Jay-Z is a “visionary” and has had “direct impact” on NBA 2K13, says 2K

IncGamers: In case you missed it, Jay-Z (yes, the Jay-Z, the guy hanging off Beyonce’s arm) is executive producer on 2K Sports’ upcoming NBA 2K13.

We recently spoke with 2K Sports’ Chris Snyder about the rapper/entrepreneur/fashionist a’s involvement and how he will shape the game. Snyder was cagey about giving away too much info, keen to keep certain bits of info underwraps until September when a bunch of new info is promised, but he wasn’t short on praise for man that once featured in the hysterically immature feud between himself and fellow rapper Nas.

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NYC_Gamer2097d ago

NBA 2K the best basketball franchise teaming up with Jay Z one of the biggest hip hop artist

Red_Orange_Juice2096d ago

I've hard JZ sued his cheff for 2 MILLIONS for serving something he doesnt like...

rich people, smh

BuffMordecai2096d ago

I hope he got his ass laughed out of court.

iamnsuperman2097d ago

To me this just stinks of PR bull. I may be wrong and he might have some great ideas but I am not so sure

TheMasterShake2097d ago

visionary huh? too bad jay z put out a wack ass album like the blueprint 3. wish he was a visionary then

Tonester9252096d ago

yea 3 years ago.

Did you listen to watch the throne or his older music?

r212096d ago

Totally read this in Archer's voice. Nice avatar man.

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The story is too old to be commented.