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How Many Times Should We Buy Consoles

Gazing upon my console collection this morning, it struck me that I have purchased each of the consoles that I own (and several of the games) multiple times. Some of the purchases have been through necessity, others have been through desire to own more than one for LAN gaming. Unfortunately, I have also found myself forced to sell some of the consoles as I struggled for cash, only to purchase them again, or receive them as gifts. (Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

GribbleGrunger  +   886d ago
Depends on which console you're talking about
WilliamH  +   886d ago
I have owned a PS3 twice, a 360 4 times and a Wii 3 times. I would get fed up of them and then a game I wanted would come out on one of them and I would re-buy it. Yes, that's retarded.
timbow1982  +   886d ago
I'm on my third wii, first PS3, I had 2 PS2's, 2 DS's, 3 Gamecubes and 2 NES's.

Not bad really. Most of the rebuyers were second hand, wouldnt pay full whack for an old console. Half the reason I wont invest in a Xbox 360.
pandaboy  +   886d ago
knifefight  +   884d ago
Blankman85  +   885d ago
Went thru 4 "NES" and "SNES" systems, stupid cheap knock offs!
My PS2 quit reading game discs, then soon after that all discs all together so I saved up for a 360.
My 360 quarter red-ringed on me, error E74! Microsoft sent me a new console to my door 3 days later, no charge.
Been smooth sailing since then. . .till my 360 started having the open disc tray problem which lasted for about a year and it miraculously fixed itself, true story. I thank God for that one till this day.
PS3 yellow lighted on me. SONY charged me R800! Jerks!
Blue screened on me twice now. Scared the heck out of me.
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gaffyh  +   885d ago
Having multiples of the same system is not stupid, as sometimes there is a need for it. But if you have one of a system, and sell it because "you got bored of it" and then bought it again at a later date, that is incredibly stupid from a consumer standpoint.
ChunkyLover53  +   885d ago
I have never bought more than one of each console at the same time until the Xbox 360 Gears Of War 3 console released last year. I'm a huge Gears fan and I had to have it. So I bought it and that ones stays in my room, while the other Xbox 360 is in the living room.
josephayal  +   885d ago
6 XBOX 360 (5 old models rrod omg why?)happy with my slim
1 PS3
1 3DS
Dlacy13g  +   885d ago
despite failures... i personally dont see a need for more than one of each. so 1 PS3, 1 360, 1 wii.... special editions are nice but i would replace not just buy another of a console i own.
bahabeast  +   885d ago
5 - ps2, 6 - ps3, 2 - xbox360, 1 - wii, 3 - xbox, 2 - game cube, Out of all those consoles only my first ps3 died, and one of the fat ps2 disk read problems. All others i sold for cash before anything happened to it. In this generation i try not to keep a system more than 2 years in afraid of it dying on me. I only have my 250gig ps3 now had since june 2011 if sony releases a new slim im getting it and selling my current one, that should be good till next gen and beyond. I also wana get myself a slim 360 with kinect that too i will keep, and maybe if i cud find a 50 dollar wii just to play so,me of the high rated games i missed out.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   885d ago
i SHOULD only need to buy a console once and have that last Last 8-10years. My Gamecube 01 stil works so does my PS2 I got in 03. PS3 got a few months ago should last aslong as my PS2. HOWEVER my Launch 360 finally called it quits in 08 and RROD luckily warranity. BUt Now recently in 2012 my 360 had begun to overheat but I was able to fix it.
JKelloggs  +   885d ago
I've had a PS1 twice, PS2 twice, Xbox once, Wii once, Xbox 360 5 times, PS3 4 times.

For me, I'll own a console more than once because of a different edition of it coming out, or to get a different console.
GamerElite  +   885d ago
went through 54 xbox 360s all due to rrod (must be a record). fat old ps3 just recently ylod.
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QuantumWake  +   885d ago
54?! Look I know MS REALLY dropped the ball with RROD, but if your console is dying that many times, something must be wrong on your end. I'm not saying you're lying, I'm just..... Wow. Don't even have any words. lol
vishant101  +   885d ago
54 xbox's would mean one would break down nearly every month im pretty sure they give u a replacement if the time period is that short
dumahim  +   885d ago
Only time I rebuy is out of necessity. Four 360s, and so far everything else has been a single purchase. Although, I had fixed my launch day PS3 last year (a week shy of it's 5 year anniversary), I knew it was a temporary fix. About a month ago it started acting up again two days in a row, but has been fine since. I think when the new PS3 model is released, I might buy one of those to retire the old fatty.
timothylittle  +   885d ago
Yeah my fat PS3 from 2008 just broke, and I'm going to replace it with the slim model.
3-4-5  +   885d ago
Why can't these article writers think for themselves ?

Should we tie our shoes ?

Should I breath air ?

I mean seriously these articles are just getting out of hand.

If you need somebody else to tell you weather or not you should buy something , then you lack self confidence.

You buy something because you like it, not because you made sure it was " ok " with everybody else first.
knifefight  +   884d ago
While I agree, the sad fact is, people keep clicking them. People actually sit there and go (subconsciously) "Hey I wonder what it says," *click*

So there's sadly no end in sight. There are some great, well-written articles out there. They just never get much attention because they are buried under console wars, obvious questions, boobies, flamebait, top 10's, and wild rumors.
3-4-5  +   884d ago
To find the Real Knowledge you need to sort through the BS. It's annoying but at the same time it's really rewarding when you come across an article that is really well written and brings something interesting to the table.
nevin1  +   885d ago
Dont remember NES/SNES

But 2 PS1s

2 N64s(bought one in 2007)

0 Dreamcast

3 PS2s

0 Xbox

0 Gamecube

PSP=lost count

0 360

2 PS3s

Wii= The one i have its not mine eventhough I had it since Spring 2011
whitesoxfalife1976  +   884d ago
ok my list of consoles ive had and have now

atari 2600/7800

nes/gameboy/snes/n64/gamecube /wii(2x)

sega genesis original and later model/32x/saturn/dreamcast(2X)

first xbox was a gift in 03 but had to send back cuz of recall in 05 while waiting bought one

bought my first 360(halo 3 edition) in 07 off the street fa half da price brand new ...yea i waited after seeing all the rrod, then in 09 bought the first arcade adition cuz of my halo 3 edition disk drive error'd up on me but in that same year my crib also was broken into so i replace the 360s with the MW2 bundle and another from pawn shop fa my daughter.

now my sony stories wow i have a few cuz is still to my heart but o'well
bought a ps1 in 97 but kept over heating and one of them tv fell on it yep while i was playing street fighter alpha 3 lol, my ps2 story bought it on day one which infact is the ONLY console i bought on day 1 but i was coming out from the hospital about a few days earlier with stitches still in my stomach and all the gauge pads in me on that beautiful day october 26,2000 next to the last person in line at best buy to get it along with yep MADDEN 01!!!!! but i went thru bout 3. and my ps3 story well i was waiting for the dust to settle up on the 360 side of things i swindle a certain company out of their ps3 in 07 and that time ps3 came with that bullshit as sonic game 4months later i sold it to my brother.

Ive always had at least two of the consoles..... so yea there u have it ...what im rockn now is my 360slim 4gig with the 320hdd...
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