Welcome to Nuketown: Zombies

Earlier today, the official Black Ops Facebook page posted a picture that’s bound to send the CoD community into a mess of speculative confusion. This picture simply featured a weathered version of the “Welcome to Nuketown” sign that Black Ops fans have all become familiar with. However, it also had the word “Zombies” scrawled across the surface in what we can probably assume is not red paint.

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mafiahajeri2068d ago

zombies on nuketown sunds dumb.

JoshEngen2068d ago

Yeah? I can't decide if I agree or not. I guess we'll see.

MattyG2068d ago

Spelled "sounds" wrong. Argument; invalid.

mafiahajeri2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

yeah? Try typing with your vita browser its really freaking annoying! MattyG Cannot comprehend what a typo is. MattyG; invalid...

EDIT: Well yeah I do have a problem with taking jokes Im not going to lie about that but I didnt mean anything by what I said I just get frustrated using the vitas browser and I wanted to emphasize how much I hated it. No worries...

MattyG2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

@mafiahajeri Alright bud slow your roll. I was just messin around. Apparently you can't comprehend a joke. And yeah Vita's browser is really hard to type on.

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JKelloggs2068d ago

I doubt it will be fully picture for picture the same, it will probably be heavily modified, like Airfield/Nacht der untoten, Asylum/Verrukt.

SilentNegotiator2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Who says it will even be the same part of the neighborhood?

Why are so many people thinking this will be the EXACT same map?

JKelloggs2066d ago

So many people jump to conclusions these days, that's why there's so many rumours

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Relientk772068d ago

Uh, Nuketown is hectic enough in multiplayer. I bet this will be hard and insane

MattyG2068d ago

It only starts when you shoot off the mannequin heads.

ChunkyLover532068d ago

That is what I'm talking about! Treyarch is pulling out all the stops!

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The story is too old to be commented.