Arc the Lad series, Tomba among Vita PSOne Classics launch lineup

MonkeyPaw Games has confirmed 5 of its PSone Classics to be playable on Vita after tomorrow's firmware update. The titles include Alundra, Arc the Lad, Arc the Lad II, Vanguard Bandits and Tomba!

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moogle842096d ago

So excited for these titles. Tomba! is a huge classic in my book.

searcam012096d ago

I hope Silent Hill and Resident Evil is playable. Two of my favorite games. Oh and Metal Gear Solid. Can't wait to find out.

MasterCornholio2095d ago

Resident Evil 2 has already been confirmed. Hopefully the Oddworld and Dino Crisis games will be available with tomorrow's update.

I remember that some PSP games that are not available on the Vitas store could be transferred to the handheld using the PS3. Hopefully the same will happen to PSX classics.


searcam012095d ago

Sweet! Thanks dude! I didn't know Resident Evil 2 was confirmed. Definitly playing that tomorrow. Now its just Silent Hill and Metal Gear. Keeping my finger crossed.

r212096d ago

Yes Tomba is vita compatible :D This has made my day!

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