games more remote play titles honestly all PS3 exclusives should be playable through remote play. Hackers seem to be the ones reaping the benefits while paying consumers such as myself get shafted. where in the hell are the PSN games at? PS Vita should have full access to most PS1,PS2,PSN,MINI games on the PS store not the few pickings we have now they even botched the PS1 update just now only 9 games available from PS vita's store really c'mon now how incompetent is that. Why when I go to a retail store are Vita games mixed in with PS3 games while 3DS has it's own section? Sony just put the Vita OUT THERE and expects it to sell, such a shame to when it shit's on the 3ds and really puts Nintendo's tight wad rehash antics to shame.
SAE  +   1185d ago
Anyone who disagree on what you said is just dum dum or he just start playing games ..
Guys , dont forget the past , how we enjoy playing instead of coming to these forms just to fight each other for greedy companies , they are greedy whether they did something right or not , these things are not for our interests ...
XabiDaChosenOne  +   1185d ago
I feel like I have been commenting to much on this site today but I have to respond to this.
1) in a generation where most of the "young" gamers are playing COD I fail to see how Sony is not catering to everyone
2) Nintendo's dominance in the handheld department has mostly to do with
A) them being the only major gaming company to consistently make gaming handhelds since Mr. Game in watch
B) They have pretty much always have been the cheaper option.
3)That's subjective, I could easily argue that playstation on the go is the better option for me If I am always on the go. And mind you Nintendo gaming "on the go" barely differentiates itself from the home experience. Especially in the case of the 3ds.
4)honestly when has Sony ever had an "identity"? What where they known for during the PS1 days besides the nostalgic chime? Or the PS2 days? Want to know? Games, a large variety of them and catered to the mature/hardcore. Sony never had that one genre, game, franchise, or character that defined the system. One could make the argument of Jrpgs put even that is a stretch. Publishers/devs are not hoping on yet simply because the install base isnt there but it will be. The install base can only grow from here.

5) Sony has been favoring there western devs and European devs this gen because they are the only ones making good games in a reasonable amount of time. If you hadn't noticed Japan overall this gen has been pretty crap when it comes to games. And the point of European developed characters looking like crap is really subjective. Also the PS3 is not lagging in sales.
miyamoto  +   1185d ago
Honestly, as a PlayStation gamer I really would like to hope everything is fine and dandy with Sony but the numbers don't lie & reality can't be denied.

And if Sony is doing more right than wrong then they should not be in their worst shape and totally dominating the industry.

I am a firm believer in their creed as far as pushing gaming forward is concerned but times are a changing and they have to adapt decisively and act fast as per Kaz Hirai.
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Tito08  +   1185d ago
All of those articles are way of making potential consumers go for the other gaming alternatives, in that respect those are the 360 & the 3DS??? why because Sony is covering both console & handheld markets, & lots of people still think Sony is responsible for the Dreamcast's demise & Sega's decision of leaving the console market, at the time there was no need for marketing for PS2 because the games spoke for themselves, & it capitalized on the success of the PS1, which at the time it was marketed a lot since it was their very first console back in 1994/95, & PS3 was capitalized by the success of the PS2 which so far it led the PS3 to have 65 million units sold in 6 years compared to the 360 with 67 in 7 years, so it is a sign Sony did a great job regardless of lack of marketing, both PS3 & PSP already succeeded, if you didn't know!!!!

1-Sony didn't simply have a gamer demographic, they aimed at everyone, Sony destroyed the dilemma that gaming is "a kids thing" leaving the kid thing to Nintendo, & proved that adults can play videogames too, & 3rd party franchises like Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Ace Combat, have found very big success as being PS exclusive IPs, even the most popular Castlevania game is the PS1 SOTN..

2-WTH do you know if Sony isn't doing the right type of games when Wipeout, Uncharted, Sound Shapes, MLB The Show, & other 3rd party games are having positive scores, & those are adult games, even MVC was scored better than SSF4 on 3DS... PSP having abysmal software support? you serious??? it's true, it didn't have hundreds of Pet games, or that many Pokemon, Cooking Mamas, Doras like on DS, games like those aren't needed for the PSP when in fact PSP had way better games than on DS... The PSP had GTA, Final Fantasies, Monster Hunter series & other games were rated higher & sold better, that is why Nintendo did an exclusive contract with Capcom regarding Resident Evil & Monster Hunter, because they were successful as PS exclusive IPs....

3- Those 76 million PSPs sold worldwide aren't a sign Sony were expecting the wrong age majority of gamers, I even seen plenty of adults with PSPs everyday when I was on my way for work, WTF do you know, PSP is already a success despite the criticism it received, it was a handheld that acted on it's own, don't even compare it to the PS3, wrong with you!!!!

4-Look, Vita is a newly born device, it needs time to shine, same happened with PS3 & PSP, & guess what, they're at 65 & 76 million respectively, so please enough with that "lacking 3rd party support" BS when it was 6 months ago when it released, even 3DS struggled, lacked 3rd party support at the time, but didn't get any negativity, come on, even a caveman can notice the bias, the 3DS really lacks identity, that's why there's an analog stick add-on for 3DS, that's fucking lack of identity!!!!

5-BTW, I heard good things about Gravity Rush, plus the other 3s aren't even out yet, so you can't come up with conclusions without even trying them, especially in the case of TLG, which is by a very well respected developer who created Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, seriously, people should shut up with that mainstream crap, it gets stupidly annoying, like if casuals buy everything, they're not FYI!!!!

Like seriously, you seem not to know wtf you're talking about.... "Character designs are scary & horrible" like if you're made of rainbow, do you expect to see the character models made of Butterflies & Daisis so you wouldn't be scared of those games???? then go get some Hannah Montana, Dora or Nintendogs so you wouldn't be scared... Unbelievable, the people in this world!!!!!!!!
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MacDonagh  +   1185d ago
Okay. I've watched this thread explode over this person's opinion but I'd like to pitch in on a couple of points that you've made.

1. Agreed, but games have been made for adults for years on PC before Sony came along.

2. Sales matter. Here are two links that show the amount of software that is being shifted for each respective console in Japan.

http://garaph.info/software... 3DS

PS Vita

So no. PS Vita are not making the right kind of games to appeal to the masses. Hence why Capcom probably jumped to Nintendo after realising that the Vita wasn't looking too sharp.

3. PSPs were very hackable and you could play PS1 games on them. Hence why the hardware was so popular but the games were maybe not so much. PSPs are still doing well in Japan with Japanese devs and are outselling the Vitas.

4. Of course it needs time to shine, but the schedule list for Vita games until recently was barren. Whether or not the games on the Vita schedule will make a difference is another story altogether.

5. On the face of it, they are niche titles. Whether or not they'll sell is completely up in the air at the moment because Vita sales have been less than spectacular.

Also, very classy comment at the end there. There's no need for that level of elitism since it's clear that user is merely showing a personal preference. Not everyone is built in the same way.
Tito08  +   1184d ago
1-You said PC, & like I said, Sony aimed for everyone, not just adults, that included kids as well, console gaming is a whole different thing, but PC wasn't very much known as a gaming platform, back in the 90s, PC gaming wasn't even existent til later on, for the most part it was console gaming that brought M rated games made it ok for adults to be gamers as well.. It was still known as a kids thing, & games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, & other very mature rated games have being for the most part console games way before they headed to PC, so I still proved my point....

2-The Wii is the best selling console this gen, but that doesn't mean 3rd party games have sold well on it compared to the 360 & PS3, only Nintendo & a very few, I repeat, very few 3rd party games sells on it, so 3rd party software support means nothing when most of them sells poorly on Nintendo platforms, including both DS & 3DS, while Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, GTA, & Monster Hunter series have sold well on PSP, still point proven, & it's doing the right kind of games... Nintendo went after Capcom for both Monster Hunter & Resident Evil back in TGS, way before Vita released, check your facts before coming with conclusions, & vita is having the right games, BTW, who cares about the "masses" when games like Halo, Uncharted, Metal Gear & Final Fantasy have sold phenomenal as hardcore games, to prove you wrong, check Rayman Origins, it is better & sold better on Vita more than on 3DS...

DS is hackable as well, so what's your excusable point??Metal Gear, GTA, Final Fantasy, GOW, Tekken, SF, Monster Hunter were popular on PSP, & wouldn't sell more on Nintendo,, & there's isn't anything wrong with PSPs selling more than Vitas, just like PS2 sold more than PS3 at the time, so don't bring excuses!!!!

4-It's 6 damn months it's being released, give a damn break, it's not like it's being out for 6 years, it's 6 months, Nintendo was given time, but it seems people gives the opposite to Sony, that was the case even with PS2, & look now how it turned out, people needs to be patient, like if life is a videogame, people are such ignorant beings.

5-I can't speak for the Rain, Puppeteer & TLG, since they aren't out yet, but did you play them to call them niche?? because if you didn't, then your argument is invalid for the most part, not interested in Gravity Rush, & all you seem to know is how the Vita isn't selling, I guess you don't know how gaming business works, I guess Nintendo does with 2 ports of 2 N64 games, & a game that needs a stand in order to be played, that's being an hypocrite on your part, & you failed to realize 3 of those so called niche games are on the PS3, your facts are invalid!!!!!

Not everybody is built the same way, but not everyone is a ignorant, hypocrites, & it's funny that you based your false facts on a device that is very much a better built device than the 3DS, & being labeled as expensive when 3DS was the same price & nobody complained, don't be such a fool!!!!!
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MacDonagh  +   1184d ago
"back in the 90s, PC gaming wasn't even existent til later on, for the most part it was console gaming that brought M rated games made it ok for adults to be gamers as well."

Doom was released in 93 and was estimated to be on 10 million computers since it was originally a shareware. So yeah. PC gaming actually existed!

"It was still known as a kids thing, & games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, & other very mature rated games have being for the most part console games way before they headed to PC, so I still proved my point...."

Really? You've never heard of Phantasmagoria? How about I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream? Mature games have existed before Sony brought it into the mainstream for people who didn't have access to PCs. So yeah. ¬_¬

"The Wii is the best selling console this gen, but that doesn't mean 3rd party games have sold well on it compared to the 360 & PS3,"

And what? The Wii sold more than PS3 and Xbox360 with very little 3rd party support. What does that exactly tell you about the strength of their first party then hm?

Vita: http://garaph.info/software...

3DS: http://garaph.info/software...

There ya go. A direct comparison to the 3DS and Vita. While the Vita version represents better value, the 3DS sold more. Also, I knew about Nintendo getting the Monster Hunter license at the expense of Sony. Capcom probably saw that it makes better financial sense to back something that is selling than to keep propping up a flagging handheld.

"Metal Gear, GTA, Final Fantasy, GOW, Tekken, SF, Monster Hunter were popular on PSP, & wouldn't sell more on Nintendo"

You can sell more if more people have your handheld. If no-one is buying your handheld, you can't sell more games to a limited group of people. Christ.

"It's 6 damn months it's being released"

The Vita, despite this "amazing" launch line up, sold 2.2 million in seven months. You can't argue against data.

"can't speak for the Rain, Puppeteer & TLG, since they aren't out yet, but did you play them to call them niche??

Are they system sellers? Exactly.

"because if you didn't, then your argument is invalid for the most part"

Because I back it up with raw data and not delusion.

"I guess you don't know how gaming business works"


"your facts are invalid!!!!!"

So they are facts! Thanks for clearing that up!

"Not everybody is built the same way, but not everyone is a ignorant, hypocrites, & it's funny that you based your false facts on a device that is very much a better built device than the 3DS"

Okay. Now you're giving me conflicting messages here. I've not posted anything that is false and I'm merely telling the truth here. I am not going to deny that the PS Vita is a nicely built machine that has lots of options for it. However, unlike the Vita, you can use SD cards for your memory back up for the 3DS while Sony nickel and dime their customers by selling them overpriced proprietary memory cards. That's why people are calling it expensive, not because of the system itself.

You can deny all you like about how the Vita is not doing as great as it should, but I've added a little image for you to absorb and some music to accompany you while you stare at the figures.

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lahnaloo  +   1185d ago
well said @axelstone
solar  +   1185d ago
the vita is a sweet lil system, but i cant justify the price tag at this point.
josephayal  +   1185d ago
For $250
the PlayStation Vita is the most advanced portable gaming system ever made
GamersWithChildren  +   1185d ago
mobiusoneac4  +   1185d ago
All that power and only one worthwhile game. How shameful. I can't wait for that CFW though.
Hicken  +   1184d ago
Which one? Gravity Rush? Uncharted? Unit 13? Escape Plan? Sound Shapes? Metal Gear? Madden? The Show? Rayman? Wipeout?

Or maybe you meant there's only one worthwhile game coming out? Still, which one? AC III? Sly Cooper? Little Big Planet? PS All Stars? Killzone? Phantasy Star? Warrior's Lair? Tearaway?

I can't tell, so you tell me: which ONE game is the ONLY worthwhile title on the Vita?
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1184d ago
If you were offered either the 3DS or the VITA for free which one would you get?

I don't do portable gaming, but if I did, it'd be the Vita...
SnipeySnake  +   1184d ago
I don't have either but if I was offered that I'd get a vita, then sell it and buy a 3ds and a game or 2 with the extra money :|

It's not that I don't like the vita, its just that there aren't many games that i 'personally' like compared to the 3ds. Though that might change in the future and I hope the vita expands as big as the psp did (the psp is still my favorite portable).
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1184d ago

Nothing wrong with that, if you prefer the games on 3DS then that'd be a good choice.

For me though, the power an potential in the vita allures much more. Coupled with the fact that I have not seen a single game I would buy a 3ds for.

Give the Vita 1-2 years and we'll see some truly epic games come out for it, you can count on that.

Maybe then I'll do portables, but for now all my gaming stays at home...
Menchi  +   1185d ago
Stupid kid is stupid kid.
Fid  +   1185d ago
My Vita doesn't have time to settle on a table before I'm using it again. I love it! :-)
Kurt Russell  +   1185d ago
That's half the reason I have yet to buy one. If I do, I will end up being anti sociable all the time :)

Naw, not really... I haven't got one because I am poor.
GenericNameHere  +   1185d ago
While the author said he wasn't a Nintendo/Microsoft fanboy, wasn't the Non-Specific Action Figure heavily used by Nintendo during E3?? I sense a little bias here...

On topic,
EVERYTHING SAID (except about the PSP not being a big hit and expensive memory) can be replaced with 3DS and Nintendo, and the article would still fit pretty nicely. In fact, he not only described the PS Vita, but also the 3DS, even a year after its launch! Wondering whether you should get a Vita? Same reaction people had last year with the 3DS! Sony not knowing how to market the Vita? Same fucking thing as Nintendo, as the 3DS is basically the same as a DS, but with an analog stick, 3D, and slightly better graphics. 3 games? Does the author not know that the 3DS had less than half of the launch games the Vita has?
And complaining about PS1 Classics? Replace Vita with 3DS, and you'll get the same exact response
"YAY! I mean come on Nintendo; what the hell are you guys doing? People who have bought a 3DS want 3DS games to play not old games they already own clogging up precious space on their SD cards."
I guess having more selections of games is bad, huh? And EVERYONE has already played all PS1 games, so there shouldn't be PS1 games on the PS Store? Thanks, article, for teaching me that knowledge!

This article also sums up Nintendo, so I don't know why the article couldn't have just called it
"Sony AND Nintendo; stop f*****g around with the Vita AND 3DS"
But then again, the IPhone/smartphone gamers will come charging in this article
scissor_runner  +   1184d ago
I think the biggest problem is the 3ds is not using the feature argument to justify sales.

Kid icuras
Mario kart
Mario 2d and 3d

These games sale... We are talking 15 million is normal for them. Sony has games that where simply reasons to get the ever powerful ps3 yet what is the point of putting these games on a weaker platform. Most people will never replay uncharted or finish it.
The luster is lost and the rip off alert sounds off.

Then the 3ds has the full ds back catalog going for it right now with nO need for new "features"... Being able to buy a used ds game for cheaper is a way better feature then you have A bunch of hd ports that lets you get your hd on and sample what hd had.

Some one said above that ps brand appeal was that they had every type of game... This is not true with the way Sony operates right now. I didn't like the current batch of ps vita games on the ps3 why duplicate that? Yet I can see the appeal for people who did.

It's not marketing ethier... Gamers don't play marketing and iPad to iPhone to razr android galaxy note what ever does portable entertainment better and I don't need a ps3 to experience it. So once again other don't need features we need games not the ones listed since those are fanboy favorites that are not even really supported by the ps fanbase anyway.

So in a nut shell the vita is a little on the useless side of things where adults have access to way better and cheaper versions in most cases or even just better engineered options.

This is all opinion but some one had to post it. The fan circle jerk just isn't working any more. Plus all of the you'll see comments about the ps3s power or ignoring of flaws is not benifiting Sony. Elitism kills platforms. You can only be that way if you don't need any one. Sony clearly needs new fans.
SAE  +   1185d ago
instead of asking for The things that sony should have done you defend them , why?..

I like sony for giving us games and things that other consoles doesnt provide but I always seek for my intrests not caring how much they get because its not getting me anything , i want to play not format and change accounts ...etc!! I want more freedom , its there fault for the region/accounts thing , they should have just made one region and one store instead of this bullshits ! they are making it worst now , It may not be a problem to you but many many others are very angry , it's just a greed steps they are doing

Now when i buy it it will be more like hacking a system just to play !! They are making this more complicated , the pass code isnt enouph for them to screw us !.

Guys , this is not the way to upgrade gaming , just imagin if they do this to us in ps4 too , they wont settle for these things they will bring more ways to screw us just like now

Edit : in a short way , gaming will be like law , its not fun , it takes away the fun , gaming wasnt like this befor the ps3 !
#9 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
takohma  +   1185d ago
Well I read a article about region locks. I think it was about persona battle arena. But region locks are there because it will mess up sales because the exchange rate is different everywhere. I know it's bad for us but from the business perspective you should be able to understand. I'm honestly not upset about the memory card thing. I only use one account now. It became too much to switch accounts and look at other region stores when I couldn't buy anything in the first place because it was in yen or euros.
rainslacker  +   1185d ago
You do realize that Sony, developers, and publishers have licensing agreements which may prevent them from selling a digital game in another territory. This is particularly true when it's available in another region as it becomes a separate licensing agreement to sell in that territory. Also the prices vary between regions which is why there separate stores for different regions. As far as being open, most DD stores don't allow download to a region that it doesn't serve but so far Sony has allowed it.
born2live  +   1185d ago
Ya fanboys are incredible. The poor guy is only saying that the current games line up in itself is not enough of an incentive to go buy one, given its price tag. He didn't say that the Vita is crap. He knows it's a machine with great, yet (at the moment) poorly exploited potential. He hopes that Sony will take the necessary steps to correct the situation (more games? lower price tag? anything!).

And I agree with this article. You all have to understand that I own all 3 major home consoles, and the 3DS, and have been an early adopter of most of them - I am totally unbiased on this. And I haven't bought a Vita yet, mostly for the reasons indicated in this article, but also because I feel I got screwed when I decided to adopt the 3DS as soon as it came out, since it took a good 6-8 months before Nintendo finally started delivering the good stuff, and I don't want to experience the same thing with the Vita. Nothing wrong with this article. It's a fair assessment of the situation.

I love the PS1 compatibility, but it should have been there from the start. I love the screen, touchpad, and the two (hear that Nintendo?) joysticks. The ball is on Sony's side. Please make your move, and fast.
lahnaloo  +   1185d ago
Well said with your points, @born2live
chrisarsenalsavart  +   1185d ago
I love my vita but i am displeased with the 1.8 update. Still no flash player?
Come on! What s the point of a browser if you can,t see any vids.
Sony needs to start getting the balance right between hardware and operating software.
Man-E-Faces  +   1185d ago
I agree with you but you get people that say Vita is a gaming device first but that's just an excuse to hide the incompetence of those involved with the software side of things. If the Vita is capable(which it is) of having the whole cake with icing on it then why limit it?
takohma  +   1185d ago
Eh....I'm happy with my Vita. Hot shots golf and mvC3 and BB have been keeping me using it. More so hot shots since it was on sale for $20 at Walmart and I just picked it up. I always wanted to get into this game. What I'm really waiting for is that Soul Sacrifice game coming out next year!! So the ability to listen to my own music while playing my games makes me play it even longer because Im jamming to my own tunes. Especially since that new Slaughterhouse album came out!!!
DJ  +   1185d ago
Every system gets hated on during its first year. Remember how PS3 only sold a handful of units its first year, or how we were told "3DS will die"?

Vita's probably going to do just fine. I'm loving mine. Currently playing Wipeout 2048 and Resistance: Burning Skies.
Captain Tuttle  +   1184d ago
You named two, that's not "every system"
Jockamo  +   1184d ago
um except the 3Ds at this time in its life cycle sold 6.7 million units and the Vita has only sold an equivalent 1.8 million.

make sure you do your reading before you make broad generalizations. tia

#13.2 (Edited 1184d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Ethereal  +   1185d ago
No clicky from me.
DivineAssault  +   1185d ago
Well if hes conflicted about buying one after what was shown @ gamescom, vita just isnt for u.. Dont want ps1 games? dont download em.. Dont want to use precious memory for games? buy physical copies.. Still not happy with whats coming for it? Buy the DS in 3D.. They have such a huge list of titles that far outweigh vitas this yr & nx.. (sarcasm)
scissor_runner  +   1184d ago
The problem is your sarcasm is right on the money for many people. Gamers are cheap. Plus Sony will always get good reviews but less buyers. It seems they need to focus on gamers rather than reviewers.

I don't think Sony has hired any talent to change this faith. It's too bad but luckily some people love them. This reminds me of the Atari lynx... Man was that a sweet handheld!
DivineAssault  +   1184d ago
i know 3ds xl is so much cheaper than a vita bundle that no1 will think twice.. 3ds games are $40 & most arent worth over $20.. Sales dont mean anything to me as long as i have great games to look forward to.. Them numbers can keep 3ds fans happy while they wait for a good 3rd party title..
scissor_runner  +   1184d ago
I'm glad Sony has guys like you waiting around for them to make games only ps3 fans like. Your right the 3dsxl does cost more and people still want it. So Sony fans can't even say its the price. Some one needs to keep Sony afloat! Keep up the good effort. Yet it's your fault it's not selling well. Go and buy more vitas! Chop chop!

Yeah sales don't mean any thing to most fanboys since everyone wants what they want and don't really care about every one else's until your company dies. Hey at least you get what you wanted. Others are getting what they want else where.

You guys sound like Saturn owners.
#15.1.2 (Edited 1184d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Allowen  +   1185d ago
As far as I know the Vita was to be like this since the launch day.
It was supposed to have only one account per console.

But for some unknown reason we could log in on other PSn account and it would not format the memory card if you did not download anything off the psn store that is.
TheDivine  +   1185d ago
Love my vita but it does have some problems. I dislike that 90% (prob more like 95-98%) of psp titles dont work on it. I dislike that theres no internal memory and i cant easily switch mem cards. I wish they would put my fav titles on the store and i wish ps2 classics worked on it. Other than those its a newer, better psp and i loved the psp. Games will come in time im just abit worried that Sony let a shitty dev like Nihilistic work on two of the biggest games on the vita. Im worried they just want the Franchises on vita and dont care of the quality, just the cheapest dev while the good studios focus on the ps3/ps4. Most likely they just rushed both out to sell vita's while Sony Bend and the other good psp/psv dev's work on the good games.

I love the screen. Its so vivid, bright, and crisp. The back touchpad is acually pretty cool and im glad they added a touchscreen. The battery is decent and psp titles look great. I just want more games but its still very early. Il give it the year it took the 3ds to get rolling before coming to any real decision but it def has potential. Make a Demons Souls and port over Type-0 and i will love it forever!

abzdine  +   1185d ago
let me guess, the 3 games worth buying are CoD, Uncharted and some other action game ?

I dont think you got the point of what a handheld has to deliver. Backward compatibility is very important in this case and im sure you haven't played all PSP or PSone games. Remote play and PS3 control are also very cool features and we all saw what was possible to do with a game like LBP2.

On top of that there are loads of pretty good games on Vita :

-Gravity Rush
-Escape Plan

and the best is yet to come. The only problem with it is that it only appeals to people who already own a PS3 cause it's a bit more expensive.
MasterCornholio  +   1185d ago
I guess Sonys gamescon conference and 1.80 update for the Vita made the journalists of this site very uneasy.

Who am i kidding? These people are not even journalists just a bunch of fanboys posting poorly written immature articles.

Seriously i use N4G for news but it amazes me the ammount of garbage that gets approved here.

But like the saying goes in a huge lump of coal there could be a diamond which is why i continue to use this site.

Also i love expressing my opinion.
r21  +   1185d ago
Bull crap, there are games that utilize the vita's feature quite well. Examples, Gravity Rush ,Escape Plan and soon to be LBP Vita.
small44  +   1185d ago
The write of the article think everyone share his opinionhe think only 3 games are worth to buy but i'm interested in more then ten games in Vita
black911  +   1185d ago
I already have a ipod touch 4G. Thousands of free apps and game amazing web browser like google chrome,jail break so I I Have every old ststem on it. It has over 30gigs
GribbleGrunger  +   1185d ago
Good for you. I'm sure those games are excellent and look incredible on your iPod touch 4G... but I hate to break it to you like this: This is a thread about the Vita (that's the new handheld from Sony). I know, I know... it's an easy mistake to make and I'm sure the mature people on here will just see the funny side, as have I.
dennett316  +   1185d ago
You have every old system on it, yet have to put up with crappy touch controls or get a fairly expensive accessory to give proper controls and bulk up your phone. And lets face it, Angry Birds and every other game on ios and Android simply cannot compete with real games on real game systems that offer real controls....and I say that as someone who has zero interest in a Vita.
Cut the Rope and Angry Birds are a fun distraction, but that's it.
urwifeminder  +   1185d ago
Sony fans vs each other top stuff.
TheKayle  +   1185d ago
the vita worth every penny of the technology theres inside...
ok...... pause

but no one wanna spend 250$ for that technology on a handheld....(numbers talking itself) and no one asked for a handheld that cost like a ps3 (that is already very expansive)

so is just another finanacial fail from sony...

when they'll understand that "making the more expansive tech" dont pay?...

come back on your step like ps1 ps2 ppl dont want to spend this much..and wii showed to u that consoles sold dont mean best tech ....stop with this tech crap or u will fail...i advice u mr. Sony

wii cost 1/3 of the ps3.....and win this gen
xbox cost pretty 100 bucks less than ps3 and still sold more...arriving 2°

ps3 sales r growing up at the end of the gen while ppl already waiting next gen

vita is going to do the same....

u can have fantastic games...also with something less expansive...ACCEPT IT
#24 (Edited 1185d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
DarkHeroZX  +   1185d ago
I think its safe to say it isn't price that is an issue but content. People spend that much for an Itouch and ipad. So its not a price issue
TheKayle  +   1185d ago
ppl need an mobile phone so they buy it....and the fashion want must be an iphone or high price android phone...(with who they chat/surf internet/play mobile games)

ppl that buy vita probably r hardcore gamers (handhenld market is that) and they probably have a pc or a console already.....

isnt a problem of content (well that could be a problem later when the price will be right) but just the PRICE
born2live  +   1184d ago
I think both the price AND the lack of content are a factor.
dennett316  +   1185d ago
The Vita offers nothing to really make it an attractive proposition to anyone who already owns a home console, specifically a PS3.
The games being demanded or touted are stripped down console ports that diminish the experience, or cross play titles that offer nothing different from the home version. Gravity Rush is pretty much the only game that is uniquely "Vita".
Is it really worth paying all you have to pay to get the Vita up and running (including grossly overpriced memory cards) just to play worse versions of what you can already play on your PS3? Is it really so vital to be able to play Uncharted on the bus? I'm sure for some it is, but most will be happy with their smart phone to distract them, or a 3DS which offers plenty of games that are different enough from home console titles to make it worth owning.
Even the ports that exist on the 3DS are better than the Vita ports because they actually offer something MORE over the home console versions by featuring enhanced graphics, 3D, tweaks to make the game play better etc. It's not just presenting the same experience - or worse in the case of some of the Vita ports...Call of Duty for example is significantly downgraded.
The Vita will suffer the same problems as the PSP has in terms of software, with Sony already admitting they are having trouble securing support. Horsepower isn't everything in the handheld market, it's offering games that people cannot get elsewhere. Mario 3D Land, Resident Evil Revelations, Luigi's Mansion 2, Kid Icarus, New Super Mario Bros 2 (though this is a continuation of a well-travelled series, this specific version is only on 3DS), Kingdom Hearts 3D, and many others are only available on 3DS and take advantage of its abilities.
Until Sony start securing more Vita exclusives - true exclusives and not just stripped down home console experiences - then the Vita will struggle, as excellent a piece of technology as it is.
astrobrights  +   1185d ago
This conversation seems to be full of idiots.
Alastor64  +   1185d ago
Mostly the blind Sony fanboys...
kitt2112  +   1185d ago

WOW! all i can say is, its like you dug into my brain and wrote down what I'm thinking. good job dude. Finally someone that makes sense.
JoeSchmoh  +   1185d ago
Damn dude, when did the thing come out? Not even a half a year ago and people are saying its worthless?! People are never satisfied because they have the ability to bitch through the internet. If the Vita was released lets say back in 2007 it would be like 300+ dollars. You would never see the fked up words they use to describe sony playstation in an article about Xbox. Hmm!? These people need to stop bashing the PSvita. Not only did sony finally make a handheld with 2x analogs so people can get their FPShooter fix on the go. Make a Modern Warfare game for it to play online on the go..and people still bitch. I DONT EVEN PLAY FPS GAMES and I can see what they're offering to people. I think it would be cool as hell to have street fighter x tekken or Marvel Capcom 3 playable online from a handheld. but NOOOOO I GOTTA FIND SOME TINY AND PETTY TO BITCH ABOUT! Dude, they give that sh*t away for free and people still b*tch!
takohma  +   1185d ago
You havnt answered me from the last time I asked you. Who is 'Q' looking for? Me and my friend been arguing about this for months. I figured you might know since he's your avatar.
EvilJeffBridges  +   1185d ago
Loud Noises.
lahnaloo  +   1185d ago
Haha! Yep
Alastor64  +   1185d ago
Vita's been out since December and it's doing like ass. Even PSP did better do I only bought one for the CFW. Someone hack the Vita already I wanna play free PS1 games just like on my PSP. And a better N64 emulator.
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