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Could Assassin's Creed Be the Next Mario?

Alex Hutchison, franchise lead for Assassin's Creed, recently compared AC to Mario and other Japanese franchises. Holygrenade takes a gander at that comparison (Assassin's Creed, Industry, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

prototypeknuckles  +   789d ago
I love assassins creed I really do and I could give 2 shits about Mario unless its paper Mario but there is no way that ac is going to become the next Mario, it just wont happen.
TheMasterShake  +   788d ago
what really needs to happen is square needs to stop making those garbage ass FFXII games and get with nintendo to make another Mario RPG.
-Mika-  +   788d ago
No because unlike Mario. Assassin Creed has an amazing story and it constantly keeping the gameplay fresh.
DigitalAnalog  +   788d ago
You were being sarcastic right? SMB, Donkey Kong GB to Mario 64 to Galaxy 2 are some of the most original experiences from the same plumber. And yet AC still relies on auto-combat and auto free-running with minor implementations added is somehow considered "fresh"?
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Mocat  +   788d ago
well said
HammadTheBeast  +   788d ago
Template vs. Assassins > Saving Peach all day long, only for her to be in another castle.

Just joking.
grailly  +   788d ago
also: " amazing story"? WHAT?!?
Nimblest-Assassin  +   788d ago
I love mario (well the 3d ones mostly).. but in the end, you are still platforming, jumping on enemies, and collecting power-ups. Condemning AC for its gameplay, would be the same as condemning mario for its gameplay... which has still been the same for years. Its what they do to keep it fresh (Galaxy had the gravity mechanic, and sunshine had the waterpack) The 2d marios are not doing anything fresh, so thats why I pass on them

Plus have you seen Ac3? Its a major overhaul

I think the AC franchise can continue if they go the zelda route. By introducing new characters and settings, that are seperate from the previous games, introducing new gameplay mechanics that make sense for that new time period

With AC3 we have

-ocean exploration
-tree navigation
-side quest and guild quests
-seasonal changes, that effect gameplay
-updated combat system
-increased stealth mechanics

With each new setting, they can add new features to keep the game fresh

Thats why I enjoy the 3d marios, and AC.. because each new setting changes the gameplay drastically

Hell I think they can keep making Ac games, until they run out of history
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DarkTower805  +   788d ago
AC does have a good story, but imo it's waaay too drawn out. It could have been told in 2 games, but the devs chose to milk the game and gamers to make more cash. Imo, that ruined the pace of the story as well as my enthusiasm for the franchise. I didn't even play Revelations, and I'm on the fence with AC3 only because the devs already said there will be more AC in the future. If they don't finish the storyline with AC3 I'm not hanging around for the yearly iteration just to find out what happens.
hay  +   788d ago
Amen to that brother, my exact thoughts on the series.
However, improvements made in Revelations and Brotherhood are fantastic foundations for the future of the series. While the story is way too drawn out, gameplay evolves with each iteration.
DarkTower805  +   788d ago
"While the story is way too drawn out, gameplay evolves with each iteration."

And that has been the saving grace of the series. The difference in gameplay from the first AC to AC3 is amazing.
phantomexe  +   788d ago
I agree with you on desmonds story but desmond isn't what makes the AC universe what it is. Its not even that great IMO. So yea end desmonds story but not all AC games because of it. That be kind of retarded imo it's a franchise. How many games let you go back in time and visit historical places and see events set with fictional story. In brotherhood seeing that roman colossim. It just blow my mind,,,so i ask you again how many games can do that. AC games are to unique to end in and age where everything is a shooter.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   788d ago
They could go the zelda route if they want to continue the series past 3.

New assassins in new timelines, with out a narrative thread to hold them together (Desmond and the present timeline)

With unique gameplay for each setting

Also AC3 is the end of desmonds story, and connors only game... if they make a new Ac... it will focus on new characters
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sandman224  +   788d ago
Never two different games and Mario is a classic and in my opinion more fun.
KMCROC54  +   788d ago
Hopfully Ubisoft knows when to say enough & not try to milk the franchise with horrible games just to keep it around . cause 31 years is enough milking time.
Roper316  +   788d ago
to much AC in to short of a time imho.
Is that sarcasm? lol if it's not the here are a couple of facts for ya..

There have been 7 AC games since the first Assassin's creed's release back in 2007 (counting both the Vita and PSP Versions).

There have been 35 Mario games in the same time frame. *facepalm*

So no AC isn't the next Mario. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! Assassin's creed is 28 games short.
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Roper316  +   788d ago
For me personally a game releasing on a yearly basis is to much in to short of time. I don't care what series it is. To me there should be a few years in between releases of any series.

I wasn't even taking Mario into consideration when I made my comment I was strictly talking about the AC series. I haven't played a Mario game since the early 90's.
DasTier  +   788d ago
No, Assassins Creed has actually had gameplay changes in its existence.
Mario has had GP changes. In some games he's beating a gorrilla senseless. In others he's racing the same gorrilla in kart tournaments. In others he's playing casual golf with the same gorrilla. In others he's training for the olympics by jumping barrels (thrown by.. you guessed it. The gorrilla). And in others he's racing blue furry animals in london olympics. On his off time he spends his days smoking shrooms (to the point of seeing ghosts & turtles), begging princess peach for some (a lil some some, now what i'm saying), and fixing toilets with his underrated more charming, more talented brother. Luigi. Then the next Nintendo comes along and he starts beating the gorrilla again, racing the gorrilla again,,, you get the point :D
Sizzon  +   788d ago
Nah, I don't think and hope so, but I love the AC series with Brotherhood being my favourite, yah I liked it more than 2 :P
Lighter9  +   788d ago
AC doesn't have mushrooms so it couldn't possibly be.
NastyLeftHook0  +   788d ago
3-4-5  +   788d ago

Luigi could be the next Mario though if they would just give him a chance.

Here is the formula for instant success Nintendo...pay attention.

Make a Super Mario 64 type game, but with Luigi.

Not Luigi's mansion where he is just walking around finding things in haunted rooms.

An actual good 3D platformer like Super Mario 64. Let Luigi adventure around and collect 150 Stars

^ 99% sure it would sell 5 million copies.
Hicken  +   788d ago
I think it's about time Hutchison stopped talking. He's already put both feet in his mouth. What's next?
1upgamer99  +   788d ago
Uhhh....NO! Are you kidding me? That Headline is just stupid.
1upgamer99  +   788d ago
NastyLeftHook0  +   788d ago
assassins creed 3 is going to be incredible.
CanadianTurtle  +   788d ago
I don't know who thought it was a good idea to compare Mario to Assassin's Creed. I get that they're both heavy on platforming but this is just ridiculous. There is too much that makes Assassin's creed so differentiated from Mario.
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amaguli  +   788d ago
For someone who's previous works include Duke Nukem Advance, Batman Begins, The Simpson's Game, and Army of Two: The 40th Day, Hutchinson has a really big ego.

There is no problem in having confidence, but maybe Ubisoft should reel in his leash a little. Too much confidence and talking, and pretty soon people are going to want to see you fail.
Thepcz  +   788d ago
mario is versatile.

assassins creed kart?

assassins creed tennis?

assassins creed football?

assassins creed golf?

assassins creed at the olympics?

assassins creed party?

ExCest  +   788d ago
Assassin party?!? I'M IN!
wiiulee  +   788d ago
no there is one mario....and to be honest...asc is good but not all that great
FinaLXiii  +   788d ago
Mario is a pop culture icon at a worldwide scale there´s no way something rated R like assassins creed gets that kind of popularity to get so many side games.

Only Sonic was close to that but it failed to impress.
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