Tomb Raider wants to make you cry and give you goose-bumps

IncGamers: The subject of ‘mature’ content has been a touchy subject as far as Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. Some elements of the media have taken the whole ‘attempted rape’ episode and turned it into a hit-building circus, showing little respect for the context of the moment and seemingly not caring.

I recently sat down with Karl Stewart, global brand director on Tomb Raider, and discussed what kind of maturity the game is really aiming for.

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Paragon2062d ago

"Without going into the ‘M’ rated space for the sake of it and dropping the ‘F-bomb’ countless times..."

Yes, please. I hate it when developers have this thinking where, "Well if we put enough language, it makes us hardcore mature!!"

iamironman2062d ago

couldn't agree more. sleeping dogs does the 'f-bomb' thing all the time.

it just starts to sound dumb after a while

OmniSlashPT2062d ago

That's because they're the triads, they're supposed to talk like pigs and treat each other like shit. But it does sounds strange since they should drop the chinese f-bomb more often, since they are chinese.

Rampaged Death2062d ago

The trailers have put lumps in my throat.

ame222062d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

Ares84HU2062d ago

I just want it to be like the old TR games were.

Breadcrab2062d ago

...and it already looks like it's trying way too hard to do that.

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