Four Reason Half-Life 3 Won't Live Up To Expectations

The myth of Half-Life 3 has become such a huge internet legend that fans would do anything to get their hands on the game. This editorial explains why the game might not be everything we are hoping for.

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Rediculamal2215d ago

No, I won't even entertain the idea of Half Life 3 being another Duke Nukem. I just won't! The world is made of sunshine and rainbows and you shall never break my enthus - screw it, who am I trying to kid... >.<

victoryscreeeeeech2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Sunshine and rainbows? What are u seeing with, pyrovision?
I'm joking of course.

I think the only thing that can make half life 3 a dissapointment is that there is SO MUCH hype to it, it might be a great game, but we were expecting perfection. We might overhype it even if the game is amazing.

rodiabloalmeida2215d ago

It will surpass expectations. Believe. It's not vaporware. It's a Valve game. It's Half-Life. And I made a bet with Gabe about who could eat more cookies. He won. He promissed Half-Life 3.

iamnsuperman2215d ago

I think the big point is the last one. It has been awhile since the last game and valve hasn't exactly done a similar game since. A lot has changed and progressed since HL2.

sonicsidewinder2215d ago

"Why did the Combine become the enemies in Half-Life 2 while the Vortigaunts, the enemies from the first game, became allies? What is so special about this"

This is explained in game but you have to listen. A lot.

The gist of the Half Life plot i got was like so:

//spoilerz for anyone whom ain played the game - i feel bad for you if you havn't//

Gordon opens the way to Xen.

The Aliens of Xen, are already on the back foot, in a war that isn't apparent at the time of Half Life. They invade Earth to escape subjugation of The Combine. (for the most part it is just Xen based wildlife causing havok on earth)

Gordon defeats the Nihilanth, the leader of the Xen based races, essentially saving Earth from the resonance cascade. This also 'frees' the Vortigaunts from Nihilanth controll. They come to our side, and we gain wisdom on the border world and another entity... The Universal Union, or Combine.

The enemy which the Xen races hoped to escape from, show up hot on the doorstep, attracted by all the portal storms raging on earth, linking each of our dimensions.
They in turn invade Earth. They win the war in 7 hours, in which ultimately Dr. Breen, administrator of Black Messa, negotiates a surrender.

And then we have G-Man. There are many theories. Good theories at that. Though I simply assume him to be an agent for an even larger intergalactic agenda. If not the Combine, then something else entirely.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2215d ago

I think I can trust the people who made one of the best games of 2011 plus it's a puzzle game.

indiejones2215d ago

Did you actually read the article?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Yes I did. Valve knows more about the market than the writer I am sure. They will deliver and we won't see HL3 until it has reached Valves quality

In fact they are in the middle of releasing a hardcore tactical shooter in to today's market. So I am sure they know how to do things hence there success.

They are baking it!

Entropic2215d ago


Let's consider the fact that Valve *frequently* takes the ideas of other people and brands them as their own. They did it with Counter-strike, they did it with Portal, and they'll likely do it again in the future. I will say that Half-life is a revolutionary franchise; it's incredible, no doubt.

But Valve as a developer has all but abandoned their fans with the near complete blackout of Half-life 3 information. And as someone in the industry, I can tell you that it has much less to do with them "baking" the game, and much more with them focusing their efforts on becoming a game "retailer" with Steam. They've put so much into making Steam a premiere destination for purchasing PC games, and they've succeeded in that. But as a result, they've alienated their original fans by not putting appropriate resources and attention on Half-life 3.

So say what you will about trusting them, the fact is, they're focused on making money (and they should as a business), but they're also doing their fans a terrible disservice by "baking" HL3.

aliengmr2214d ago

More like Valve hired the folks with the ideas.

I really don't know why there is a blackout on HL3 but I am sure there is a reason beyond just Steam and other titles.

My theory; Valve was burned once with the source leak. As they started work on Episode 3 something changed. Probably decided against the episodic releases and decided to go with a full sequel. But the FPS market exploded after HL2 with the release of 360/PS3, so they might have had to rethink their plans for HL3. Which is what they could have been doing for at least the last 4 years (maybe more). Timing wise, 5 year dev cycle isn't unheard of.

As for the blackout, well its been said they were deeply effected by the source leak and IMO that is the reason for the blackout. And considering the FPS market and how much its changed, they were very afraid of history repeating itself.

It sucks not knowing, I know, but they didn't abandon their fans, they just haven't said anything about HL3 yet. Not making HL3 would be abandoning the fanbase.

As for this abomination of an article:

1. Huh?
2. play it again.
3. What the...
4. No, just no.

The level of stupidity in this article is mind boggling. Or to put it another way:

"What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

Had to:P

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