Why Max Payne 3 doesn’t feel like Max Payne

TechDeville: "Max Payne 3 is a game franchise that first originated in 2001 on the PC, back when it was the best platform for shooters. Remedy Entertainment developed the game, and what a game it was! It set a standard for all future third person shooters and introduced the bullet time mechanic, which has not been used in any other game franchise. It is solely the property of the developers and the franchise itself. This is what distinguishes Max Payne from all other third person shooter games.

Recently, the third installment in the series was released. A wonderful game, without a doubt, but quite different from the previous parts. Max Payne 3 feels different and plays different. It’s the same basic formula, but a new form of execution. Or rather, the wrong form of execution in this case.

Perhaps the changes in the franchise can be blamed on Rockstar Games, who have developed this new installment instead of Remedy Entertainment. Perhaps Rockstar failed to understand what a Max Payne game feels like. Because this didn’t feel like the same Max Payne at all."

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ctorretta2033d ago

"Perhaps Rockstar failed to understand what a Max Payne game feels like. Because this didn’t feel like the same Max Payne at all."

THIS. The game was perfectly competent as a TPS, but it did NOT feel like a Max Payne game at all. It felt like another Rockstar 'gritty crime drama' game. Personally it made me utterly unable to enjoy the game.

NYC_Gamer2033d ago

100% agree,R* just couldn't produce the true MP experience...MP3 feels like a solid shooter but nothing like the original MP games made by Remedy.

Bimkoblerutso2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I still liked playing through it quite a bit, but I completely agree with you. The game lost almost ALL of it's identity.

Bimkoblerutso2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Edit: Whoops, double post...somehow.

StraightPath2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Having played all Max Paynes and recently 3. Max Payne 3 reminded me of the previous Max Paynes. Max Payne 3 perfectly made it feel like a Max Payne game with modern elements and rockstars award winning story telling and great characters with great voice acting.

It perfectly felt like a modern day Max Payne to me and how it should be. MP3 was a great and fun game and this is why this is a opinion piece and not fact.

the setting changed to detail environments and had some previous settings with old max payne. suddenly not max payne? and another poor reason of not understanding the you go to a foriegn location everyone needs to know english? making them speak like that made the locations much more realistic.

the character clothing he went to a sun lit location obviously he would wear loose clothing who said he still has to wear a long coat like before? he doesnt need to wear same clothes in order to be max payne.

basically all these points are not very good at all.

Bimkoblerutso2033d ago

No one is arguing contextual incongruities here, only that the context as a whole was not very, at all.

The constant barrage of cutscenes, the editing, the lens effects, the pacing, the setting, the story, etc. etc. None of it played out like a Max Payne game at all. Sure, they wrote it into the story contextually and it does make SENSE, but that doesn't mean that it feels like a Max Payne game. It's very much a gritty action/crime setting in line with a lot of R*'s other games.

mafiahajeri2033d ago

i personally loved ghe game and it did feel like max payne to me. His attitude his sarcastic remarks it all felt like a max pqyne game to me. The setting was great and different and i loved it. maxs story in new york has been told and i see no deason to go back there. now the thing is people love to nitpick about games when a new dev takes the helm. Also ive noticed a rapidly growing trend of old games that have got sequels this gen being berated this gen for not being like the old games. They dismiss the gane because its not a %100 like the original just because they think they now what the game is supposed to be. Devs are better off not listening to these "hardcore" fans or all games would be exactly the same, but dont worry they wont because they only amount to less then 15% of the gameing community...

Knight_Crawler2033d ago

Have to agree...Its felt diffrent in a bad way but I expected that since Remedy was not the developer - its like Sony giving Uncharted to Media Molecules just would not feel the same.

IF anyhting Alan Wake felt more like Max Payne.

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unchartedxplorer2033d ago

I never played any MP games besides MP3 but I do agree that max's look was just aweful. I also preferred the missions back in new jersey than in sao paulo.

JellyJelly2033d ago

"max's look was just aweful."

There's an option to play it with a classic Max Payne skin.

unchartedxplorer2033d ago

Really? How? Does it effect the cutscenes? And is there something that gets rid of that aweful flashing at the cutscenes?

Crazyglues2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

well the multi-player is broke, and I mean Broke, because it's a lagfest, it's awful..

What could have been an awesome multi-player is suffering from all types of problems, and serious lag.. I mean there is lag on everything once you play with someone lagging your whole game is messed up, which is really sad.

I thought a big company like Rockstar would be on top of this and fix the problems.. boy was I wrong..

It seems the bigger these games get the worst the support for the game becomes.. Maybe the code for these games is just too long - whatever the problem is it's sad because these companies are killing their own sales..

I told every one I know just rent the game, don't bother buying it because the multi-player is broke and you will not enjoy it for more then a few days.. and replay value on this one is Lame, once your done your done.

It's hard to want to go back and do it again when it's the same thing every time... There was a lot that could have been done here to really add replay value but none of those things were done, so it's a one trick pony..

and sadly that get old really quick..


iGamerZERO2033d ago

I loved the single player story ! And I'm
Still playing the MP which I really really like ! Bullet time in MP works surprisingly well...

MysticStrummer2033d ago

Developers must have a tough time. Gamers either complain about a series not changing over time, or they complain when it does change over time.

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