3 Reasons you should play Enslaved

Back in 2010 Ninja Theory released a gripping action adventure game called Enslaved Odyssey to the West. Based off the same novel the famous Dragon Ball Z is from the game stars a muscle clad brute named Monkey and a tech savvy lady named Tripp. The game received mixed reviews but seriously even 2 years later YOU NEED TO PLAY the game! Why, you say? Well I’ll give you 3 reasons why you should.

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Romudeth1999d ago

This was a very cool game. People should give it a chance.

CommonSense1999d ago

I agree, i haven't beat it yet cuz i've had too many other games to play and not much free time, but i enjoyed the few hours i spent with it.

camel_toad1999d ago

Uh oh here come the hardcore Devil May Cry fans...

prototypeknuckles1999d ago

Played it and didnt like it, kind of felt like a watered down pop08

Amazingmrbrock1999d ago

I agree, I only really played the demo but the whole of that felt un challenging. Combat, climbing, puzzles. It was all so easy AI didn't feel engaged.

Maybe I'll pick it up cheap sometime.

VsAssassin1999d ago

The premise of a post-apocalyptic world ruled by nature was a hook for me; however, I couldn't keep myself from coparing Enslaved to Heavenly Sword. HS simply was a magnificent title with its production values and endearing story. I can't say the same for Enslaved. Though Trip's angle showed promise, I only felt quite annoyed by her at the onset.

The puzzles and vertical traversals, ala Uncharted, also didn't really give room for error. This wasn't helped by being only able to jump when near edges. The framerate drops also killed it for me. This made the battle a bit of a chore.

I kinda felt the PoP (2008) vibe while playing it, but that Prince game was easy on the eyes. Enslaved, although sported vibrant color pallete, made me squint my eyes with those jaggies.

Off topic: Now this topic makes me want a Heavenly Sword 2. Sony make it happen!!!

Awesome_Gamer1999d ago ShowReplies(1)
NYC_Gamer1999d ago

I couldn't even enjoy the demo it bored me

PureSophistry1999d ago

Pick this up- it's cheap, fun and visually unique

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The story is too old to be commented.