Report - PS All-Star: Activision Hints Crash Bandicoot

MP1st - Seems that Crash may be making a splash (sorry) in the upcoming Playstation brawler title, Playstation All-Star Battle Royale.

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sinncross2064d ago

They are not doing anything with the IP.. if anything this is a good time for them to test the waters to see if the character can still be well received (and would actually gain them goodwill with some people).

I hope it is true for Crash fans. I only ever played Crash 3 (awesome game!!!).

Nitrowolf22064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

I hope they announce an HD remake or collection of the series for it's anniversary. Activision would be insane not to do anything with Crash Bandicoot on PAX day.

Activision hasn't done anything with him, I see no reason why they shouldn't license him out to Sony.

raytraceme2064d ago

I am sure that Sony still owns the rights to the first 3 games.

poopsack2064d ago

They never did, it was always Vivendi. Unfortunately Sony just published it.

DUSK5062064d ago

@KnaveX, Yes but they were made by Naughtydog who is now a first party SONY studio.

jocomat92063d ago

i wish but they are on psn already. not in hd.

Teflon022063d ago

Actually sony owns publishing rights for the first 3 and CTR atleast. Vevendi didn't even own crash at a technical standpoint just they owned naughty dogg at the time and had the right to leave with the ip since sony didn't do the smart thing ahead of time and get the ip rights. No one but Sony can permit the use of Crash Bandicoot 1-3 and CTR. Don't know about Crash Bash though

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prototypeknuckles2064d ago

Please be true because every character reveal so far for me has been I ALREADY KNEW HE/SHE WAS IN, OR REALLY YOU PUT HE/SHE IN HOW ARE THEY PLAYSTATION ALL STARS.

dboi7872064d ago

Words cannot express my excitement right now...

smashcrashbash2064d ago

Well if this is true it will quell some of the whining that has been going on about the roster. Unless it isn't classic Crash which will actually multiply the current whining by one hundred.

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The story is too old to be commented.