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Sony never asked for Heavy Rain 2, says David Cage

GameSpot- Quantic Dream's 2010 PlayStation 3-exclusive thriller Heavy Rain won warm reviews and sold over 2 million copies, but publisher Sony never asked for a sequel. (Heavy Rain , PS3)

Prcko  +   815d ago
2 million,and no HR2?
strange move from Sony
NYC_Gamer  +   815d ago
Cage has never been huge on pumping out sequels
Acquiescence  +   815d ago
It's true...
Quantic Dream have never made a sequel. That's a rare and commendable trait for a developer to have in this age where typically a successful new IP will result in numerous follow-up installments until the cash cow has been well and truly milked dry.

I think it's safe to say everyone would rather have Beyond: Two Souls as opposed to Heavy Rain 2.
NastyLeftHook0  +   815d ago
your avatar cheers me up.

anyways, yeah heavy rain did great.
coolbeans  +   815d ago
Strange, but consistent with what they've stated.
I recall someone at Sony mentioning how new IPs are what keep the industry going (or something like that). It always a balancing act though. Sure, they'll incessantly pump out R+C titles but...there's that leniency for dev teams that they believe are capable of excelling beyond one staple IP per gen.
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NukaCola  +   815d ago
Yeah, David Cage's games are all spiritual successors to each other. They are not direct sequels.

Sony did ask that Cage implement Move into the HR Patch which resulted in a halt of the DLC that told back stories to all the characters. That was a little sad, although Move works and is unique to use as it had been implemented very well for the game.

Sony isn't one to force anything on anyone. They are one of the most lenient and patient companies in the business. Sometimes to relaxed, but you see what is produced with good support and freedom to run wild. That is how games like Journey and Shadow of the Colossus happen.
Blankman85  +   815d ago
Or. . .they simply didn't want a sequel.
It's that business leniency that has also led to the closure of 3 games studios this year. Great for emotional touching gaming experiences that open up the soul and tickles it with joy and sorrow and all that, bad for business.
astrobrights  +   815d ago
@Ndivhu: game studios close and re-open all the time. It's just the nature of the business.
Hicken  +   815d ago
Why would they NOT want a sequel to such a game? A title that small that sold 2 million copies would have a sequel likely to do about as much, if not more. And assuming production costs were about the same, they'd make a profit on HR2 just like they made a profit on the original. So, again, why WOULDN'T they want a sequel?

Studios close all the time. Meanwhile, new studios are formed all the time. For all the "they closed X amount of studios" you can spew, they also bought studios, founded at least one new one, and continued to make acquisitions.

Or are you saying that closing Zipper and others saved more money that Sony spent acquiring Gaikai, creating Superbot, and otherwise "bleeding" money?

Zipper wasn't profitable. Socom didn't do what Sony hoped, so even though Unit 13 was pretty good, it was probably already decided that Zipper would be shut down. And who's to say those guys didn't just move on to other studios under the Sony umbrella?
IHateYouFanboys  +   815d ago
"Sony isn't one to force anything on anyone."

yet in the same post you say:

"Sony did ask that Cage implement Move into the HR Patch which resulted in a halt of the DLC"

seems like they are one to force things on developers, much like they forced Move and 3D into most of their first party games.

"Cage has never been huge on pumping out sequels"

true, but hes been huge on pumping out games that use the same exact QTE-heavy formula, which may as well be sequels. Heavy Rain wasnt innovative, since Quantic Dreams first game did the exact same thing. Beyond isnt innovative since its the third game to do the exact same thing. Quantic Dreams next game will no doubt feature exactly the same "gameplay". Theyre the type of "game" that Quantic Dream make, for better or worse.
MysticStrummer  +   814d ago
@IHateMyself - "hes been huge on pumping out games that use the same exact QTE-heavy formula, which may as well be sequels. Heavy Rain wasnt innovative, since Quantic Dreams first game did the exact same thing. Beyond isnt innovative since its the third game to do the exact same thing. Quantic Dreams next game will no doubt feature exactly the same "gameplay". Theyre the type of "game" that Quantic Dream make, for better or worse."

Your definitions of "innovative", "sequel", and "game" differ greatly from mine. I wonder if you consider Guitar Hero a game...
NukaCola  +   814d ago
@ Ihateyoufanboys

Your point is invalid there bro. Sony *ASKED* which isn't forcing. QD did it instead of the DLC at the request of Sony which led to no more extra content. Sony never forced them to do anything.

You say it like it's a bad thing that Cage's team does something completely original and unique. There are similar influences, but Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain are two entirely different games.
Jamzluminati  +   815d ago
Coming to a PS4 near you. 2014
MysticStrummer  +   814d ago
Not strange at all. Strange would be HR2. It's raining hard again... and another killer is on the loose... no.

It just makes no sense to have a sequel. I'd much rather have a completely new story.
IRetrouk  +   815d ago
Maybe Sony just let them choose what they wanted to do instead of insisting on a sequel, dont forget they own the ip, maybe they want it as a next gen game, maybe they wanted to see what else QD could come up with before deciding on purchasing them.
sobekflakmonkey  +   815d ago
I don't think they need to make a sequel, think about it, what could you possibly do for a HR2 sequel? nothing...because the story was pretty much rapped up, anything else would just be beating a dead horse, I prefer they just make new IP's, because, as a few people have already stated, every game they create is pretty much a soul successor of their last game, and that's pretty great if you ask me, keeps things fresh and new.
IRetrouk  +   814d ago
I agree that a sequel isn't needed, the games story is defiantly done by the end of it, I'm just throwing ideas out there :-)
NastyLeftHook0  +   815d ago
heavy rain is one of this generations best games.
CaitSith  +   815d ago
If the game itself doesn't need a sequel, why bother? The game is good as is. No need to touch it.
astrobrights  +   815d ago
I agree. Plus the story of those characters has been told and to do another with them would dilute the whole story.
firelogic  +   815d ago
A sequel doesn't mean it has to have the same characters and follow the same story. You can make another thriller with a totally new cast and unrelated to the first game and call it Heavy Rain 2. Just like all those Bond movies. Or final fantasy games.

That said, I like that they're doing something quite different from HR. Although I'm a little dismayed they didn't follow through with a Kara game.
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CaitSith  +   815d ago
Right. In that case, it would work; follow up on the success of the original.

I was disappointed that Kara was only a tech demo.
sobekflakmonkey  +   815d ago
Well think of it this way, instead of wearing the name "Heavy Rain" out, they just made a new name for a new game with a new story, with the same kind of gameplay, which is essentially what you were just talking about, and in my opinion that's a lot better, the thing that catches peoples eye with Beyond: Two souls is not just the name, but the developers attached to it, gamers will recognize it easily, the rest is word of mouth, overall slapping "Heavy Rain 2" on a box and selling a completely different story and characters could be considered a little silly, being that you could just create a whole new game, which it would be, and is.
yesmynameissumo  +   815d ago
I wish the additional chapters/DLC would have been made. Other than that, I don't really want a HR sequel.
NastyLeftHook0  +   815d ago
dlc would be cool.
vividi  +   815d ago
I am asking now, please make a sequel in the future, I want to play Beyond badly, its looking awesome
Didn't really need a sequel, it was perfect as is IMO. Possibly a sequel with a different cast, setting, characters etc.? More dlc wouldn't hurt :b

Either way i'm pumped for Beyond Two souls, really excited to play it. And before some douche replies saying "oh but you don't PLAY Cage's games their movies" Let me tell you very clear. F**k you troll!!! >:(
SAE  +   815d ago
for now , I'm considering beyond as a sequel to it

After reading the article : i guess it's a good thing he get freedom , more creative stuff :)
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