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Submitted by SeekeroftheDawn 1264d ago | article

Mario Kart DS vs Mario Kart 7: Which One to Buy?

Ever since Super Mario Kart was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Mario Kart in general has been a number one racing game in many households. Mario Kart DS held the top position in this genre for portable consoles for many years. That is, until Mario Kart 7 was released. With two Mario Kart titles on the shelf that are compatible for the Nintendo 3DS, are both worth purchasing? And, if not, which one? (3DS, Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart DS, Nintendo DS, Tag Invalid)

Silver-Hawk  +   1265d ago
I choose little big karting. It's the best with better technology and features
iamnsuperman  +   1265d ago
Firstly they do not ask that. Secondly I swear that isn't even out yet
Silver-Hawk  +   1264d ago
I was in the beta
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1263d ago
I was also in the beta for a little bit and I enjoyed Mario Kart more. And saying your a not a fanboy and you're all about the truth is probably a lie. I'm taking a wild guess and I could easily be wrong here, but I bet you say that PSASBR shouldn't be compared to to SSB because it's not a clone or even remotely similar to SSB. And then first thing you do is come to this article and make a comparison between LittleBigPlanet and Mario Kart.

But anyway, I enjoyed Mario Kart 7 more than Mario Kart DS. The analog stick made the difference for me.
Silver-Hawk  +   1263d ago
Psasbr was inspired by ssb
Lbk was inspired by Mario kart

Which games are technologically better and more appeasing to the eyes? Whenever Sony copies an idea its normally better technologically. I'd rather not play games where I can't see clearly what I'm doing so ill rather play technologically advanced games in hd where its easy to decipher what I'm doing or seeing.Fun is subjective and is basically a euphemism used a lot for basic and bland nintendo games. Most would also say graphics aren't important but they keep upgrading their game systems instead of being satisfied with a super Nintendo to only game on.fanboys should try to tell me how Nintendo makes more fun games with less options and technical qualities while telling me that apple's are better than oranges.

The tired arguments I keep hearing from Nintendo fans are how people love to copy from Nintendo when its just a natural progression a lot of times for people to adopt certain ideas.

Nintendo deserves credit for certain things like having a gesture based controlling device for the Wii, ohh wait, the ps2 had ps eye.they did however release the first motion controller but since people like to talk about who makes games now that did things first ill mention things.Nintendo is implementing L2,R2 two analog sticks, hdmi, motion functions in a regular controller, wireless communication between a handheld device and console which Sony started.

A lot of companies borrow ideas from others and if they didn't then they'll be left behind. PSP is a copy of gameboy which was the first portable video games. Wait, that's wrong,LOL. I'm a fanboy of quality and I game on all systems, mostly pc
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nintendojunkie28  +   1263d ago
Silver-Hawk,don't you have some great Playstation "Exclusive" to be playing or something?
mamotte  +   1263d ago
Me too. I found it very slow. Like playing mario kart on 50cc. all the time.
browngamer41  +   1264d ago
Well it is N4G so of course you'd jump in a non- Sony article to boast about a Sony game that has nothing to do with this article..way to stay on topic-troll.
Silver-Hawk  +   1263d ago
I'm a gamer that owns most gaming systems. I game on all sorts of consoles as long as the games interest me. I'm interested in all gaming discussions on here so ill speak about whatever I feel like talking about. I understand most fanboys would like to suppress information and cover up logical opinions that might counter their beliefs but I'm all about the truth.
NickTheHitman  +   1263d ago
I love LBP Karting. But I disagree with you. Thats not relevant to the article bro!
JBSleek  +   1263d ago
You are so delusional on your blatant bias and fanboyism and say you are telling the truth be that the truth on nothing involving the article that it is actually funny... sad but still funny nonetheless.
Trekster_Gamer  +   1264d ago
I think this article is really more to try to sell both versions versus to choose between them.
hitenlumo   1263d ago | Spam
megamanX2  +   1263d ago
"Mario Kart DS vs Mario Kart 7: Which One to Buy?"

this is a joke right?
DivineAssault  +   1263d ago
Guess what? Since mario kart is already out on 3ds, the next new 1 anyone will see will be on wii u.. 3ds wont have another so enjoy the hell out of it
Ben_Grimm  +   1263d ago
I find it hilarious that Nintendo only releases one Mario Kart per system.

Why is that? If any game deserves multiple sequels its Mario Kart.
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3-4-5  +   1263d ago
O own MK 7 and love it.

It's the first I've played since Mario Kart 64, which is the one I've played the most.

I do miss not being able to play on Block fort though...

The thing is though, that Nintendo never drops the prices on their really good games.

So you have MK DS & NSMB DS that released 5,6,7 years ago, still selling at $30.00.

That is why there are still copies available. If this game was $10.00 it would be hard to justify not owning it.
h311rais3r  +   1263d ago
N64 Mario games were amazing.


All amazing titles
mamotte  +   1263d ago
you forgot smash. Dont know if it exactly count as a "mario" game, but still.

And yes, the first Mario Party was awesome. I still can remember the pain in the palm of my hand with the "rotate the stick" minigames. Like Tug'o war. SPECIALLY Tug'o war.
ronin4life  +   1263d ago
Personally I think I'd say mkds.
Mario kart 7 is pretty good, but comparatively lacking in content.
However, 7 has better single card multiplayer... hmmmm.....
Samus HD  +   1263d ago
Mario Kart 7 for me.. I only would argue for MKDS for the single player content, But mario kart is about Multiplayer - online or offline ( though Offline is better )

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