'Turok is brutally and bloodily entertaining' - GameSpy's review

Turok pissed GameSpy off a lot, but ultimately it's a decent shooter with a few elements that are completely awesome and a rampaging difficulty curve. The "stealth" kill animations that play when using the combat knife at close range are excellently satisfying the first ten times you see them, but lose a bit of their luster after you get assaulted by four raptors and get the same forehead-skewering animation four times in a row. Still, when taken in small doses, Turok is brutally and bloodily entertaining. In a way it's almost a casual game, easy to pick up but even easier to put down (and also easy to pick up again once your furious ire has subsided).

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picker3323732d ago

Maby brutal & bloody,but entertaining,
I don't think so!!!!

Snukadaman3732d ago

This game is terrible right down too the graphics and the gameplay mechanics....I shot a man next too a wall and for some reason the blood splatter glistened onto the have been warned.

chrno63732d ago

The demo really sucks, esp when the enemy moves in a wierd way that pisses me off.

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The story is too old to be commented.