Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Blowout – Part 1

With the Black Ops II multiplayer trailer coming out earlier this month, Craig Bryan takes a deep look inside Black Ops 2 multiplayer and lists the possible weapons, perks, maps and a bunch of ideas and features that were claimed to be coming to the final code.

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3-4-51971d ago

1.) Red dot, Rapid fire, silenced pistol ...Duel wield ?


Man My mind is just racing with options for different builds.

I have a feeling this will be the best COD game ever created.

They are setting good examples by first, actually listening to the fans, and then logically implementing those suggestions into an already good game.

rbluetank1971d ago

all i want to know if it will have dedicated servers. i hate host disconnect game over. i will decide to buy it or not after that question gets anawered.

Beahmscream1971d ago

Console versions will not have dedicated servers.

rbluetank1971d ago

thanks for information...

omarzy1971d ago

Need Zombies. Probably the only reason i actually played the first Black Ops

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