Why DisplayPort matters

HDMI , DVI, VGA, component, composite and S-Video - there's already a long list of display interface options. So, what's the point of the DisplayPort connector, yet another all-new interface that's beginning to appear on PCs, peripherals and components?

Whatever your needs, digital or analogue, open or encrypted, you might think there's an interface that already has you (and your PC) covered. What about HDMI? Isn't that the all-round digital connector of choice?

But 2008 is the year that DisplayPort is expected to come of age. The monstrous maker of PC kit that is Dell Computer is fully committed to the new interface and is already shipping compliant products.

But if there's little doubt DisplayPort is coming, the advantage it offers - particularly over HDMI - is less obvious. therefore brings you our take on what DisplayPort will do for you and your monitor.

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