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Submitted by skowhegan 1264d ago | news

Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC allows you to build a house, adopt a child

Eurogamer: "Hearthfire, the next slice of Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim DLC, will arrive for Xbox 360 on 4th September, Bethesda has announced." (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

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shodan74  +   1264d ago
While this all looks quite fun, what I'd really like from Skyrim DLC is a separate adventure with self-contained map/landscape to explore, along the lines of Point Lookout in Fallout 3.
ardivt  +   1264d ago
I just hope you can build your house everywhere and not just in some certain places.
secretcode  +   1264d ago
I doubt it. From the way the video makes it sound, is that there are predetermined "free lots" available.
matgrowcott  +   1264d ago
I get the feeling you'll be disappointed. They'll give you a choice of land to buy, but that's about as much choice as you'll have.

Still, for 400 points, I don't suppose there's much to complain about.
thorstein  +   1263d ago
Does this mean I have to start over because my "wife" died. Or can you just adopt any kid.
Grap  +   1263d ago
i can do this in pc about 8 months ago.
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da_2pacalypse  +   1263d ago
I have both the 360 and steam version, so I wont be buying this since I can already do this using the creation kit on steam.
MagicAccent  +   1263d ago
I doubt it, that would mean a little effort from bethesdas part.

"Download Hearthfire on Xbox live"

Or alternatively, download the mod from skyrim nexus that does the exact same thing.
Blacklash93  +   1264d ago
I'm sure they're working on something along Dawnguard or that as well. This comes across as more of a side-project as I see it.

I would not mind pre-determined lots. It would be very difficult to program the ability to create homes anywhere and if there are enough lots it won't be at all bad. Though I expect someone to try modding a build-anywhere feature in.
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Muffins1223  +   1263d ago
wtf is this,fable?
user5467007  +   1264d ago
I'm loving the sound of this but it's not really up to Shivering Isles expectations is it...

I wouldn't complain really if these smaller DLCs were out quicker but to wait nearly a full year so you can adopt a child and build a house...well I don't know but it sounds kind of lame. With Shivering Isles we waited a year to explore a brand new region full with a massive plotline and tons of side they added the houses DLC and the Orrey/Spell tombs in the massive gap.
SilentNegotiator  +   1263d ago
S.I. was the only reason I played Oblivion longer than 20 hours. Such a repetitive game. S.I. made things unique and funny and neatly straight-forward.
Merrill  +   1263d ago
I can't believe 360 owners are getting another DLC pack before PS3 owners even receive the first one.

Doesn't anyone else(360 or PS3 owner)find this type of practice disgusting and utterly disrespectful?

Bethesda has lost all respect from me.

I will continue to buy their games used.
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dubt72  +   1263d ago
I love Xbox.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1263d ago
its coming soon, i dont see why not, just play something else until it does ;)
CmonBeReal   1263d ago | Spam
TheTwelve  +   1263d ago
PS3 owners NEED to be smart and not support Bethesda in this. Bethesda is making too much of a profit in their dealings with Microsoft while screwing over PS3 owners. If PS3 owners jump on this DLC whenever it comes, like flies on crap, then Bethesda will keep doing this.

Ben_Grimm  +   1263d ago
Hasn't this already been explained why for years now.

Is it really necessary for you to stir the fanboy war over something that everyone on here knows about?

360 has done this for a reason, to give the 360 owners first dibs on timed DLC. It's called BUSINESS, I'm sure if PS3 did this (which they do) you would not be complaining.
cleft5  +   1263d ago
I rented Skyrim for my ps3 and played it for 80 hours, that was more than enough to confirm for me that once again Bethesda was fucking over PS3 gamers. I brought Skyrim for my 360, if I had a better PC I would have got it for that.

Bethesda has a long history of fucking over PS3 customers, they did it with Oblivion, both Fallouts, and now Skyrim. I feel bad for anyone that only has a ps3, but if you want a quality Bethesda game get it for PC or settle for 360.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1263d ago
That's funny, I played Oblivion on both consoles and I know for a fact that it ran better on the ps3. The 360 problems with loading times, as to where the ps3 version didn't nearly have as much. Go to any major gaming sites review on the game, it's one of the major differences between either version. Good one though troll.

Oh, and if I was gonna settle for anything, it would be a machine that did more than play third party titles. In the meantime while you guys argue more about this, I'll just be waiting for the goty version when it sells for 15 bucks.
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ROCKnROLLA69  +   1263d ago
its coz ps3 sucks. no studio cares about it. its all xbox exclusivity.
RufustheKing  +   1263d ago
actually i find this brillant. Xbox had a two dlc contract that allowed them to have them at least a month early than the ps3 (or two months for us PS3 guys) now they have ended that agreement with a small sh**ty dlc so when the third DLC comes out(hopfully it is bigger than Dawnguard) us ps3 guys wont have to wait as long(yes i know that bethesada will f**k it up but you get where i am coming from)

it's a win, win.
ALLWRONG  +   1263d ago
"Microsoft desperately spends money on exclusive DLC because they dont pump out exclusive after exclusive game like PS3."

Actually the 360 has more exclusives, more retail, indie, arcade, and lol DLC.

As for the DLC, Sony does the same thing so stop pretending like it's only MS.

In fact Sony has been spending money on timed exclusives before there was even an Xbox.

all facts
TruthbeTold  +   1263d ago
I own both consoles. I'm loving Dawnguard on 360, feel bad for my friends who only own PS3 and have to wait, and am a bit jealous of my friends with Monster PC's who have access to all sorts of mods and extra content. You just have to make the most of what you have. Plenty of other games for PS3 owners to play until Bethesda gets it right. *shrug*
BrianC6234  +   1263d ago
Microsoft must be making monthly payments to keep delaying the PS3 DLC. There's no good excuse for this crap. I don't believe their excuse that it doesn't run well enough on the PS3. They've had plenty of time to figure out the PS3.
mcnablejr  +   1263d ago
JESUS CHRIST you ps3 guys really are wound up about this aren't you?
chill out and go play god of war or something.
StraightPath  +   1263d ago
PS3 Skyrim is a failure and rotting.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1263d ago
like your comment ;)
torchic  +   1263d ago
how does a game rot? lmfao
KRUSSIDULL  +   1263d ago
They should have added Hardcore mode and get rid of the exploits in the game then this house would be usefull to use for cooking and other stuff...
Emilio_Estevez  +   1264d ago
I want it, but that adopt a child seems like a strange addition.
Blacklash93  +   1264d ago
The adopt children thing was part of their GameJam feature, which was stuff they wanted to add to the game. This isn't surprising is my point.

It's a way to make homes more interesting, I guess. I'm not going to complain about new features, especially if optional.
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user5467007  +   1264d ago
Wouldn't it be better to just let you screw your wife...unless a real dragonborn child would screw up the plot in future ES games.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1264d ago
That's what I was thinking. Time might be an issue there though, it would forever be a baby (after the long wait of pregnancy) or it would be like a time warping kid. I think this was their solution to that problem.

That aside, couldn't the dragonborn child also help future plots?
user5467007  +   1263d ago
I think they like to leave things from past characters alone while they move onto a new "special" character in the next game. I mean it probably wouldn't be as fun to be another dragonborn in the next game. Look at the champion of cyrodil in Oblivion we've hardly heard anything about him despite him saving the world 200 years ago.

Still with time being quicker in this hour being a minute or so in real life, the child would grow up pretty quickly then once it reaches a fully developed child they would just stop the aging process so it dosen't become as old as you.

It would of been nice to teach your child all the shouts you've learnt.
-Gespenst-  +   1263d ago
I think the implication might be that the Dragonborn can't reproduce with normal mortals. Either by divine decree, or due to his / her Dragon jizz / ovum, or a combination of both.

Plus, what chance would any future evil force have against multiple Dragonborns?
greatcrusader44  +   1263d ago

You actually run into the champion of Cyrodil in skyrim. He's the new sheogorath. Fun Fact:Sheogorath says in oblivion he may steal your eyes when this is all over, and Champion of Cyrodil/Sheogorath jn skyrim has white eyes, signifying he's blind.
Jockamo  +   1263d ago
"i wish there was a shout for impotence..."
Blacklash93  +   1264d ago
The Elder Scrolls: Harvest Moon Edition!

Joking aside this does look like a step up from the stuff on the Nexus in that you can custom build a house and it adds new features. Not that cheap player home DLC in Oblivion that could easily have been a mod. Come to think of it the new programming in this should be able to open up a lot of new possibilities for modding.

Though giants wandering in? I've never developed a character to the point I could feasably kill them myself so that could be a problem. Hopefully they'll be weaker for this.

Undecided right now. I like the concept and 5 dollars isn't much, but on the other hand this could be host to whole new batch of serious bugs and the house design could be underwhelming. I'll wait to see if that stuff works out.
nikrel  +   1264d ago
Another DLC PS3 won't see or will be broken, o well.
bubblebeam  +   1263d ago
It's not worth it anyway, unless yo can kill the kid or have kids with it............ jokes, no pedo.
HammadTheBeast  +   1263d ago
WeskerChildReborned  +   1263d ago
Is their even any word on Dawnguard for ps3?
ApolloTheBoss  +   1264d ago
Don't want to sound like an asswipe but what happened to the comment Mr. Howard claimed: "We want to make less DLC but bigger ones." What the hell happened? Oh yeah, Microsoft happened.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1263d ago
MS had nothing to do with Bethesda'a DLC development? It sounds like Howard got caught up in coming out with big, but not huge addons so far. Hopefully Howard will come out with The "Big" one soon. But MS didn't have anything to do with the scope or size of there addons.
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   1263d ago
Don't be ignorant.

MS has nothing to do with what Bethesda creates for dlc. If they did MS would simply just make it exclusive.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1263d ago
Sure, they had nothing to do with it, but doesn't necessarily mean that they didn't politely ask Bethesda to speed up development time so they could make a specific deadline. They already bribed Bethesda with a ton of cash and persuaded them to bring the first two pieces of content to the 360 first. So they basically have every right (well not really) to ask them to make the DLC as quickly as possible. But this one is the last one Microsoft can get a hold of first, so that probably explains why they're releasing such a small piece of content. To hurry and get out of this deal so they can get to making the real big stuff. Just a theory though.
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mcnablejr  +   1263d ago
wow, sky high expectations, lots of work goes into this stuff you know.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1263d ago
I rather adopt everything!!.
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Mocat  +   1263d ago
dont feel like reading, Any dates yet?
Trenta27  +   1263d ago
Something that easily could have been in the release? *sigh* Oh, Microsoft...
omi25p  +   1263d ago
how could something that was made be in the original game.

Related image(s)
omi25p  +   1263d ago
double post
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lategamer  +   1263d ago
What? Honestly people bitch about anything these days.
Trenta27  +   1263d ago
$5 for a house addon. Really?
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1263d ago
Yay!! Second batch of Skyrim dlc!!! Quick question though Bethesda,

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KMCROC54  +   1263d ago
No other platforms were announced , so no one can get mad seeing how nothing has been said or mention, hinted.
Not even mention as an Exclusive for 360 , plain english it stated being released on 360.

Let the crying & the misinterpertion of the article begin.
claud3  +   1263d ago
Skyrim sims
Son_Lee  +   1263d ago
This is all well and good, but Bethesda said Skyrim DLC will be, "Few but expansive." So far, it seems like neither are coming true.
Rupee  +   1263d ago
I don't know... Dawnguard added quite a bit. There were two sizable new areas to explore (forgotten vale and that place with the souls),a couple new castles, new shouts, new vampire lord form, new skill trees, new enemy types and some new quests. Not bad for their first DLC release. (IMO)

Some people may not enjoy the vampire setting but I thought it was pretty fun. Hearthfire kinda seems like one of those ideas they came up with after the original release and now they're trying to implement it in-game. (and make a few bucks in the process)
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jagstatboy  +   1263d ago
wow...another DLC for Xbox before PS3 even gets the first. Just wow.
shammgod  +   1263d ago
Bethesda sucks
SuicidalTendencies  +   1263d ago
Couldn't they give us a castle like in Oblivion? That was a cool addon plus it was released free at first.
turgore  +   1263d ago
This seems very meh to be honest. Why cán't they do a proper expansion like the Shivering Isles ?
SpecialK  +   1263d ago
It'll come in time

Same thing happened with oblivion, a few fairly meaningless add ons with some notable exceptions like the knights DLC.

Then later on the shivering Isles pack.
3-4-5  +   1263d ago
If you can build multiple houses freely, as in design them to my liking without a ton of presets so I can actually customize it, then this DLC is awesome and might make me want to play the game eventually.
Rupee  +   1263d ago
Cool. This obviously isn't what they were talking about with the larger adventure add-ons, but it's a nice little addition for us console users who are modless. The price seems reasonable as well so kudos to Bethesda.
Organization XII  +   1263d ago
Lol. And still no Dawnguard for PS3.
ChunkyLover53  +   1263d ago
Sounds pretty good, would have been better if the game launched with this though.

Honestly, this add-on reminds me of Fable 2 and 3 with the whole adoption, house remodel idea. Either way, I'm in, cant really go wrong for 400 MS Points.
BlueEye  +   1263d ago
Adopt a child? I will call him... Mini-Me.
FoxHound_  +   1263d ago
Bethesda reveals the 2nd dlc but hasn't even come out with Dawnguard for ps3. Nice slap in the face for a ps3 owner like myself. Thank you Bethesda for making me realize that you clearly just gave up on ps3. In return, ill give up on you.
C_Dub  +   1263d ago
Brilliant time waster. I certainly have some ideas as to what my house will be. Probably going to build somewhere in or around Falkreath.
xwilldemise  +   1263d ago
I regret trading in this game long ago :( Now I'm left anxiously waiting for Bethesda to announce a GOTY edition will all the DLC to re-buy it..anyone now how many DLC packages Bethesda is gonna dish out before packaging it all into a GOTY edition?
-Gespenst-  +   1263d ago
Still waiting for an actual expansion. All this DLC so far just seems like Knights of the Nine / Wizard's Tower stuff but slightly bigger.

Quest lines and extra stuff like this should have been in the game in the first place and they should save full on expansions like The Shivering Isles for actual DLC.
darren_poolies  +   1263d ago
Meanwhile PS3 owners still wait for Dawnguard. *sigh* I don't actually care that much for Skyrim but this is beyond a joke. After Dishonored I am never buying a Bethesda game again.
spartanlemur  +   1263d ago
ADOPT? ADOPT!? Who on Nirn wants to adopt a child? How are they going to start a dynasty to last through the ages? Yes, I have been playing excessive amounts of Crusader Kings 2 lately, but for Pete's sake, can't they just let us have our OWN baby? But seriously, this being an expansion, i;d expect more, such as designing a dynastic shield and pregnancy/babies.
I'm going back to CK2 and having 10...and I won't be buying this dlc..............until it's on sale..
#27 (Edited 1263d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
pandehz  +   1263d ago
Build a house in Skyrim, ohhh yeahhh take my monehzz, NOT
nerdkiller  +   1263d ago
i hate kids but since i own this on ps3 i wont have to worry about getting kids
RedSoakedSponge  +   1263d ago
its a great idea and everything, but it doesnt add up to a lot of play time :/

i was hoping for an epic adventure, not decorating some house.
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