The Rise and Fall of the Nintendo Empire

Jeremy Pool writes - "I’ll admit it, the title is slightly over-dramatic, and the ‘Big N’ hasn’t really fallen. Yet, with the recent announcement that the long-running Nintendo Power magazine is closing its doors, and as a loyal consumer and fan-boy of Nintendo’s for over two decades, I cannot ignore the perceived decline of a gaming juggernaut."

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Silver-Hawk1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Microsoft and Sony has the core gamers in their corner. The Wii u is a confused console that has the fanboys only in their corner. Nintendo is losing fanboys from their corner daily and when the next gen systems are released Nintendo will be losing them at a faster rate. Nintendo was trying to fool people into thinking they will cater more to the core gamers but all their previews of the Wii u shows that they are not. Most Nintendo fanboys will start waking up to see Nintendos ploy when they see the Xbox720 and ps4 especially when they realize that Nintendo is trying to fool them with another Wii

victoryscreeeeeech1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

And this is all factual, right? None of this is opinion in any way.

tehpees31372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Your having a laugh right? I can't believe people are STILL ignoring Microsoft's new direction with Kinect like they are dedicated to core gamers.

Seriously, if Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Darksiders II, HD CoD, EA sports and Batman aren't enough to persuade you that Nintendo is trying then what is?

I bet even if Nintendo had GTA V you'd all still carry on this nonsense. I wouldn't care but pretending like 720 is going to be the console the hardcore has been waiting for when they are taking EXACTLY THE SAME DIRECTION as Nintendo just shows an incredible amount of bias and its time people stopped ignoring it.

To act like Wii U is being treated the same as Wii when we haven't seen the full lineup is foolish. And besides that, the launch games in there are actually much better than those 360 and PS3 had. All three have shoddy versions of sports games but Wii U has some of the most critically acclaimed franchises of this generation right from day 1.

I can't wait to see all your disappointment E3 next year when you all see Microsoft forcing Kinect 2.0 complete with smart glass down your throats. The way I see it Nintendo baited Microsoft into the casual market and they fell for it.

morganfell1372d ago

The titles you named that says they are trying are 3rd part titles. Everything you named is multiplatform. That isn't Nintendo trying, that is those respective companies believing they can sell games who are trying.

When you see Nintendo with Nintendo developers dedicating large budgets to core games then you will see it is Nintendo trying.

AWBrawler1371d ago

What the hell is up with this double standard? MS or Sony get 3rd party hardcore games and it's all good, but if Nintendo gets a 3rd party hardcore game, it doesn't count because Nintendo didn't make it??

Heck Nintendo themselves admit they aren't as good at making M rated games as others, so why hold that against them, especially of awesome hardcore games like No more Heroes, Monster Hunter, DragonQuest, and MadWorld are on their console?

Zhipp1371d ago

Nintendo's biggest/highest budget games have always been core titles...

Also, those thrid party titles show that Nintendo is at least trying to garner some third party support.

Freakazoid20121371d ago

That is just pathetic. All you do is troll anything not Sony but you get bubbled up while people that are positive about all companies are bubbled down for saying anything positive about MS or Nintendo on this site.

Gr811371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Are just as biased and ridiculous as that dude that always says "Rated E for Everyone." But not as charming.

And what exactly was wrong with the Wii? The Wii was awesome. That system alone made Nintendo more dough than either HD console combined. They were rolling in billions in profits. The 'core' gamer isn't the only gamer out there. M$ knows this which is why they have changed their direction, and Sony's clueless ass is still chasing a gaming minority..such as yourself, that will spell the doom of Playstation. You guys are like Sega Saturn supporters.

What do you think of the Wii U gamepad? now answer what you think of that Vita/PS3 combo that tries to emulate a Wii U gamepad? What do you think of mario Kart? and now what do you think of LBP Kart? lol. Or Smash Bros and PS All Stars. I already know what you think lol!

You are straight ridiculous. But I give you an E for effort. How much is Sony paying you?

"Rated E for Everyone"

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nintendojunkie281372d ago

You should replace Nintendo with Sony,in that headline.It makes more sense in that context.

Treian1372d ago

says someone with the name "nintendojunkie28" LOL

nintendojunkie281372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Names aside,you know I'm right,whether you admit it or not.If anyone has fallen flat on their face in recent years,it would be Sony.

yourmom29211372d ago

Well, nintendojunkie28 is objectively correct. Statistically, Sony would be a more plausible replacement. Given their past and on-going losses, it is quite the problem for them. Despite that, I don't think they will be in trouble as long as they play their cards right and make careful business decisions. That is also why I really think the power of the PS4 will not be such a massive leap as everyone thinks it will be... they simply cannot afford to do something like that--unless they sell it for a ridiculous price that may turn off some consumers.

Treian1372d ago

Sony has not fell. The pump out a great amount of quality exclusives, and have a good online service.

yourmom29211372d ago

"Sony has not fell. The pump out a great amount of quality exclusives, and have a good online service."

Unfortunately, in the world of business, despite excellent services that a company may provide, if the company is taking large losses and making poor business decisions, it is possible for that company to go bankrupt.

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ALLWRONG1371d ago

Nintendo is making money, Sony is losing money. Sony is last in "all" it's gaming markets, Nintendo is first.

nintendojunkie281371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

That pretty much sums it up right there.

On a side at my disagrees,I thought this was a "Nintendo" article.Did I hit a nerve Sony fans?

Oh....and why are you here again?..Hmmm

Xperia_ion1372d ago

Another flambait article and more childish behavior go figure.

kesvalk1372d ago

welcome to the gaming community!

but really, none of the big 3 are falling... it's just the fanboys feverish misconceptions of the industry...

if the fanboys were right, nintendo would be making a Super Mario for Xbox360 and a Metroid for the PS3...

DivineAssault 1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

if 3rd party doesnt make money off their software on nintendo platforms, they wont make games for it anymore.. Without 3rd party, ps3/360 players wont jump ship.. without ps3/360 players OR casuals to buy wii u, only fans will.. They can become a software only company if they dont want take heavy losses from investors & tech research..

Sony has taken heavy losses from multiple divisions but PS isnt one of em.. PS makes sony money so if anything goes from sony, itl be tv, cameras, & PCs...

AO1JMM1372d ago

They are not falling any more than MS or Sony are falling. What a lame article.

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