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PlayStation Plus Update: Borderlands Coming to Instant Game Collection September 4th

Playstation US Blog: It’s been quite a week for PlayStation Plus since the last time we chatted. Earlier we announced that Plus will be coming to PS Vita and that it will also be getting an upgrade in Online Game Save storage (from 150MB to a beefy 1GB). We’ll have news for you on when these will hit and what these updates will be all about soon enough; until then, let’s take a look at some of the great discounts coming in at the end of the month, and let’s welcome PS3 Full Game Borderlands into the Instant Game Collection in September! It’s a lot to take in so without further ado, let’s get into the preview for the August 28th and September 4th PlayStation Plus updates. (Borderlands, PS3)

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astrobrights  +   1132d ago
Emilio_Estevez  +   1132d ago
Kind of a weak month for me. Already have Borderlands and all the DLC. Still have 2 copies of Daytona USA and don't really want the other games. Hopefully they'll throw a surprise in there or something.
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goflyakite  +   1132d ago
This is just the first week's update.
inveni0  +   1132d ago
Would be cool if we could get The Walking Dead: Episode 3 when it comes out. That series is awesome (even though Episode 2 was kind of buggy).
doogiebear  +   1132d ago
Yeah sony said we get 3 games a month, so they better not try to shaft us.
EvilJeffBridges  +   1132d ago
Me want vita plus, please.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1132d ago
PhoenixRising37  +   1132d ago
time to get 100% in borderlands. again!
JAM_brz  +   1132d ago
I rather Read Dead Redeptiom than Borderlands.
mafiahajeri  +   1132d ago
eu got rdr?if so then yeah thats much better although do you really need plus to get rdr? Its a must own forr the sp alone and mp is a great bonus. It cant be thar expensive now to.
JAM_brz  +   1132d ago
Yeah, you´re right. But here in Brazil even used games are expensive... :-/

and no, no RDR for EU yet too. Just rumors that this game would be in the PS+ US. But instead looks like we´ll gonna have Borderlands. And I already have in my Xbox360 and not enjoyed. I think I played for one hour and never came back.
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Moby-Royale  +   1132d ago
I agree.

When you previously played borderlands, was it alone or with a friend?

I ask because I would never play Borderlands alone. I find it empty and shallow. But with my best mate?

I find it to be an absolute BLAST. All of the things that are lacking in a single player narrative completely goes away when you have a friend to speak with.
Anon1974  +   1132d ago
I put in over 100 hours of this game with my wife using split-screen co-op. We had an absolute fantastic time and it's been one of my gaming hi-lites this entire gen. If you haven't played it, pick this game up. Can't wait for the second game. Only problem is now we have 2 kids. Putting 100+ hours into anything videogame related is pretty unlikely. :)
JAM_brz  +   1132d ago
Was SP. I heard that in coop the game is much funnier. So, maybe I give it a try, even because in my Xbox I was´t able to play coop because I don´t have a Live subscription.
I want to play RDR really because of the MP. Like you said, should be great. The SP I already finished. Great too.

I got 2 kids too, and I know exctly what you´re talking about... lol
Sometimes, I play at dawn because I don´t have other time to play. Being a married gamer eith kids it´s not easy.. :-)
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HammockGames  +   1132d ago
@ Darkride & JAM

I'm with ya. Two little ones means I'm lucky to get in an hour of gaming max each day. And that's only if I can stay awake long enough. Still, wouldn't trade them for anything. Makes it tougher to invest the hours needed to get the most out of long games, but se la vi.
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Nykamari  +   1132d ago
You three bro's above me, it'll get better I have 4 little ones. 12, 8, 6(twins) and I love them to death! Early on its hard but they grow, and become gamers too! Lol
mafiahajeri  +   1132d ago
buy it from psn then :p
Lucreto  +   1132d ago
EU got Borderlands last week. I am not seeing what people liked about it.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1132d ago
EU got Borderlands last week? This is getting ridiculous. NA got the games to from E3 and after that everythingelse has been crap. We get PacMan and those 2 2D platformers that were alright at best. EU gets Deus Ex and Borderlands, and they're supposed to get RDR and Dead Space 2 also. NA gets decent PSN games while EU gets full AAA games.
Raf1k1  +   1132d ago
I'm sure Dead Space 2 is already up on EU. I just haven't bothered downloading it yet. Would love RDR though since I've been wanting to play it again.
Lucreto  +   1132d ago
The EU and US have decided to do different things with Playstation Plus. The US are going the PSN game route. EU is going for full retail games.

The EU have already
Rock of Ages
Dead Space 2
Just Cause 2
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Saints Row 2
Infamous 2
Sarobi  +   1132d ago
I don't see anything wrong with Borderlands
vickers500  +   1132d ago
Pretty much everyone already has it. I myself have like 3 copies of it (psn download I got for the dlc, the disc that I bought on launch day, and the 5 dollar pc version I got for a steam sale).
goflyakite  +   1132d ago
So should they try to give away worse games that nobody has or better games that a lot of people have?
vickers500  +   1132d ago
They should give away good games that not everyone and their mother has already played. L.A. Noire, Oddworld Strangers Wrath (didn't release in the us), Darksiders, some good psn games (outland was a good move on them, even though I already had it), one of the motorstorm games, just not games that almost everyone has already had every chance to play.

Borderlands has had a ton of cheap sales and different iterations. The likelihood of anyone actually wanting to play that game but haven't yet because of price issues is very small.
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goflyakite  +   1132d ago
I could say the same thing about those games. L.A. Noire, Darksiders and Outland have had sales on PSN just like Borderlands, with L.A. Noire also having a complete edition. Oddworld and Outland were like $10-$15 on release. Anyone who actually wanted to play these games could have already.

The point of my first reply was to say you can't (usually) have both.
vickers500  +   1132d ago
My point is that it doesn't come down to good games vs crappy games. I don't know a lot of people that have played Darksiders. I remember that one being announced in the 10 free games thing, but that must have just been for Europe. They should put up good games with a lot less popularity than something like Borderlands.

Plus, the sales on Borderlands have been generally much better than the others. They had Borderlands + all the DLC on psn a while ago for a mere 15 bucks.

Add a title from a collection, like the first jack and daxter or devil may cry, or prince of persia or some shit like that.
goflyakite  +   1132d ago
The Darksiders' sale I was talking about was also $15. Perhaps the reason you don't know many people who have played Darksiders is because not many people are interested in it. You saying pretty much everyone has Borderlands just seems like you using your situation of having the game already, nobody knows how many PS+ subscribers have which games except Sony.

Most of those games you've mentioned have a great chance of coming to NA PS+ anyway, considering the overlap between the two services (EU/NA) right now.

It just annoys me when people complain about PS+ releasing games they already have, it's happened to me a bunch, most recently PAC-MAN, Outland and soon Borderlands. Sony can't cater to each person individually, just move on and hope for better luck next time.
dumahim  +   1132d ago
If you didn't enjoy Borderlands after the first hour, stick with it a bit longer. Once you start unlocking weapon slots and get class mods, grenades, and special skills, the loot starts rolling in and it becomes a lot of fun.
Ultr  +   1132d ago
this and play it with a buddy, awesome game!!!
dumahim  +   1132d ago
I actually didn't like playing with others. Got tired of them running off, or trying to sneak all the goods to themselves, and then take 5 minutes looking over their loot to find out what to drop so they could clear space, or just run back to the vendor to sell stuff.

I have no problem if you're doing that stuff when playing solo, but during co-op, get the lead out quit holding up the show for everyone else.

I had kinda forgotten about that. :/
Ultr  +   1132d ago
yeah I know what you mean, but I only play with my RL friends, so we can argue and fight in RL if something like this happens :D
vickers500  +   1132d ago
Yeah, the first hour, I was regretting my purchase. I thought "ugh, I shouldn't have paid full price for this".

Now it's my favorite and most played game this generation.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1132d ago
Just enough time to finish it before B2 comes out, great marketing strategy.
jjb1981  +   1132d ago
Borderlands is great can't wait for part 2
black911  +   1132d ago
I want Payday Free.
KidCuDiWINS  +   1132d ago
Nice, gotta play it again with a fellow ps+ friend before the second one comes out.
leemo19  +   1132d ago
Awesome. got rid my copy awhile go, time to get it again gotta get the rust off before bl2 comes out.
blakko22  +   1132d ago
Borderlands has been on the ps plus free list for around 2 weeks already here in Australia..

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