10 Video Games You’ll Never 100%

WC writes: People have been known to dedicate weeks, months, even years in some cases, to chasing that beautiful round figure – that 100%. It’s not only for bragging rights of course, completing a project, regardless of what it is, to know that you achieved something that others haven’t, is one of the greatest ways to experience deep satisfaction.

But sometimes, it’s not exactly as easy as simply making the commitment and seeing it through. More and more, games are being released that are designed to aggressively retain players after they complete the main campaign; to keep them playing well into the months, so that the publisher is able to keep wringing out cash from the title.

Sometimes this works well, but every so often this concept shoots itself in the foot. Sometimes, the 100% is just too ridiculously difficult and as a result, you’ll probably never even bother attempting to attain it. Here are just 10 of those video games that you’ll most likely never 100%.

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TheMasterShake2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

these are examples why there should be no Multiplayer trophies to begin with. no one likes every MP in every game therefore no one is gonna spend excessive amounts of time to get MP trophies to get platinums. for me one would be assassin's creed brotherhood i honestly wanted to get the platinum but im not playing ubisofts god awful MP to do that.

Assassin's Creed Multiplayer = Tom & Jerry

f*** that sh**

Pozzle2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

I hate multiplayer trophies that rely on the player having to play/beat a certain amount of matches. Like "Beat 50 capture the flag matches" or "play 100 death-match matches". Not only are they usually silly achievements to begin with, but it's hard to get all the trophies if hardly anybody is playing the game anyway. That, and not everybody has a good internet connection to even play online.

TheMasterShake2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

i Most definently agree with you on that. some of the ones i hate is when you have to max out the level cap to get a trophy, and ones like get all MP bonuses in one match or some stupid crap like that. i honestly think Trophies/Achievements should be completely single-player. the only MP game that has kept me engrossed for months was Uncharted 2 and even i couldn't get 100% because people have no damn clue how to play either team objective or Plunder >:| . another trophy that couldn't get was where you had to get 7 tripled metals. as most that play U2 would know thats not easy to do.

StraightPath2031d ago

Caring too much for virtual trophies n achievements will lead you to be come a low lifer.

kanetheking2030d ago

not really it's just a annoyance like how you annoyed 15 ppl with your stupid remark good sir.

MrBeatdown2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

I don't mind online trophies. Not everyone will like the multiplayer, but trophies should be aimed at people who enjoy all aspects of the game, not just a part of it. If someone doesn't like the multiplayer, there's other stuff to play. And really, if you don't like the MP, you should be asking the devs to make a better MP mode, not asking them to not require you to play it.

Trophies and achievements should be realistic though. Hundreds of hours of multiplayer is too much. 100% shouldn't be only attainable by those with way too much free time, or those who play the game religiously. You should be able to get all MP trophies by trying everything, and just playing what you like for a while.

Revolver_X_2030d ago

I love that games are exceptionally difficult to platinum. It gives trophy hunters like me a challenge. I have GTA4 and SF4 platinumed. Although Farcry 2 proved too time consuming. Not every game you will platinum. No reason to hate MP trophies. I think if you want 100% enough and have the skill, you will get it. MGSHD collection took me forever, but I finally got it. Im on MGS4 now, and I will get it. The harder the platinum, the greater the sense of accomplishment.

MrBeatdown2030d ago

Nice! I just finished up MGS4. I have MGS2 and 3, now I just need to get around to Peace Walker.

I got GTA4's too. I think the one I'm proudest of is MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. That one would actually rank you down if you sucked so getting the platinum meant you had to be damn good. I did all the time trials and basically memorized the best routes for every vehicle. I even had a spreadsheet so I could mark down my best times on each track to figure out which vehicle I was best with. By the time I got the platinum, I could do three laps on any track in the time my brother could do two.

DasTier2031d ago

Especially when the surveys are shut down.... Or they remove the only playlists on halo reach you could get the dlc achievements...

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ninjahunter2031d ago

the hardest game ive come into contact of trying to get 100% was 3rd birthday, you could put 300 hours into that game and only get 70% and your progress only gets slower and slower.

NoobJobz2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

That wasn't all that bad to get 100%. There were a few stunt ramps that drove me crazy but other than that it was fairly easy, just time consuming.

Edit:oops. Didn't know it meant all achievements. Just thought it meant 100% within the single player.

aliengmr2030d ago

Wondering when someone would mention that.

My experience was that there was a glitch and 1 water tower was missing. This was the PC version and I don't know if it was ever fixed or if it was just my problem. All I know is I was able to get to 99.98%.

Ended up having to get a map that read your save game file to find the missing water tower and it wasn't there at all. It took so long to find all the stuff in that game.

Convas2031d ago

I have the full 1000G in Bad Company 1 :3

urwifeminder2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I like the online achievements better than singleplayer i dont play cod anymore as no multi achieves are in the game, it gives crap players like myself a reason to continue playing new medals and guns dont do it for me.

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