Rockstar Publisher Sale Currently Happening On Xbox Live Until September 3rd, 2012

Alongside everything else that went up on Xbox Live today, Rockstar has also started their very own publisher sale which marks down various games and content.

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BringingTheThunder2178d ago

nice for those people who havent picked up the max payne dlc yet

Relientk772178d ago

Look at all add-ons


I'm looking at the Red Dead Redemption ones, fantastic game

greenpowerz2177d ago

You don't have a 360 troll and the first part of your comment is why you came in here and the second part is a front.


Yes Red Dead Redemption is a great game.

TrendyGamers2178d ago

If Bully was $10, I'd probably re-buy it.

JellyJelly2177d ago

Xbox Live has sales like this on a weekly basis. I've bought many great XBLA titles for 50% off.