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BringingTheThunder1760d ago

$180?? i could pick up the regular black ops 2, halo 4 and AC3 for that price!

BringingTheThunder1760d ago

i don't understand the disagrees. 3 x $60 = $180.

NYC_Gamer1760d ago

Some users are just against common sense....

Relientk771760d ago

Some people can't do basic math

ThatHappyGamer1759d ago

Bubbles for all 3 of you guys. :)

berndogskate1760d ago

Milkage much, people need to realise these games are all the same every year! jeez

ChunkyLover531760d ago

Actually the Treyarch offerings are almost a completely different game, I'd say a Medal Of Honor and Battlefield level of difference.

Treyarch has gone to the future as a setting, totally re-written the online coding from the ground up, they offer zombies and a new zombie campaign, new point streaks and a ton of other new features.

Only ignorant people spout on about how nothing has changed in Call Of Duty, or people that just like to make themselves sound important by spouting what they might have heard. The fact of the matter is that COD has changed the most out of any other multiplayer game. Each COD is on a two year development cycle, same as Gears, Uncharted and Mass Effect.

Get over the milked BS, if millions upon millions of people are enjoying the yearly releases, why bitch and moan about it?

Why bother posting about it at all? It seems to me that you should be playing some un-milked games and worry about games you actually do care about, in the meantime, let people buy what they want.

On topic, looks like I'm upgrading to the Care Package!

SSKILLZ1760d ago

awesome comment its good to see that there are also people in the cod community that can answer with reason to these COD haters.

We buy what we like just like everyone else.


i could buy a ps vita from craigslist and some muffins

1760d ago
sandman2241760d ago

Does the standard edition 59.99 come with nuketown multiplayer/ zombie map?

Swiggins1760d ago

You got Nuketown 2025 if you preordered in the second wave.

Zombie Nuketown, IDK, but it'll probably be released as DLC down the line, kind of like what Black Ops did.

CerebralAssassin1759d ago

No. Just the hardened and prestige edition have both maps

Mini05101759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

no you are wrong

CerebralAssassin1759d ago

Unless it was preordered during wave 2 in which you get nuke town 2025 you only get both maps from hardened or prestige edition. The normal version doesn't have those map included. What are you talking about mini?

Relientk771760d ago

Damn, I want the Remote Controlled MQ-27 Dragonfire Drone

of course its $180 lol

theEx1Le1760d ago

I want it too lol. Theres no chance in hell I'd pay what they are charging but I still want it :)

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