Skyrim 1.7 update rides on to European PS3s

XMNR: The 1.7 title update for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was finally released Monday for European PS3 owners two and a half weeks after it was released in North America.

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NastyLeftHook02125d ago

finally, its a fantastic game and i cannot wait until the patch hits the good ol usa.

Queasy2125d ago

It's already out in the USA. Shows up as 1.6.

Welshy2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

Better late than never i guess.

Can't help but think why "it didn't meet our expectations" logic they pulled on Prey 2 wasn't applied here.

I initially got the PS3 version, had a torrid time and have since got a PC and purchased that version and the difference is staggering.

How they were allowed to release Skyrim on PS3 the way it was at launch is shocking and i hope other devs don't think they can get away with releasing untested, broken games knowing it will probably sell anyway despite screwing fans over.

i pumped 60+ into the PS3 version before the lag forced me to sell it and was pretty damn PO'd at having to start all over when i paid the same money for the same product!

berndogskate2125d ago

nice skyrim is amazing when it works

RufustheKing2125d ago

I downloaded it and within a few seconds of play i found a bad bug. i can't uncrouch. ahhhhhhhhh please fix this.

ipe2125d ago

Wont dl, works great with last patch, u never know with bethesda.
90 hours in, on road to platinum

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