LOST hits Xbox LIVE Marketplace!

Don't have enough "stranded on a Pacific island" drama in your life? Then head on over to Xbox LIVE Marketplace where you can now download the first three seasons of the ABC series, LOST. And don't worry! If you're itching to see the premiere episode of season 4, it will be available to you on February 1, at 12:01am PST.

What: First 3 seasons of LOST (Season Premiere of Season 4 will be available for download at 12:01 AM 2/1)
Live Date: 12:01 AM 1/31/2008
Availability: Available in HD and SD
Pricing: 160 MS Points for SD, 240 MS Points for HD (per episode)

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FirstknighT3671d ago

You know I'm not a fan of the series and really don't care for tv shows made into games but damn those trees and the jungle is easily the best I seen in any game.

3671d ago
Diselage3671d ago

Yeah this is about the show being available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. So for a live show I'm sure the trees look nice.

SCThor3671d ago

that way I can take my discs to a friends house and watch it...thanks anyway.

zonetrooper53671d ago

That is gonna cost you alot of money, much better to buy it on DVD.

Scarfy3671d ago

I'm far from Microsoft's biggest fan (in fact I can't wait for the company to start falling apart).

But I've got to give them kudos for giving people what they want.

Shame I don't have an Xbox or live in the US, otherwise I'd be downloading the episodes as soon as they were available.

(Hint: You listening, Sony?)

Oh... And zonetrooper5, what kind of tight arse are you? You're looking at a couple of dollars per HD episode; that's not a lot of money.

You can tell me that over all it'll probably end up costing you well over $50 for the entire season, but when you're spending $2 per week, you won't notice. People spend more than that on a cup of coffee...

permutated3671d ago

I'm not talking sh!t here, I'm just being honest: I think it's ridiculous that the LOST writers have said that they don't know where the show is going, they just write it out.

Gee, you don't say. It doesn't show in the least.

Bolts3671d ago

There are a lot cheaper or better ways to watch Lost. Live charge way too much.

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