Alice in Otherland: Petition Hits 1000 Signatures

"As of today our Alice in Otherland petition has received over 1000 signatures out of our 10,000 signature goal! This is a major milestone on the way to capturing EA’s attention. Today I’m going to be addressing a few things regarding our petition, starting with the subject of donations." m

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prototypeknuckles2028d ago

Yes, needs hoping this game gets made these may not be goty material but there is something devil about the Alice games

r212028d ago

I hope this works, loved Alice Madness returns and would love a sequel :D especially since theyre planning a psychonauts concept into it.

Moby-Royale2028d ago

I just completed American Mcgee's Alice earlier today.

I purchased Alice: Madness Returns which of course comes with the first game.

I'm going to play something else, then after that come back and play Madness Returns for the first time. I am looking forward to it.

nik666uk2028d ago

How long is the 1st one?

r212028d ago

Well if you liked platformers with ok combat, Alice Madness is for you :D Enjoy your games dude :)

nik666uk2028d ago

Just bought the Alice bundle from PSN for £15, the 1st one's hard work due to it's awful controls but I want to play them in order so I'm sticking with it, hope they do another

easthastings2028d ago

And with that said too, Doublefine REALLY needs to make a Psychonauts sequel. Like damn, just thinking about that happening gets my brain stem all hard, making my cerebral plums all juiced up. It ain't fair.