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Submitted by GamersXTREME 1258d ago | news

List of PSOne Titles that are Transferable to PS Vita Via PS3

Gamers Xtreme (Glacier928): "While it’s questionable that only 9 PSOne Classics are “officially” supported on the Vita right now, there are still PSOne titles that can be transferred via the PS3. Currently owning over 70 PSOne Classics, I’ve decided to go back and re-download all of them to confirm if they can be put on the Vita at the current moment or if it’s still no good. Please note that not every game will be listed here, just the ones that I own at the moment." (PS Vita, PS3, Psone Classics)

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GribbleGrunger  +   1259d ago
Ok, this just doesn't get any funnier. First the Americans went crazy because they only had a list of 9 (later confirmed that more were available if you transfer them from your PS3). The Europeans got a HUGE list of PS1 games and now her is the Japanese list:

SCEJ is posting 297 PS1 games for #Vita today, 207 on 9/4, 120 on 9/11, and 36 on 9/18 for a total of 660.
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Aceman18  +   1258d ago
so far i have about 15-20 PS1 games on my PS3, and i just transferred about 12 of them. as of right now im good lol. only 3 so far couldnt come over

yea this generation it seems gamers have become super self entitled. this has been the worst gen by far imo when it comes to media, and gamers. i know more games will become available here in the states so i can be patience.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1258d ago
It's a real pity that ALL these great additions and extra features plus PS1 compatibility are going to be overshadowed by the fact you will need more than one memory card to have multiple accounts (something I thought was always the case anyway).

I am really considering quitting the internet entirely and enjoying my games like I used to. It seems that gamers are just not satisfied anymore and feel as if Sony should give them more and more for nothing.

There's been about 10 articles on the update and just 1 article on this (so far). Let's see which one hits the top of the page. Any bets?
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joeorc  +   1258d ago
yupper's exactly, its like now people find out that their memory card for the PSVita is locked. What do they think is going to happen? Hmmm? the very fact that sony and 3rd party developer's and publisher's put in money and time, cost's to production, cost's in building their development tool base, so that the small minority can make it easy to steal the result's of their work? but..but Nintendo get's hacked, and they still sell a ton, well Sony is not freaking Nintendo!. People want it both way's, and yet it seem's the consumer's would rather steal than pay for it..but..but Homebrew, and now Sony have made that a reality with the PlaystationMobile platform, that by the way works on the PSVita, and people cannot understand why they are locking the PSVita's memory card? really? Has people just already let it slip their d@mn freaking Mind about what happened to the PSP?

Look at the Game's that get released on the next Nintendo system and Look at the Games that Get released on the PSVita. do you think for a d@mn freaking min, that they cost the same d@mn money to make? unless it's a 3rd party Game, and the 3RD party game is multi-platform release, many of the PSVita games cost alot more money to produce than the Nintendo offering's, just by the fact there is not one and i mean this with not as an attack on the Nintendo platform, i am talking not a SINGLE D@MN GAME THAT COMES EVEN CLOSE, to the investment for development as it does for Uncharted GA: but..but that's why Sony is loosing so much money, and that is also why Sony is locking those d@mn memory card's, The point is Sony's offering those type of game experiences that no other HandHeld Game system is offering, it may not be for everyone but it is someing that they can offer to Everyone. That's the point they can offer it does not mean people will buy it , it just means they can off those experiences for the person with that handheld. and that's why they are doing just that. To make Money, you may say that they must not be doing a very good job of it, well they seem to making sure what little bit of money that they do make on their iP's is at least protected as to give them a chance to make some money back on their investment.
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SIdepocket  +   1258d ago

Perhaps you should retire, you're far too old to be doing this anyway.
DK286K   1258d ago | Spam
abzdine  +   1258d ago
no crash bandicoot ?
Pixel_Enemy  +   1258d ago
Oddworld doesn't transfer... Add that to the list
Bowzabub  +   1258d ago
No Spyro games yet either.
pandaboy  +   1258d ago
not all of them are? nothing is ever straightforward with sony. It's actually getting pretty tiresome.
Sephiroushin  +   1258d ago
They let people knew about it on Gamescom...
It's another platform it's not like the games worked on psp they must work on psvita... It involve some testing, for example some psone classics had bugs on psp and didn't worked wel. After all more psone classics are supported than what they promised and so we expected... I think they should have tested and implemented it on release day but it's not all that bad, better late than never !
DarkHeroZX  +   1258d ago
Does Chrono trigger transfer? I wanna know before I buy it.
CloudyAero  +   1258d ago
This isn't fair, I don't have a PS3 :(
Bowzabub  +   1258d ago
I do believe that keeps a record of your download list... Give it a shot.
DisgaeFanJason  +   1258d ago
R U kidding me crash doesn't work
SaiyanFury  +   1258d ago
One great game that I don't think has been listed that works, is Final Fantasy Tactics. I just downloaded it and transferred it. It works brilliantly.
GamersXTREME  +   1258d ago
Good find. Leave that as a comment on the site and I'll update it and credit you for the find. :)

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