New PlayStation All-Stars Game Mode Announced - Kill Limit

Looks like we got some word on a new way to play PlayStation All-Stars! Omar Kendall has shed some light on a new game mode set to appear in PlayStation All-Stars called 'Kill Limit.' Skip to around the 22:00 mark for official word.

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FadedWolf131849d ago

figured they would too many people groaned and moaned about it cool anyway

FadedWolf131849d ago

figured they would too many people mgoraned and moaned about it cool feature anyway

NastyLeftHook01849d ago

this may turn out to be one of the greatest fighting games ever made.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Let me tell you something Mr. Tube >:(

I think you're right :b I spent years telling friends this game was coming. It was always the same sh*t. "But Sony doesn't haveZ enuff characterz" look at it now!!! Blondie strikes again!

THESONYPS31848d ago

Super Smash uses all the chracters from one game where PS All Stars only uses about one per game meaning it has many more characters. Also PlayStation Allstars can't even get all the exclusive characters due to terms and regulations of other companies buying off characters etc. And the roster still kicks ass!

NyGiants71849d ago

It's not even going to be better than SSBM , no way any where close to being one of the best fighting games.

dboi7871849d ago

If I may be honest, both a Nintendo and Sony fan, I'm leaning moreso towards All-Stars. The roster is looking superior, especially with these third party inclusions. Excited to see the final roster, moreso than I ever was for Smash. I can expect who will be in Smash, I can't with All-Stars.

sonic9891848d ago


people these days

FadedWolf131849d ago

opinions buddy, if everyone would stop comparing everything and look at it as it's own the only thing that could make this game (in my opinion) very dissapointing is if they don't realease a few more characters as DLC and go the route of every well known dev now a days who rather make endless sequals with characters taken off from the first games just to add 4-5 new characters and then charge you a full pricing for a game with loss content and very little added to compensate

FadedWolf131849d ago

there a big difference with both, SSB i loved it when it came out but it lacked one thing i wish it had that All Stars brought to the table.. COMBOS. in the end if u whine on the usual it being a rip-off don't buy it and keep playing smash brothers until another one comes out which im sure if it does wont be as exciting anymore same fate will befall All Stars when and if that happens and so on with many others games

HammadTheBeast1849d ago

Two double posts in the same article. Nice.

FadedWolf131848d ago

i know where i was at had crap connection oh well can't be helped

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The story is too old to be commented.