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New PlayStation All-Stars Game Mode Announced - Kill Limit

Looks like we got some word on a new way to play PlayStation All-Stars! Omar Kendall has shed some light on a new game mode set to appear in PlayStation All-Stars called 'Kill Limit.' Skip to around the 22:00 mark for official word. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

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FadedWolf13  +   979d ago
figured they would too many people groaned and moaned about it cool anyway
FadedWolf13  +   979d ago
figured they would too many people mgoraned and moaned about it cool feature anyway
NastyLeftHook0  +   979d ago
this may turn out to be one of the greatest fighting games ever made.
Let me tell you something Mr. Tube >:(

I think you're right :b I spent years telling friends this game was coming. It was always the same sh*t. "But Sony doesn't haveZ enuff characterz" look at it now!!! Blondie strikes again!
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THESONYPS3  +   978d ago
Super Smash uses all the chracters from one game where PS All Stars only uses about one per game meaning it has many more characters. Also PlayStation Allstars can't even get all the exclusive characters due to terms and regulations of other companies buying off characters etc. And the roster still kicks ass!
NyGiants7  +   979d ago
It's not even going to be better than SSBM , no way any where close to being one of the best fighting games.
NastyLeftHook0  +   979d ago
it will be 10x better.
dboi787  +   979d ago
If I may be honest, both a Nintendo and Sony fan, I'm leaning moreso towards All-Stars. The roster is looking superior, especially with these third party inclusions. Excited to see the final roster, moreso than I ever was for Smash. I can expect who will be in Smash, I can't with All-Stars.
sonic989  +   979d ago

people these days
FadedWolf13  +   979d ago
opinions buddy, if everyone would stop comparing everything and look at it as it's own the only thing that could make this game (in my opinion) very dissapointing is if they don't realease a few more characters as DLC and go the route of every well known dev now a days who rather make endless sequals with characters taken off from the first games just to add 4-5 new characters and then charge you a full pricing for a game with loss content and very little added to compensate
FadedWolf13  +   979d ago
there a big difference with both, SSB i loved it when it came out but it lacked one thing i wish it had that All Stars brought to the table.. COMBOS. in the end if u whine on the usual it being a rip-off don't buy it and keep playing smash brothers until another one comes out which im sure if it does wont be as exciting anymore same fate will befall All Stars when and if that happens and so on with many others games
HammadTheBeast  +   979d ago
Two double posts in the same article. Nice.
FadedWolf13  +   978d ago
i know where i was at had crap connection oh well can't be helped
smashcrashbash  +   979d ago
Well this mode could add some more frantic pace to the game as people try to avoid, stop and attack people so they can't reach the kill limit first and the life limit will too. I won't say PASBR is the best yet or say it will be better then SSB. I think it will do alright and if it ends up being as good as or better then SSB that is fine. They can co exist. And it it ends up being sucky then it is no different from any other game that didn't live up to it's potential.

All games have the potential for greatness or to fall down. I really don't understand the eagerness to say that it can't fail or the eagerness to see it fall.That is why I don't understand this gen. Long ago if a game or system succeeded or failed people didn't want it to fail or rejoice if it did.I didn't rejoice because the Dreamcast went under because of Sony. That was a waste of potential. But now that is all many people seem do.
Reggonoy  +   979d ago
Does anyone watch Invisible Walls? They absolutely tore the game apart.

They start discussing it at the 13 min 45 sec mark.

"I think it's a game so crappy that only a fanboy could love it."

"I think it's really bad..."

IGN will score the game quite high because Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty absolutely love Playstation. But every other site will likely score this game in the 6's or 7's. I wouldn't be surprised if either EDGE or Eurogamer scores it even low
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Goldenboy87  +   979d ago
I'll be sure to check it out when I get home but it's a shame honestly. I had a great time with the game.
dboi787  +   979d ago
Watching that portion of the video, he doesn't seem to argue many points on why he thinks its soo bad. Not to mention he brought up the beta, which is a very early build.
Goldenboy87  +   979d ago
The build that we played was all local and included Dante and a few others recently announced. There was another build that had the cross platform play and let me tell you that it was smooth as hell!

I was surprised because I was skeptical as well and then it was seamless jumping back and forth. There was a big screen (mainstage) that everyone preferred to play on to show off their skills but the cross play was a huge draw as well.

Didn't hurt that Dust 514 and Borderlands 2 were in attendance either.
smashcrashbash  +   979d ago
So because Invisible Walls tore it a apart on Gmaetraliers that guarantees it to be bad? And Edge always scores PlayStation exclusives lower then everyone else so that is a given. I have heard from other sites that they have had a blast playing it and can't wait for the final game. So their opinion doesn't count? Just the opinions of the people who say it is bad? If I only took the single opinion of any site saying a game is bad then I would never play anything. Several sites have said that New Super Mario 2 is a bad game but I am sure the gaming community will ignore every site that says so and buy it anyway. So why should we the PlayStation community be any different?
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   979d ago
You keep posting this SAME response in all the All-Stars articles...

Have you even watched the video? These guys have no idea what they're talking about. Most of the team at Superbot are fighting game veterans, from Tekken, Street Fighter, or even Dead or Alive. Their main focus is balancing. That and which characters are obscure? They say the characters are obscure...but which ones are they talking about? Fat Princess? One of the best selling downloadable games this generation? Toro? THE OFFICIAL MASCOT of PlayStation in Japan?!? Who? They have no basis for that argument. Not to mention that they tear apart the gameplay, while industry vets from developers to gamers praise the gameplay, calling it "a massive improvement for the genre".
Goldenboy87  +   979d ago
I had a chance to play (and MC) some PSAS action at the latest MLG event and let me tell you that the game drew in hundreds of people to the Sony booth! It was a massive hit and there were crowds waiting to play CONSTANTLY! It's a genuinely fun game and the people behind this project are very passionate about what they are doing.

It was great to feel the old-school "I got next" atmosphere return to a videogame.

Day one purchase for me.
dboi787  +   979d ago
Yeah. A great way to exemplify my excitement for this: I am a huuuuge God of War fan. Yet, I'm more excited for this than I am for God of War: Ascension. Its almost funny when ya think about it. Lol.
Goldenboy87  +   979d ago
I'm pumped for both but PSAS has that party feel to it. I feel you though!
spektical  +   979d ago
I know this is songs realm.. but a knockout mode would b amazing. Nothing better than seeing ur opponents fly
frankiebeans  +   979d ago
ok now add a health system and screen/level knock off and it will be a game that might be worth buying.
Reverent  +   979d ago
Oh ,go troll somewhere else, odds are you won't be buying it anyways.
frankiebeans  +   978d ago
well I want to buy it but its turning out to be shit so im probably just going to stick with smash brothers.

and just because you're a fanboy and love everything PS does not mean im or everybody that doesn't like a ps3 game is a "troll" so stop trying to be like everybody else online with this stupid "troll" phrase it does not make you look cool at all it actually makes you sound really childish.
Reverent  +   978d ago
Look through my comment history, you might find that I'm definitely not what you say I am. And thank you for proving my point, while also adding "immaturity" on top of that.
Nexgensensation  +   979d ago
Playstation smash house...
Playstation royale battle....
Smash house brawl...
Smash brawl melee...

Playstation knockout champions....

Super Playstation Royale

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