Sony Vaio Range Gets Intel Core 2 Duo & Blu-ray Upgrade writes:

"Sony has announced a shake-up of its Vaio product range with a number of new models set to benefit from Intel's shiny Core 2 Duo chipset and Blu-ray optical drives."

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bootsielon3545d ago


I think I'll wait till computers go beyond Quad core to buy my next PC. Perhaps the next holiday season.

ruibing3545d ago

Same here. I am so tired of upgrading because of Moore's Law.

Darkiewonder3545d ago

Don't need a laptop. Have 3 and i'm on a deskstop now [which I got last year] So it'll be 2-3 years before i decide to go back to laptop [probably sooner than 2 though :o]

Bonsai12143545d ago

are they going to be perynin or however you spell them? powerful, cool, energy efficient

jaja14343545d ago

Why would they mention CPU speed in relation to playing HD movies? Just seems odd since the bottleneck of HD movies is the GPU, not the CPU. *shrug*

jaja14343545d ago

More than likely compatibility, though I suppose price could be a factor as well.

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