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Submitted by AztecFalcon 1266d ago | rumor

Black Ops 2 Hardened And Prestige Editions Announced at GameStop Conference

The GameStop managers are having a conference of their own and while the press isn't invited, that doesn't mean we don't get scoops. Black Ops 2 is getting some premium editions and we have some details for you. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update Updated with pictures and more details!

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cmurdurr  +   1266d ago
da_2pacalypse  +   1265d ago
Not going to lie, I'm not actually that interested in purchasing Blops2, but that UAV flyer is pretty badass!
s8anicslayer  +   1265d ago
I guess no Elite included this time around
ZombieKiller  +   1264d ago
So does that mean that we will get the same DLC as the Prestige Edition? Because I'm not interested in toys.

That's what I don't get....why do they just assume all gamers would like this? When all gamers buy in this industry is GAMES.
Arkham City had a bunch of comics associated with it for the backstory....WHY?! Why not STORY RELATED DLC?!

Same here. I don't want an RC-XD, or a UAV (although it does look AWESOME) I want more of this damn game!

No, I don't want your Ryu action figure. If I played with action figures, I wouldn't be playing games. Thanks to games, I don't play with action figures damnit! lol
WeskerChildReborned  +   1266d ago
No surprise there.
jjb1981  +   1266d ago
Uav flyer? Hell yeah
Jumper09   1266d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
GamerElite  +   1266d ago
whoop dee fu!%ing doo
ZombieKiller  +   1265d ago
@ Jumper: You are seriously dumb. You just called millions of people dumb. Obviously they aren't THAT dumb if they keep buying every year.

I think YOU are dumb for NOT trying it. The only reason you say that this game looks the same is because you DON'T play it.
I admit, the game needs work, but for the amount of hours of fun that it provides, it's worth it to me, every year.
Live and let live asshole. Don't like it, don't buy it. We don't get on your case for playing My Lil' Pony Party. Piss off
Burnin  +   1265d ago
"Obviously they aren't THAT dumb if they keep buying every year. "

uhhhh yeah... that's how they make their millions. It is because of people like you, that keep buying the same game EVERY YEAR now with some extra toys to milk your wallets even more.

Now I don't blame you, those toys look awesome but my question is... are you buying a game or some Activision merchandise?
IRetrouk  +   1265d ago
I will be honest, I don't like call of duty, just not Big fan of fps, but my girlfriend loves it so I have to buy regardless, me, I love toys, and that uav looks nice, would look well with the rest of my models.
GhostHero333  +   1266d ago
Omg omg omg good thing I have $200 saved up for this and Wii u.
GamerElite  +   1266d ago
Another sucker born every minute.
Shadowsteal  +   1265d ago
Wii U is going to be like $400+
Swiggins  +   1265d ago
If the hardened edition comes with exclusive zombies maps and exclusive upgrades, then I'll probably get it.

I'll never buy a prestige edition though, for the simple reason of I would never spend $150 on any game.
matt1991  +   1265d ago
I really don't understand the hate for CoD on N4G.. Sure the graphics are not the best but graphics do not make the game.
Reverent  +   1265d ago
Personally, I don't dislike the game at all, hell, I'll even admit that I respect Treyarch, IW, and SHG for the series. However, it's downright sinful for Activision to keep forcing these companies to do this IP, milking it until it dies an unhonorable death like Guitar Hero/Tony Hawk.
#8.1 (Edited 1265d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
matt1991  +   1265d ago
Yea i agree completely. but im going to throw this out there. Cod has a 2 year development cycle like alot of AAA games. It comes out every year sure but there are 2 different development companies making the game.

CoD is like Madden its comes out every year with little improvements.
Reverent  +   1265d ago
I agree there also to an extent. Like, I think Treyarch does a great job at advancing the series, but then after their game, the next year it feels like IW/SHG moves a step backwards with the MW games.

MW1: >>>
WaW: >
MW2: <
BO: >>
MW3: <<
BO2:>> (Probably)
MW4: <<< (Probably)

The arrows indicate my personal opinion of which games through degree, pushed (or will likely push) the series, and which ones stepped them back.
Revolver_X_  +   1265d ago
Every multiplatform AAA title is getting flack on N4G. Only exclusives are getting props from there respective fanboys. Except maybe Playstation All-Stars. BlOps2, RE6, DmC, Hitman, Tomb Raider. N4G is the place to come troll and whine, due to lack of moderators. I read comments now for the lolz. You never get a great response to why it will suck, just self righteous dribble. Its funny when they actually think they are the majority, or call the majority "sheep." Unfounded accusations that will not detour sales for any games previously mentioned. I've been gaming since Snes, but I'm a "sheep" because I wanna play BlOps2 or I like the direction of RE6. Before N4G and the like, we actually played games. Not judge them on 5min youtube vids or empty assumptions. All these ppl on here who swear they're old school when they're really not. Come Oct-Dec. I'll be enjoying these games, while trolls whine about them.
NBT91  +   1265d ago
The problem is with the publisher, Activison. I actually really like these games, maybe not quite enough to spend that much on special editions that come with stuff I don't really want though!
PimpDaddy  +   1265d ago
I don't understand the COD hate either. My kids and I enjoy playing the game. Whether it's split screen local MP, online MP, Zombies MP, it's just plain fun.

Maybe the graphics arent the best EVER. Maybe the game is TOO easy. But regardless it's pure entertainment for us. Out of all the games I buy every year new or used. COD gives us the most value.
3-4-5  +   1265d ago's comments like that , that make all gamers seem unintelligent.

Generalizing like that isn't very smart. You pretty much just bragged to us about your lack of intelligence but weren't smart enough to realize it as it was happening.

Considering it's nearly impossible for a game developer with Millions behind them not to improve graphics from 2005-2012, we can just throw that comment out the window.

Not to mention that COD: Modern Warfare as we know it wasn't released until 2007/2008 your already flat out lying.

Jesus Facepalm's at your presence...
xGrunty  +   1265d ago
I'm sure I'll get a text from my own store manager if true. Kinda weird its so late though.
g5bay  +   1265d ago
i agree with Jumper
ExCest  +   1265d ago
oooooooh boyyyy *stretches back*
kingsnake12   1265d ago | Trolling | show
yodawins   1265d ago | Offensive
darkness625  +   1265d ago
i'll get a prestige edition if it has a remote control quadrotor. If not than i get the standard edition for zombies
Zancruz  +   1265d ago
Yeah i'll pay $150 for a Call Of duty game only if it comes with the option to lock my Region so I don't have to with foreigners or other People with pissed poor internet connections to have a more stable less lag multiplayer gameplay and have a antihacking/cheatin with instant permanent system IP address banned ability if attempted.... Yep, I'll gladly pay the money...
The_KELRaTH  +   1265d ago
I think you're after the Ultra Hardened Prestige version! ($250)
Dark_Overlord  +   1265d ago
Not sure where you where looking, but regional matchmaking was in the original Black Ops :)
Dark_Overlord  +   1265d ago
To the disagreer, when you log in online, see that option at the bottom that says 'Search Preferences'? it's there.

Here's a photo to show you
Zancruz  +   1264d ago
I got rid of Black Ops in a month...
Burnin  +   1265d ago
I like the geeky-spoiled brat kinda-narcissistic with a dash of racism thing you have going on there ;)

"Yep, I'll gladly pay the money..." well of course you will! Judging by your avatar I guess you (read Mum) have bought them all haven't you
Zancruz  +   1264d ago
You're funny... While others complain about campers, noobtubers or other reasons, Rarely does anybody complain about COD's games actually playing right...Im tired of the Lagfest gun fights, peoples distance and internet setups (wifi users, port internet providers) all plays a roll in lag. Yeah I would like the game to have the options to connect with the best possible connections in my regional area, I've spent far to much time & money to deal with shit connections.

Dude u don't need to be jealous of a picture of money, It's called having a JOB... That way, you can buy the things you want and IF you loved that avatar?! You're really gonna love the new one of entertainment setup.... Lol
kingsnake12  +   1265d ago
3 key factors that sell this game
1. no online pass needed so kids can go rent it and play it whenever., everybody watches youtube and about 70% of gaming vids are call of duty.
3.easy to get together with friends
all that being said the game still blows ass even if it sells the most for example... mcdonalds.
Psycho_Mantis  +   1265d ago
"Hardened And Prestige Editions". Another good way to fuck you over of your hard earned money...
Der_Kommandant  +   1265d ago
That UAV looks very fragile
gazgriff2k12  +   1265d ago
when u open the prestige care package there should be a model of a soldier camping in the corner that woild be epic trolling by treyarch
CShadow  +   1265d ago
COD sucks but Zombies rules.
CultOfPersonality  +   1265d ago
I see call of duty like the transformers in the movie business, hated by most but enjoyed secretly by everyone
HoneyBadger  +   1265d ago
The Prestige Edition is $179.99
AzaziL  +   1265d ago
Amazing to pay that much and they'll still nickel and dime for the DLC....
SpartanQ8  +   1265d ago
im a bf3 big fan and i dont like cod but i know that alots of people like this game and they have there reason. in the end its a matter of taste and opinion

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