Xbox Live Marketplace Update: August 28th, 2012 - Rock Band Blitz, ME3 'Leviathyn' DLC, Walking Dead

This week on Xbox Live sees the release of Rock Band Blitz on the Xbox Live Arcade, the Leviathyn DLC for Mass Effect 3, the next episode for The Walking Dead, and much more.

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BringingTheThunder1930d ago

i dont think anyones gonna buy the damage inc dlc.

Rob Hornecker1930d ago

I have it and its pretty good,but then again I like air combat games!

Relientk771930d ago

Max Payne 3 has a free add-on, cool

TrendyGamers1930d ago

Really excited for episode 3 of The Walking Dead.

ChunkyLover531930d ago

Damn, there goes a ton of money from my wallet. Definitely grabbing ME3 DLC, Walking Dead Episode 3, Fruit Ninja Kinect add-on and Rockband Blitz.

Rob Hornecker1930d ago

I'll take the "2 table Pack" for the pinball for 400 please Alex and the Mt Fugi for SSX because ( and theres that "F" word! ) FREE!!!

Plus the august DLC for BF3. Which wasn't mentioned in this story. Next week will be armor kills for premium! I will really look forward for that!