PAX 2012: The Last of Us Demo,Limited Edition Poster,T-Shirts

We’re heading to PAX Prime! Along with PAX East this is one of the most exciting conventions of the year for us as PAX always features some of the best panels, all the most passionate fans and we’re all there for one thing: GAMING. To that end we’ll be showing off a demo of The Last of Us.

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Chitown712912029d ago

It does look dope . Am I the only one that almost forget this game had zombies in it? Show more f*cking zombies Naughty Dog ! Lol

Nimblest-Assassin2029d ago

I think this demo is about the funguys

Get it? Fungi?

They are fungus people.... oh shut up... everyone is a critic

Chitown712912029d ago

Lol! Nice one Nimblest.....nice one......*only guy clapping in the crowd*

Conzul2029d ago

Zombies are slow and stupid.

The "infected" in this game seem to be quite crazed and fast. I'll wager they'll be using them for mini-bosses.

I hope there are some good boss fights though. Imagine fighting / evading an infected rhino or swarms of smaller infected beings.

Chitown712912029d ago

@Conzul: Yea man I just wanna see more of em, whatever the hell they are lol. Im tired of seeing the human conflict, show the creatures! lol

crawling1822029d ago

I want those shirts, wish I was going to PAX Prime. Though I'm on the opposite side, the less zombies/fungi they show the better.

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flavorbabies2029d ago

Not gonna lie, I like the shirts from Comic-Con much better: http://farm9.staticflickr.c...

Those posters are incredible, though! Can't wait for PAX!

Nimblest-Assassin2029d ago

I like the red... looks good...

Its times like these that I wish I was in the states