List Of PS1 Games Compatible On PS Vita

With Patch 1.80 going live on the PlayStation Vita tonight, many people are wondering just which PS1 games are currently compatible on the PlayStation Vita.

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BringingTheThunder2094d ago

FFVII is loaded up right now!

Spenok2093d ago

Agreed. Need to download this one. Just started Legend of the Dragoon myself :D

ThanatosDMC2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

So far all the Crash Bandicoot games (1,2,3 and the cart racing), all the Spyro games, and Final Fantasy 5 from the PS+ free games that i have that cannot be transferred to the Vita.

FFVIII and FFIX works too. Vagrant Story has a weird sound delay during the opening cutscene after the intro movie.

GuruStarr782093d ago

That really sucks... I was really, really looking forward to some CTR on my Vita!!

Get with it, Sony!!

himdeel2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

@Thantaos DMC I had to re-download the free plus games to get them to work. I already had them on my PS3 and they weren't recognized by the Vita. Redownloaded them, installed them and got Resident Evil 3 up and running on my Vita :)

ThanatosDMC2093d ago

^Yup, all RE (1,2,3) and all Dino Crisis (1,2) games work. Lilo and Stich game was also free but i never downloaded it. Not sure if it works or not.

PersonaCat2094d ago

Really wish I had my PS3 still.. Instead of waiting for the sony to update the vita store, I'd be able to play FFVII right now :(

BringingTheThunder2094d ago

you could go to a friends house and just log in with your psn id.

Shazz2094d ago

what a difference the classics have made for me , cant put vita down for mgs

GhostHero3332094d ago

Wait so i cant ever play legend of dragoon on my vita unless i have a ps3.

1234567772094d ago

No, you don't need a PS3.
You just have to wait a bit longer until Sony update the Vita Playstation store.

1234567772094d ago

@ GhostHero333
US - Tonight.
EU - Tomorrow.

1234567772094d ago

Final Fantasy VII can't be downloaded directly to the Vita from the download history.

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The story is too old to be commented.