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Building on what made War for Cybertron an essential purchase for Transformer fanatics, Fall of Cybertron offers a more engaging campaign as well as a thoroughly tuned Escalation and multiplayer modes.

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JRPGLuva1849d ago

I'm kind of surprised that this is getting higher scores than the last Armored Core.

Zha1tan1849d ago

armored core 5 was horrible, its really just become chromehouds with a boost.

madmad1849d ago

I really hope my Redbox gets this in this week.

RaptorMan1849d ago

I head Megatron isn't a gun but a tank in this one. I always hate when they do that, they trounce on my childhood memories.

CharmingMan1849d ago

I had a Megatron transformer they looked like an Abrams tank, except green and purple.

sharpsword1849d ago

I had the one when the rocket launcher on his shoulder because the scope on the rifle. So cool.

Zha1tan1849d ago

it would be kind of silly if he transformerd into a gun lol I know its not realistic at all but hes not really a tank, he doesnt have a turret :) hes more of a propelled gun to be honest lol kind of like galvatron.

I had the Original megatron, beast wars, armada (which is the one your talking about charming man) and a few others.

By far one of the coolest characters!

ShinraE51849d ago

Campaign: Major step up, very well done, great pacing and variety.

Escalation: Definite downgrade, little to no true character variance, NONE of the customization that the MP got, etc.

mediastudies1849d ago

I though the roles felt pretty different in Escalation.

ShinraE51849d ago

Amongst the four, yes. But in comparison to WFC, there were so many less characters, hardly any skills, etc.

Health siphon, shockwave, stealth, etc all gone