Xbox 360 Secrets

Many people consider themselves "experts" when it comes to knowing all about the Xbox 360. XeWoN has sent in the following list of "tips"… which cover Xbox 360 features that are largely unknown to most people.

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THWIP3823d ago

That was a complete waste of time and bandwidth....FAIL!

Seriously, if you didn't find most...or all...of this out within a day of owning your 360 (most within the first HOUR), you're a real 'tard.

gamesR4fun3823d ago

I dunno that music while playing old xbox gaems ws new 2 me kinda like the fact the sound overlaps can hear the game that way and just tune out their music....
the rest seems pretty standard tho.

Rowland3823d ago

I think you'll find that this is approved, not fail - If you take your blinkers off you'll be able to see alot more clearly.

KillJoi993822d ago


Here I was thinking new info on te 360. :( What a waste of my time.

Jones Miller3823d ago

Good for newcomers in Xboxland.

Rowland3823d ago

That's a bubble for you (much needed by the looks of it !)

gamekiller3823d ago ShowReplies(1)
Jesso2k3823d ago

The camera theme trick at the end, I will check that out.
(I bought a camera for RB6:V, way back when thinking it was the future)

TheExecutive3823d ago

that guys face just about puts me in a rampage!

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The story is too old to be commented.