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lukeraf212063d ago

OMG cant wait hopefully the prestige isnt alot!

i_da_pappy2063d ago

most likely $150 as usual. dont be surprised if its higher

perdie2063d ago

Amazon is listing it as $180 WOW

SolidStoner2062d ago

that is just stupid for a game that comes out every year! And all stuff you buy goes away when you buy next edition! Insane! I realized that when I buyed every map pack for MW2 and then after a while BO hits, and after a while MW3, and now BO2, I cant keep up with them.. and they all are the same! I played all of them!

sandman2242063d ago

It says that the prestige edition comes with an exclusive ps3 multiplayer, & zombie theme. Does anyone know what they mean by that and is it for 360 as well. I'm referring to the exclusive ps3 multiplayer, I know what a zombie theme is.

Swiggins2063d ago

It means it comes with an exclusive theme based around the Multiplayer.

Eiffel2063d ago

"MO-27 Dragonfire Drone w/ Remote Controller"

And it only requires 18 double AA batteries for less than an hour of use.

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