Codemasters: We’ve got enough ideas for the next 20 Formula 1 games

IncGamers: The biggest complaint with annual releases is that each iteration fails to provide enough changes/new features to make it worth while. Some players even suggest that the developers in question fail to come up with new ideas and that certain franchises (Madden, I’m looking at you) should take a break until they come up with a way to rejuvenate themselves.

According to Codemasters, however, that’s not the case with their F1 series. Speaking to F1 2012 game director Paul Jeal, he claims that the team have enough ideas for the next 20 games in the series.

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1234567772065d ago

But all Formula 1 games are the same.....

waltyftm2065d ago

Agreed, so why not just put those ideas into one game, and stop being a shitty games company, Thq used to be cool.

Az1mov2065d ago

that made me laugh :)
however codemasters are self published, what's the relation w/ THQ

LegendarySins2065d ago

Removing cockpit view cos only 5% of players used it.

LegendarySins2065d ago

Well this is what they said they are doing for GRID 2. It wouldn't surprise me.

Primal Rex2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Cars go fast go zoom isnt that the basic idea of f1 how many ideas do you need

glennco2065d ago

so they are basically staggering features to get you to cough up the cash on a yearly basis. i think i just got over this series. good riddance.

MysticStrummer2065d ago

This statement will be a contender for BS of the Year when all is said and done. They apparently have enough ideas for the rest of this gen and maybe two to three gens beyond. Incredible... meaning... not credible.

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