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Submitted by CaptainSheep 1260d ago | news

Capcom’s ‘Happy’ They Proved Fans Wrong About Devil May Cry’s New Dante

Even though Devil May Cry fans may not like Dante’s rebooted teenage appearance in DmC: Devil May Cry, Capcom says that everyone is slowly coming around to liking it. And as the developers put it, they’ve been vindicated. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Whitefeather  +   1260d ago
I think the hardcore fans still loathe it, it's only the new people or some regular fans who are liking this "Dante". Personally I hope they make this a separate series and continue with DMC5 made by either Capcom Japan or Platinum Games (miracle needed for the latter).
HammadTheBeast  +   1260d ago
After release news article: "DMC fans 'happy' they proved Crapcom wrong with the a-hole Dante with reports of abysmal sales".
crxss  +   1260d ago

i couldn't agree more with that statement. it's basically all about numbers for capcom now, they're ignoring hardcore fans more and more since their numbers aren't getting any bigger.
StraightPath  +   1260d ago
i wonder how this game is going to fair..

ninja theory have been have games with abysmal sales game after game..if this continues i see ninja theory being closed down very soon.

Platinum games need to get back DMC.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1260d ago
It's not that I like the new Dante. I've been playing Devil May Cry since 2001, and I will fully admit that the new Dante looks like a total tool.

But in spite of all that, I think the rest of the game is looking pretty dang good. It just looks different. If it's bad when I play it, then by god, stop the presses, we have a BAD GAME ON OUR HANDS YALL.

I don't mind admitting that the game is bad. But I don't mind admitting when a game is good either, so until I play it, I'm still going to remain optimistic...because seriously, aside from Dante it looks pretty sweet.
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HammadTheBeast  +   1260d ago
I don't really mind or care about how he looks, it's the way they completely changed the franchise, game play and story wise, that pisses me off, and they did all of this while still claiming it's DMC. It's not DMC, it's a whole other game, yet the label will get them hate.
BkaY  +   1260d ago
that does it... i swear i was going to buy that game on half price but with that comment made by capcom..

no fuking way... they r not getting my money thats for sure

Led-Zeppelin  +   1260d ago
The actual quote was "We understand why you guys had doubts, and we knew that we had to prove this to you, and we were happy to do it.’ That was our responsibility"

It doesn't sound so provocative and rude as in the title.

I'm still buying this game day 1, haters have nothing but to lose by hating, I'll be playing DMC come January.
BkaY  +   1260d ago
provocative or not but it was

"Fuk you fans"

so from me ... no money for crapcom anymore

ohh after the RE6 that it XD

Jaces  +   1260d ago
Still hate the "new" dante -.-
SilentNegotiator  +   1260d ago
"Capcom says that everyone is slowly coming around to liking it"

News to me.
zerocrossing  +   1260d ago
"Capcom’s ‘Happy’ They Proved Fans Wrong About Devil May Cry’s New Dante"

WTF? Capcom haven't proven anyone wrong, Im still as much against Dante's new design and meth addiction as I was when I 1st heard about it.

Also with every new piece of information released, I get even more annoyed at the utter crap Capcom and NT are turning one of my long time beloved franchises into.

I wish Capcom would stop lying and deluding themselves as well as others, the hate has not died down at all, we hardcore fans that are still against it have just gotten bored of being lied to and ignored.
doogiebear  +   1260d ago
Due to my studies I haven't been paying much attention to this series--so please tell me your kidding when u say that Dante is a meth addict. That's not really the story right? He just looks like a meth head only right?

Also, did they negatively mess up the gameplay of the game? I know the new Dante looks like a male crack whore on Hollywood Boulevard, but if the gamepay isn't all that effected, then is it worth so much commotion? Please help me understand as I know nothing about this reboot.
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zerocrossing  +   1260d ago
Yeah the meth addict think is just a joke,but you cant really say its not a possibility lol. But everything else is spot on.

Seriously, Im not sure why they couldn't just make this a new IP and leave the Devil May Cry franchise in the hands of a competent dev, would really love to see what platinum games could do with it.

Actually yes, the combat looks like it's been stripped down so even the most fresh of noobs can pick it up and SSS all the missions 1st play through, and the seemingly endless air-combos are a joke! just where has all the skill gone?
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doogiebear  +   1260d ago
Competent Dev? It's a different developer? Why?
zerocrossing  +   1260d ago
I have absolutely no idea.

Apparently Capcom must have realised that the devs they had at the helm when the series was in still in its prime have all jumped ship, and there now complete and total lack of competence forced them to outsource the franchise, unfortunately for the hardcore fans and everyone else involved they chose Ninja theory...
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Whitefox789  +   1260d ago
Capcom seems to be full of themselves recently with this one (I guess its a case, if they say it enough times it must be true).

I can honestly agree with you and say that I'm annoyed as well though exactly like you said its tiring. I mean you just look at the pro combo videos on youtube of DMC3 and 4 and see how hard it is to get into the SSS status then look at this and say where did the challenge go?

Culturally the game is confused as I believed Castlevania Lords of Shadows is; great game however it doesn't feel like Castlevania (Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness felt more like Castlevania then LoS and this is from a guy who's played nearly every game even the gameboy ones!). Like you said earlier this game should of been its own IP so it can compete against games like DMC and Bayonetta. I think Capcom is scared to make anything original (that's why their sticking to outside developers to make their games except SF and RE) instead their clinging onto the names of their franchises for life support and using those names as a safety net.
user5467007  +   1260d ago
Totaly agree....very well said aswell

They just seem to be ignoring the hate now and pretending like everything is fine and dandy

ANOTHER reason not to support this game...Capcom are just as arrogant and ignorant as Ninja Theory why would you support a developer like that. Can't people stand their ground for once.
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Godmars290  +   1260d ago | Well said
Definitely a comment you wait for sales numbers before saying. Good numbers at that.
NickTheHitman  +   1260d ago
U sir took the words out of my mouth. U got a bubble up. :D
firelogic  +   1260d ago
It'll sell the same as any NT developed game. The DmC license isn't going to help since they're basically not using it all other than including some familiar names.
jimbobwahey  +   1260d ago
Could go either ways in that case then. Heavenly Sword sold over a million copies, whereas Enslaved sold about 80,000 across all platforms if I remember correctly.

Personally I hope this game bombs just to send a clear message to Capcom that they've made a big mistake, but I have a feeling that the general public who couldn't care less about how the franchise has been butchered will gobble it up regardless.

I also think that the real tragedy here is that people are so hung up on the look of the new Dante being terrible, that they're failing to notice that the combat itself looks vastly inferior to the old DMC games as well.
Kratoscar2008  +   1260d ago
New Dante is almost the same as DMC 3 Dante, both annoying but over time i get acustomed.

I must admit that Cashcom doesnt know what they are talking about.
Roper316  +   1260d ago
I'm surprised Capcom didn't try to charge people to be convinced to like the new Dante. Please pay 5 bucks for our 100kb unlock key and you will love the new Dante we promise.
ForNgoods  +   1260d ago
Now that you mention it, i wouldnt put is past capcom to sell some kind of DLC Dante Costume pack.
BkaY  +   1260d ago
who here didnt know that crapcom gonna add some ridiculous DLC and charge extra for the skins n costume packs..

i think RE6 will be my last crapcom game... after that i think i will boycott them forever...

Bellcross  +   1260d ago
I still wont be buying this game so not everyone is "happy" after watching the last trailer, I'm even more turned off from this game than before.
elda  +   1260d ago
I'm a fan of the DMC series and for this comment I'm quite sure I'll get plenty of disagrees,I've played all of the games but 4 was a let down to me it was quite boring & because I wasn't too enthusiastic in playing it I did finish it but within 5 months then I traded it in,it never took me that long to finish a DMC game,I'm playing the hd versions now,but this new DMC looks interesting & loads of fun,I know this is a reboot & personally I think the level design & gameplay looks great & I couldn't care less about what he looks like as long as the game is fun some people are going to probably miss out on a good game all because how a character looks & aesthetics which I think people are going too overboard with it's not that serious it's just a videogame. edit..I knew the disagrees were coming LMAO!!!!
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Mocat  +   1260d ago
ah shit here we go again
Ares84HU  +   1260d ago
Really???? I'm still not buying it and they haven't proved me wrong.
nintendojunkie28  +   1260d ago
I've never really been a big fan of the DMC series or rather I've never got around to playing any of them.None the less,I can totally see what the fuss is about.This new Dante looks like Adam Lambert.Seriously Capcom,what were you thinking?
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elda  +   1260d ago
I guess that's suppose to insinuate that the new Dante looks gay,if you've played the older designs of Dante you can say he looks the same(gay) with the tight leather pants bare chested & those metrosexual looking hairstyles.I personally think the reboot Dante looks like a trendy teenager or somebody in a punk band.
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Xperia_ion  +   1260d ago
The way I look at it Dante looked like a rock star from the 80s who if he was Gay would be clean and this Dante looks like nothing really, too average and has herpes. Something about this Dante screams " I smell bad".
nintendojunkie28  +   1260d ago
That's not at all what I meant.I'm just saying,a Dante that looks like Adam Lambert doesn't exactly scream "Bad A**",know what I mean?
Lord_Sloth  +   1260d ago
Call a biker gay to his face, I dare you- I Double-Dog-Dare ya, motha*****!

Most of Dante's Attire is fitted to a Biker. Chaps and all.
#11.1.3 (Edited 1260d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report
Xperia_ion  +   1260d ago
Simplicity is the key, Nooooooo.
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1260d ago
uh oh,,, Delusional thoughts straight from the horse's mouth. Capcom really did finally lose it.
Pintheshadows  +   1260d ago
I can't believe that people and Capcom are still defending this game. Firstly the combat in no way resembles the DMC series and looks more like a God of War clone. And even though Heavenly Sword was a good game the combat (as usual for NT) was average. DMC can't have average combat. Secondly, that isn't Dante. It just isn't. And as usual for a NT game it looks like a visual mess. Like someone clumsily threw an outrageous colour palette at a game engine.

There's nothing appealing about this game. It isn't the kind of game that would sell a bucket load if it was doing everything right. I can't see it appealing to the masses anymore than 1, 2 and 3. Any self respecting DMC fan is going to ignore it so Capcom are going to have another western developed abortion on their hands.

Remember how RE fans were doubtful of ORC and how they were proved right by one of the worst shooters of the generation.
MaideninBlack  +   1260d ago
Capcom has been lurking Gaf DmC threads too much. Most of those guys have done a complete 180 on the game now that DINO has been dolled up from his original unveiling.

This Devil May Cry fan, on the other hand, can't be swayed so easily.
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Summons75  +   1260d ago
Wait? When did they possibly prove all the factual points the fans made about how terrible this new game is? Did they not get the memo that Game Media is not the voice of Gamers?
TheKindRoost  +   1260d ago
Lmao, whatever they're puffing I'd like to have some.
Sevir  +   1260d ago
Ive Stopped fussing over something that would I knew wouldnt change
And to be quite honest when I realized that this game is a reboot and re-imagining that's when I started Giving this game a chance...

And quite frankly I'm in agreement with the ones who've actually played the game! DmC looks oodles of fun and I can't wait to play it. I bitches because I was a attached to a look... Not the things that actually mattered. Story, presentation, and gameplay... All of which seems to meld perfectly. The colors are a nice touch as well as the physics and destruction system implemented. :-)

I was unsure. But I'm more convinced to give the game a chance.
elda  +   1260d ago
@Sevir I couldn't agree with you more,like you stated it is a REBOOT so some things will change,I will definitely be playing & enjoying this DMC.I can't beleive how some people are acting as if Capcom & NT changed the look of Jesus & rewrote the Bible.
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j-blaze  +   1260d ago

we all know it's a reboot, one can expect for the better not worse!
they dumbed down the the game every way possible from the mediocre developer to the game itself, it's a non challenging game, it has easy combat and combo system for the newbs, 30FPS, ugly looking characters, awful facial animations, cinematics without Yuji Shimomura, UE3, colorful environments with dancing walls...etc EVERY THING ABOUT THIS GAME LOOKS AND SOUNDS BAD!

also i don't understand how all of sudden most ppl here who hated the game at the beginning started to defend it furiously forgetting all the offensive things that stinky producer/director of NT said to fans, the original devs and classic Dante design! i'm a hardcore DMC fan i'll never ever consider this a DMC game nor give it a chance

some vids for the laughs: "the city won´t kill you!" "easy boss fight, also, spam the same attack on her 4 times you'll get S rank easily, NO SKILLS NEEDED!" lame
#18.2 (Edited 1260d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
zerocrossing  +   1260d ago
I feel like creating a mass petition and have everyone against the game sign it.

I'll call it the "F*ck you Capcom and Ninja theory! We still hate the crap your calling DmC and we're not going anywhere! Petition... Tentative title
Whitefox789  +   1260d ago
They've done protest comic books and protest Metal Songs over the game. If that can't get through to them I don't think anything will.

As sad as it is I think were just going to have to let this go. The heart and soul of Capcom (Clover Studios) is gone, which has me thinking that the IP's of games should partially belong to the creators of the game. (Yu Suzuki would be all over Shenmue 3 if Sega gave him the IP)

If I personally were designing games, I would make sure that if I feel like nothing more can be done with the franchise I would end it or at the very least make the games conclusive and make sure not to leave any cliff hangers (I'm looking at you Kamiya with Viewtiful Joe 2 [another game sequel he wants to make however can't since Capcom owns the IP]). I just wouldn't stand the thought of having someone else touch upon something I created unless it was someone I really trusted to handle it.
KingItachi  +   1260d ago
I agree with you MaideninBlack
wages of sin   1260d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
AsimLeonheart  +   1260d ago
Man, these CAPCOM execs are really delusional. Come on! Just release the game already so you guys can wake up to reality when you see the sales. I will speak with my wallet! Even if I ever feel like playing it I will just download a pirated version on my PC but I will never give CAPCOM my money!
RmanX1000  +   1260d ago
Never played DMC, but its just that hair that bugs me... its shaved on the sides... looks weird in a game...
#23 (Edited 1260d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1260d ago
Damn it Capcom, I gave you enough time to apologize to the fans. It's time for me to ransack Capcom HQ once and for all...
Deadpool616  +   1260d ago
Hahaha! Yeah, I know what you mean. They haven't given the fans one apology after all the blatant disrespect they have been giving us.
Whitefox789  +   1260d ago
Nice work!

Guess you didn't need that backup after all :D
vallencer  +   1260d ago
It should read, " we're happy because we've proved fans wrong with this game except for the whiny entitled gamers over at N4G." I get that the character is different hell I understand that you're all irritated by the story but for the love of god give it a chance!! Yes it could end up like Ninja Gaiden 3 but judging from videos it wont. I love devil may cry just as much as the next person but as a gamer I keep an open mind about games until I can play them. We're all gamers here so I don't understand this need to hate on everything that looks different.
elda  +   1260d ago
AMEN to that!!
Tigerfist  +   1260d ago
That opinion is ok to some extent but you also should keep in mind that some people can develop a rather solid opinion based upon the evidence surrounding the product. Changing your opinion after playing the game, for better worse, can also happen of course. But even so, people usually can realise if they will enjoy or dislike something before playing it, saves them some time and money.
sypher  +   1260d ago
Ninja Theory make great games (get's ready for all the disagrees from people who never even played any Ninja Theory games :P)

And this will also be a great game, was never worried from the start.
prototypeknuckles  +   1260d ago
I cant really say they make great games because I having played heavenly sword only the demo but I did like it, now I do own enslaved and beat it, and I can gladly say that I did not like it at all, lot good thing was graphics and voice acting.
Deadpool616  +   1260d ago
I've played their games and I don't see why Capcom picked NT. Their gameplay mechanics are not even close to Devil May Cry.

But ask yourself this, wouldn't everyone be happy if NT just made Heavenly Sword 2 and Capcom got other dev to make DMC like Platinum games?
Gamer-Z  +   1260d ago
New Dante looks like a hobo and a douche
Starfox811  +   1260d ago
I'm quite glad that Capcom feel that way as to be fair it's an extremely petty reason to not pick up a game. It's gameplay is the same, if not arguably better in some respects, and after DMC 4 and it's rather poor first half, it shows that Capcom Japan had lost the spark that they once had with the games.

Ninja Theory may have not been the studio that shifts millions of copies of their games, but every game they have produced has been top notch and critically acclaimed - it just hasn't sold at retail because they've gone with aesthetics or design choices that don't leap out over the competition on the shelves. Not many people wanted to take a look at a game about a monkey man travelling across a destroyed wasteland - however it's an absolutely fantastic game.

In the end, Ninja Theory know what they're doing, Capcom trusted them from the start and it'll release and be good.

We all know that if Ninja Theory had come in and just taken up the Dante of Kamiya's creation there would be fan outcry. At least this way they can create a game that they see befitting of the franchise and not have to worry about people being displeased that they ruined the formula that Kamiya made.
Hicken  +   1260d ago
There wouldn't be nearly as much of a fan outcry, because the fans would at least know they were getting the Dante they know and love in the world they know and love. Unless, of course, Ninja Theory was as dismissive of the fans- and the franchise- even then.

This whole situation is not nearly as cut and dried as people want it to be. There are MANY things that go into the fans' reception of this game. It wasn't JUST about his looks, but also Dante's personality and style being changed; this Dante is NOT the same Dante, and that's understandably bothersome: if Mario was suddenly a Chinese chef with a penchant for hitting on old ladies, if Link were a 6' black guy that loved cats, would the fans NOT be upset?

And sure, Dante isn't as old, but that doesn't mean the fanbase is any less passionate.

I STILL say, as I have from the start, that this game can be good. And everything I've seen points to just that. But just as Final Fantasy XIII- a game I, personally, really liked- is a good game but a rather poor FF, this is shaping up to be a poor Devil May Cry.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1260d ago
People need to stop whining about every little thing. Lots of people whined when Bethesda took over the Fallout series and low and behold it sold millions and got great reviews. Back then they would rather the series was left in limbo, that's how 'hardcore' pathetic gamers can be.

The opportunity is out there to make your own games. So if one feels like they never have anything good to say by all means, do something about it.

One thing i have learned early on, those who frequent forums are some of the most negative people out there. People need to know the definition of good feedback, not just noise.
Tigerfist  +   1260d ago
Well, not me they didn't. I'm still annoyed at the whole thing. Furthermore, as it appears to be, many people do seem to share this opinion.

And yes, I am aware I can only speak for myself. It's just my perception of things, that's all.

PS: I think we should save conclusions for when the game is actually released. The public reception will eliminate all of the doubts.
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IAmLee  +   1260d ago
the old dante model is probably on the disc and is going to be released as DLC.. i wouldn't put it past capcom..
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