One Hit Pixel: Retrospective Admiration - Final Fantasy IX

One Hit Pixel's Phillip Costigan takes a look back at one of the PlayStation's greatest RPGs; Final Fantasy IX.

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B-Real2061933d ago

one of my all time favorite games!!

SynGamer1933d ago

Easily my favorite FF game and I didn't even delve into the card game when I played it all those years ago. Will definitely have to pick this up for my Vita now.

xflo3601932d ago

Started playing it last night on vita and have got say its fantastic. I played ff7 and ff8 when i was younger on ps1 but not ff9 so this is like goin back in time for me. magic!

izumo_lee1933d ago

After the steampunk futuristic settings of FF 7&8 it was a nice change to see the game go back to its roots. This game is still considered one of Sakaguchi's fave in the series & it shows in the development of this game.

Game was fun, moving, exciting, gripping, funny, heartful, chaotic, grim, & whatever adjective one can come up with to describe the epic scale of the story. The characters were not as memorable other than Vivi but they still had charm & likable.

A great game, underrated but worthy of the Final Fantasy name & a fitting end to the Final Fantasy saga on PSone.

erikthegman1933d ago

definitely the best ff ever made. the characters and gameplay made it a masterpiece

Relientk771933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Final Fantasy IX is completely amazing a true classic in my opinion. Loved every second of it, it completely just blew me away. Even today this is still my favorite Final Fantasy game

Styxoric1933d ago

One of the best games ever made indeed.