Walking Dead Episode 3 Hits PSN 8/28, Others 8/29

Brett writes - "Out of nowhere, Telltale has informed IGN that The Walking Dead Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead, will be releasing TODAY on PSN. Wednesday, 8/29, it will hit XBLA, PC, and Mac. Considering episodes one and two are easily some of the best experiences I’ve had with gaming ever, you should probably pick it up. They’re only $5 a piece or just pick up the season pass. What more do you want? Oh, a trailer? Got that too."

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MysticStrummer2028d ago

Shweet. I'll take a break from CS:GO to download and play it.

Whitefeather2028d ago

Glad to hear this is some amazing news!

Vettur2028d ago

I got the game on PC, but it's great to hear that the ps3 get some advantages as well as PC and xbox ;) it's about time someone stood up for it :)

iamlegend99992028d ago

Wow, thanks for the heads up. Could have given us a notice a week ago.

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