SNK PLAYMORE Announces End of Summer Sale on NEOGEO Station Titles for PSN and PSP

SNK PLAYMORE Announces Massive Sale on NEOGEO Station Titles Celebrate Summer With 50% off Select PSN and PSP Titles

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Silver-Hawk1603d ago

Put jackal, pow, guerrilla war, and super contra on psn please. Past it on to konami and who ever else owns the rights to those awesome games

ftwrthtx1603d ago

A couple of those are already on the US PSN.

nihonlight1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Still no Samurai Spirits 2 or Garou on psn
Kiss my butt SNK... I love your games
but the neglect..oh the neglect...

Knushwood Butt1603d ago

Yeah, they haven't added any new NEO GEO Station games for a while.

Then again, SNKP haven't done a whole lot of anything for a while...