Anonymous SquadCast Episode 5 - Revenge of the Badmin

In this episode NOVAxDRAGON and ZitterZap talk about the disappointing BF3 August Content Flop, Bad Admins, Boosters, PS Vita Games, Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, DICE becoming Lazy, Madden 13, FIFA, Champions of Norrath, Battlefield Tips and Useless Squad Perks.
Music courtesy of lazerlord. Twitter @lazerlord and YouTube theCDGeffect check out for more music and mixes.

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ZitterZap2032d ago

Give it a listen guys and lets us know if you enjoyed it.


Good job guys keep it up!!!

ZitterZap2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Thanks CPTN. Lol I clicked on Disagree.